InstructorStephanie Philp
TypePublic Course
Date1, Sep 2015 - 25, Sep 2015
Time3 x 6 days covering 18 days and 145 hours
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NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training

Free NLP Master Practitioner Training eBook (307kb)pdf logo.. Download this free eBook for all the information you want to know about completing your NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training with MetaMorphosis.

NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training is for people who have completed their NLP Practitioner certification and want to further develop their NLP skills at a new professional level. You recognise the potential NLP has and want to become masterful in facilitating change. MetaMorphosis NLP Master Practitioner training is facilitated in three, six-day blocks. This gives you the opportunity to learn new skills and practise them before adding new techniques in the next block.

What you’ll learn
  • Innovative models for negotiation and conflict resolution
  • Systemic work with groups (teams, families etc)
  • Advanced NLP processes such as the allergy relief process and compulsion blowout
  • Advanced Hypnosis skills
  • Advanced work with time coding and time lines
  • Integration of processes into a complete model of change
  • Advanced Sleight of Mouth and Quantum linguistic patterns enabling you to blow out problems in a sentence!
  • The secrets NLP trainers use to teach NLP. You’ll learn and use the skills to teach a short programme you’ve designed yourself, giving you the confidence to present effectively using NLP.
  • Advanced use of meta programs and values and how to use these to create alignment with goals and mission.
  • Advanced coaching skills: learning to work with your client using NLP skills and techniques in a way that’s seamlessly elegant and super effective.

Click here to download the International Curriculum for Master Practitioner Training (22kb)

NLP Coaching Qualification

Stephanie Philp is a recognised fellow member trainer with the International Association for NLP (IANLP) based in Switzerland and MetaMorphosis Ltd is a recognised training establishment.

She is also a Coach Master Trainer with the International Coaching Institutes (ICI) an independent certifying organisation based in Germany. As such, on successful completion of your NLP Master Practitioner training your qualification will be recognised internationally as well as by NZANLP.

You can also complete some extra modules and supervision and get qualified as an NLP Master Coach with ICI.

Live Your Love Workshop

Participants on the NLP Master Practitioner Course have the opportunity to participate in the “Live Your Love” workshop. This takes place on the last Friday of the Master Practitioner course and is a slightly longer day than normal. It’s free for Master Practitioner participants and there is a charge for others to attend. Two free tele classes after the course give you an opportunity to share further learnings, get support for what you’re implementing from me and your colleagues and add more learnings.
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NLP Master Practitioner Feedback

What happens after the initial ‘high.’

How often have you attended a training course and experienced a ‘training high’?
You know what I mean; you leave a training knowing that you have the skills to change the world. And often, life simply gets in the way of your integrating the training and making the changes you wanted to make. You know that integrating the skills by using them is critical to you having the impact you desire. With this in mind I’ve followed up with some Master Practitioners several months after completion of the training to find out what changes they’d made, both personally and professionally. Some are in audio format and others have given written responses.

“I won a gold medal!”NLP Master Practitioner Certification training

“As soon as I walked into Stephanie’s training room, I rediscovered my (long lost) love for learning. And learning NLP has changed my life for the better.

For good.

One of the most professional and skilled trainers I have experienced, Steph brings warmth, fun, and sensitivity to students understanding and involvement.

As well as learning powerful skills to facilitate change for others, during the the Practitioner course I experienced profound changes in my own life. Once I understood how I had been ‘doing’ my problems and structuring my internal world, I felt liberated.

For the first time, I could easily access more resourceful states, and overcome old emotional wounds. I used NLP techniques to increase my focus and confidence and win a gold medal in an Australasian martial arts competition. I used it to overcome my fear of public speaking and make a public presentation (about NLP) to a room of 120 strangers.

I just had to know more, so I immediately signed up for the Master Practitioner training. By the time I achieved Master Practitioner Certification, I had made a decision that I would make this my work. I made it my mission to teach and coach with NLP. As a result NLP is now my full time job.”
Carleen Pearce – NLP Master Practitioner and Coach
Kinetic Potential

“A complex toolkit that’s embedded within me.”

Lucy Daykin, NLP Master Practitioner, trainer and coach reviews the personal and professional differences she’s noticed since completing her Master Practitioner Training. She talks about the amazing changes and opportunities she experienced, both personally and professionally. If you’re wondering if this is for you, listen to Lucy’s recommendations about who the training would benefit most.

Since I recorded this Lucy has become an international coach invited to work with senior executives around the world. Click ‘play’ to hear Lucy tell you about her experiences post Master Practitioner. (11 minutes). It’s unedited so please excuse the pauses.


