InstructorStephanie Philp
TypePublic Course
Date24, Sep 2017 - 29, Sep 2017
Time9:00am to 6pm
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MetaMorphosis 202 – Change Technology

This is block two of NLP Practitioner Training

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Adding more structure

In Block two of NLP Practitioner training; MetaMorphosis 202 – Change Technology, you’ll build on the sound foundations laid in MetaMorphosis 101 – The Power of Personal Change. You’ll be adding new skill sets, so the initial thorough grounding you received in ‘101’ is most important.

In block two – NLP Practitioner Training you’ll learn to:

  • Understand the deeper structure of language and use it to effect positive change in your own and others’ lives. You can use it verbally as well as in all types of written communication.
  • Use hypnotic language to help others make the quick and profound changes they desire or to ‘sell’ an idea, product or service.
  • Use metaphor or story telling to create change, engage hearts and minds, frame up a training session, speech or meeting – or simply as a fun and therapeutic skill.
  • Strengthen and consolidate the skills learnt in MetaMorphosis 101- The Power of Personal Change while developing new capabilities to effect change.
  • Reinforce your skills for helping others by understanding their way of thinking and assisting them to clarify and achieve their goals.
  • Apply practical techniques to effect speedy, profound and lasting change.

Block Two - NLP Practitioner Training

  • Learn and adopt useful beliefs to experience a more positive perception of the world thus enhancing the feeling of wellbeing.
  • Learn ethical ways of influencing people with integrity and expanding your own and others’ viewpoints.
  • Experience a more optimistic life by uncovering and changing destructive beliefs and learn ways to break through any current limitations.
  • Make sense of how people represent negative events in their mind (such as through anxiety or phobias) and use techniques to overcome the harmful emotions and physical responses.
  • Delve deeper into the the workings of the mind and learn quick and lasting techniques for effecting change.

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MetaMorphosis 202 – Change Technology – Testimonials

MetaMorphosis 202 – Change Technology is the second module of NLP Practitioner Training. The feedback in this section is from people who had just completed the second six days of their NLP Practitioner training. I asked participants to tell me what they got out of the course and for their thoughts on the Raglan venue.

I have found people get so much more from a training when they don’t go home every night and immediately get involved in their normal day-to-day routines. Having the head space to think and reflect is so important. So I was also keen to learn how these participants found training in a venue away from their homes. The audio hasn’t been edited in any way but you will hear clicks on the soundtrack. The clicks are just the result of each person pausing and releasing the recorder as they gathered their thoughts.

Julie Nicholls







Julie’s experience – MetaMorphosis 202

Julie’s thoughts about Raglan and being away from home


Cath Walker

Cath’s experience – MetaMorphosis 202

Cath’s thoughts about Raglan and being away from home



Jason’s experience – MetaMorphosis 202

Jason’s thoughts about Raglan and being away from home



Lucy’s experience – MetaMorphosis 202

Lucy’s thought about Raglan and being away from home

Please Note: Only people who have completed MetaMorphosis 101 are eligible to participate in MetaMorphosis 202 and become qualified as NLP Practitioners.

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