InstructorStephanie Philp
TypePublic Course
Date3, Apr 2017 - 6, Apr 2017
Time9.00am - 6.00 pm

mBIT International Coach Certification Training

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Use Your Multiple Brains To Create Evolutionary Change!

Why using ONLY your head brain could be causing serious problems!

mBit Coaching Certification Training

Have you ever struggled with helping people resolve these issues?
  • An inability to align with and take action on things they say are important to them.
  • Sabotaging their own success – time after time.
  • Being challenged with indecisiveness or just can’t seem to motivate themselves to take action.
  • Reacting without thinking and then feeling remorseful.
  • Internal conflict between their thoughts, feelings and actions.
  • Personal identity issues – feeling lost and not really knowing who they are and what they stand for.
  • Chronic health issues, especially those to do with the heart or gut region?

It can be extremely frustrating when it seems you’ve run out of options for facilitating change. It doesn’t do your self esteem any good either! Yet all of these issues may simply indicate misalignment between the multiple brains.

Multiple Brains?

Yes indeed! We have at least three brains!
A ‘brain’ is defined as, ’a complex, adaptive system of neural networks that are interconnected by large numbers of neurons and ganglia.’ Like most people, you probably think of your brain as that soft squigy thing in your head (cephalic brain). However, you also have complex neural networks in your gut (enteric brain) and in your heart (cardiac brain). Read more…

Scientists and researchers have been independently studying each of the brains. But it’s only comparatively recently that anyone has taken an holistic approach to the research to find out how our three brains work together (or sometimes appear not to!)

Introducing mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques)…

The new technology of mBraining (the process of aligning and integrating your multiple brains for specific outcomes) combines the latest in research from a variety of neuro-scientific and behavioural psychology fields. You’ll learn to access your inherent and deep wisdom, creating new possibilities for living an authentic life and helping those you help to do the same.

Some people have struggled to align their spiritual values and practices with modern day scientific research and discoveries. Yet these traditional teachings have often referenced three souls or three forms of innate ‘intelligence’. mBIT not only validates these ancient esoteric teachings, religions and spiritual practices but combines them with up-to-the-minute research from neuro-science, neuro-linguistic and behavioural modelling and neurophysiological research from functional disorders to help people reach their highest expression.

Heart and Gut Language

There are many expressions which evidence the gut and heart brains and that can give deep insights into the REAL cause of issues:

“I used to love this job, but my heart’s not in it anymore.”
mBit Coaching Certification Training
“Just go with your gut feel.”

“She wears her heart on her sleeve.”

“Follow your heart.”

“It was absolutely gut wrenching.”

“I feel disheartened.”

“I’ve had a belly full/guts full.”

“My stomach is in knots.”

When we learn to listen to these verbal and watch the non-verbal clues from our clients we can find new ways of assisting them to move forward.

Practice what you preach

I’ve been using mBIT for over two years now both personally and with clients. After all, it’s important to ‘practice what you preach’ n’est pas? mBraining has helped me consistently align my own values, beliefs and goals and to be more measured in my ‘thinking’. I find it easier to remain calm in circumstances where I would have previously been stressed and can more easily tap into my innate wisdom and intuition. This has resulted in better decisions and less ‘feeling guilty.’

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Using it with clients has seen some truly amazing results

Clients have been able to connect their 3 brains and achieve the motivation needed to achieve their dreams. Just as importantly, they’ve reconnected with the values that drive them and this has given them the courage to lead inspiring and compassionate change for themselves and others. They are on the leading edge of evolution. I’ve worked with some clients with health issues related to the gut brain and have been amazed at the improvement they’ve achieved once they tune in, listen and reconnect.

So now I’m excited!

Those are just SOME of the reasons I’m so excited about being able to facilitate the mBIT coach training for others! As an mBIT qualified coach you’ll build your own levels of intuition and self awareness and facilitate others to do the same. You’ll be able to improve decision-making and problem solving and contribute to bringing evolutionary change to the world. And you’ll take your helping skills to a whole new level.

Is the training recognised?

CCE Yes, the training is recognised by the co developers of mBIT and is also accredited with the International Coaching Federation for Continuing Coaching Education points.

If you’re already qualified in NLP the course will count towards your NZANLP annual professional development hours.

Who is the course for?
  • Coaches, Counsellors and those in the helping professions.mBIT qualified Coaches
  • Trainers and HR professionals.
  • Teachers and educators.
  • Team leaders and managers or people who have a coaching element to their roles.
  • Health Professionals.
  • Compassionate leaders who are searching for new ways to lead evolutionary change.
  • Those who have a love of learning and a desire to continuously improve and develop, both personally and professionally.
Do you need NLP training to become an mBIT coach?