“Affected the way I create my world.”NLP Master Practitioner Certification training

“Stephanie’s Master Practitioner training was a significant experience for me which is helping to change the direction of my life. Having done practitioner with Stephanie I knew we were in for some serious personal development. Stephanie’s flexible approach has an incredible ability to build not just skills, but also confidence by exposing each participants talents. What results is not just an increase in ability but for me a shift in identity. I quickly realised Master Practitioner was not a qualification I was going to gain, it was something I became. Where practitioner training gave me a great toolkit, master practitioner has affected the way I create my world and how I affect others on a day to day basis. I’ve already booked my partner on the next course and highly recommend the experience to anyone.”
Michael Fooks – NLP Master Practitioner, Communications Consultant, father and martial arts coach.
Kinetic Potential

Morna Haist“A deeper connection to myself and to my life’s work.”

“I went to Raglan to become a Master Practitioner and I left with a deeper connection to myself and to my life’s work. I chose Steph for Master Prac because she doesn’t use ‘smoke and mirrors’ in her training, she’s real, she’s relaxed and she’s always fun. With Steph what you see is always what you get.

The icing on the cake

“The environment is the icing on the cake. Training in Raglan with its stunning natural environment, lends itself to connecting at a deeper level with yourself and with the learning.

Working with a small group allows strong connections and rapport to build and the opportunity to develop life-long friendships and networks. Steph goes above and beyond what’s required to complete the qualification and I know I’ve received the highest quality training possible and that I’m the most competent Master Practitioner I could be.

I now feel unconsciously skilled in NLP, it’s now just part of who I am. When I’m working with groups I never find myself struggling to find the ‘right thing’ to say or do, it’s just there – this is the difference between Practitioner and Master Practitioner and the difference in working with Stephanie Philp.”
Morna Haist – NLP Master Practitioner, Independant Communication and Leadership Specialist

“It’s So Exciting!”NLP Master Practitioner Certification training

Anita Moleta is a counsellor and therapist with a busy practice in Pukekohe. Listen as Anita talks about her experiences of completing the course. We discuss what she liked and what she didn’t like, her key learnings and what she’s being doing with her new skills. She’ll also give some examples of how she’s used NLP and the feedback she’s been getting.

Click the play button to listen to Anita tell you what she learned, what she most valued and how she’s using her advanced NLP skills in her busy practice. (8 mins) Apologies for the sound quality.

“Profound Changes”NLP Master Practitioner Certification training

“I am grateful to Stephanie for creating a rich learning environment that was supportive, engendered trust and professional in every way.

Stephanie’s willingness to share of herself meant that, as a group we were free to quickly get past differences and move beyond the superficial to get to the nitty gritty in our learning.

Stephanie’s depth of knowledge was evident in her teaching style, which was well structured while still allowing room for individual personalities to shine through.

Her great sense of humour allowed us to be relaxed; Stephanie regularly bolstered us in her confidence that we were already “Great Master Practitioners,” while getting to grips with new processes.

NLP Master Practitioner training was not merely an exchange of information, but an in depth demonstration of some powerful techniques and influential use of language that has made profound changes both for myself and in my exchanges with a variety of people in real life contexts.

After doing NLP Practitioner training, I hoped to one day become an NLP Coach. While completing Master Practitioner training, I was convinced that this was a gift that needed to be shared.

I am excited about getting underway with NLP Coaching because I have evidence of the transformation it has made for me personally as well as in my workplace. I want others to get those results for themselves too!

Anyone who is in a position to influence others is guaranteed to benefit from NLP training with Stephanie.”
Karen Hall – NLP Master Practitioner and Health Coach

“Laughing Along the Journey”

NLP Master Practitioner Certification training

“I first saw Stephanie when she demonstrated her version of a procedure at a NZNLP event and I immediately warmed to her open and humorous personality and the way that she got the information across to me, personally.

After concluding the demonstration she asked for volunteers to be either ‘client’ or ‘practioner’ and I was impressed that I was able to follow her procedure and instructions with the obvious and verified success from the much happier ‘client’. I knew I’d be able to absorb NLP from Stephanie, but more importantly for me, I also saw I’d learn how to do it laughing along the journey. Stephanie tells it as she sees it and not only could I easily relate to her stories I also found I shared the same sense of humour.

Beauty and Storms

The location of the Master Prac course in Raglan, with it’s beauty and its storms, seemed mirrored in our learning journey and made for a perfectly nurturing environment in which we all grew in many ways.

I would recommend Stephanie to anybody, and do, she’s a gem.”

Clive Teare – NLP Master Practitioner and Change Facilitator.

“Thanks for the opportunity to shine!”NLP Master Practitioner Certification training

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to shine, and the lessons on continuing to shine!! I would whole heartily recommend your courses to anyone wanting to polish up and shine brighter. The value is immense and the skills and learning exponentially blooming.”
Nicola Price – NLP Master Practitioner

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