No you don’t. The training is for those with a coaching, leadership or facilitation role. It will benefit anyone with a background similar to those listed above.

In the 4-day mBIT training course you’ll learn:
The three brains
  • The prime functions of each brain and why it’s vital to know the difference.
  • Why not understanding the language of the three brains makes it difficult to work with them.
  • Why using the wrong brain to resolve an issue could result in setbacks.
  • How verbal and non verbal language indicates which brain is being utilised.
  • What happens when one or more brains are in conflict with one-another.
  • Why using all three brains is critical to wise decision making – and the consequences if one brain is left out.
Resolve deep emotional issues
  • How emotions are linked to each brain and how to resolve ongoing emotional issues.
  • Which brain is responsible for core identity issues (you might be surprised!)
  • Why challenges get resolved or dissolved easily using mBraining.
  • How to connect your rational thinking and creativity with your heart based values and the courage to take action.
Integration Techniques
  • How brain integration could well make the difference between success and failure with your clients.
  • How understanding what the different brains do and how they work together helps integration of the whole person.
  • How to integrate mBIT learning with the skills and natural wisdom you already have.
  • Why conflict between your three brains will cause inauthentic behaviour and indecision.
Spiritual evolution and wisdom
  • How to connect deep insights from esoteric and spiritual traditions with groundbreaking scientific discoveries to live an authentic life.
  • How to access you own emerging wisdom to live a better life.
  • Why mBIT techniques are at the leading edge of change and evolution.
  • How to achieve greater wisdom, success and happiness in a world of massive change.
  • How to listen to and act upon those intuitive signals.
Current Research
  • Discover the most up-to-day research on your multiple intelligences.
  • Why the scientific research and evidence that mBraining is built upon is not airy-fairy!
  • The importance of taste and smell to our heart and gut brains.
Grow your coaching skills
  • How to take your coaching/helping skills to a whole new level and tie up any ‘loose ends’ that might have existed before.
  • How to coach not just to the cognitive head brain, but to all the brains – head, heart and gut.
  • How to use a suite of techniques for communicating with, aligning and harnessing the intelligence of our multiple brains.
Reduce stress levels
  • How to use balanced breathing to balance the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems to achieve coherence.
Discover the magic that happens when the 3 brains start to align
  • How to totally align with goals and avoid any self-sabotage that may have occurred in the past.
  • How to become internally aligned and congruent with your decisions – and facilitate others to do the same.
  • How to empower using the deeply integrative mBIT road map for aligning the three brains to support success.
The mBIT Certified Coach Training in Raglan
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Become an mBIT Coach and use your multiple brains to create evolutionary change and integration. Take your coaching skills to new levels and become one of the leaders in this emerging and exciting discipline.

Your Trainer

Hi, I’m Stephanie Philp.Stephanie Philp
I’m an internationally recognised NLP Master Trainer with the International Assn of NLP based in Switzerland and a Master Coach Trainer with International Coaching Institutes (ICI). My training courses are also recognised by the NZ Assn NLP (NZANLP). In addition I’m a qualified Coach in mBIT, (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques) and completed my mBIT Coach Trainers Training in early November 2013. I’m ‘hot off the press’ with up-to-the-minute advances in this fantastic new field!

With a background in HR and senior management I have first hand experience in resolving the human challenges associated with business and change. I have been training people to achieve deep and transformative change since 1994.
I have a humorous and inclusive facilitation style that has entertained people in England, Portugal and New Zealand, read more…

What’s included?

The course fee includes tuition, course manual, mBraining book, certification costs, morning and afternoon teas.

You’re welcome to bring your own lunch or enjoy the opportunity to explore Raglan’s cafes. Or you might choose to simply go for walk around the waterfront.

Why is the course in Raglan?

Raglan is a fabulous place to visit for a course! With friendly people, no traffic or parking hassles and wonderful scenery, Raglan has it all; wild west coast surf, or inner harbour tranquility, walks and various fun activities. The Raglan House is at the top of Raglan Township – so handy for all the cafes and artisan shops, waterfront etc.The Raglan House

Apart from this, being away from home for a few days gives you time to make the most of the training by really focusing on you, the changes you want to achieve and the things you want to learn. Give yourself the freedom to concentrate on learning – without the normal day to day activities that can so easily distract you.

The Lonely Planet Guide says, ‘Raglan might be NZ’s perfect surfing town.’ And, ‘Raglan might also be NZ’s best-looking town. It’s exactly the sort of laid-back, charming place that sees you shuffle your itinerary to extend your stay.’

Download information about Raglan and accommodation options that have been recommended by previous participants. All types of accommodation are available in Raglan depending on your requirements and budget. Download a map with venues and parking options.