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mBIT Coach Training Feedback

The first mBIT (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques) course in November/December 2013 in Raglan.

What an awesome time we had!

If you’d have called in at certain times of the day you’d never have believed this was a ‘serious’ training course! The call-back music generated some truly spontaneous and heartfelt singing and some very courageous dancing! There was much laughter and good natured fun for the whole four days.

The learning was really gratifying too

There were some dramatic, yet easy and comfortable shifts as participants coached each other through the various mBIT techniques.

Certification for successful participants. (More photos in the gallery below)

Certification for successful participants.

The Graphic Reflections added a whole new dimension

We were all very fortunate to have David Wood assist us. Dave is already an mBIT coach and NLP trainer and was able to give an additional viewpoint of mBIT as a tool for change. Dave also created five, 3 metre long graphic records of the training. These were hung around the room as further fabulous reminders of the work we’d done together. See the photos in the gallery below. If you want to find out more about Dave’s Graphic Reflections please email him.

What they had to say

Participants were asked to put together feedback that would describe what was most valuable, how they would describe the course to someone who might be thinking of doing it, what they thought of the trainer and Dave’s graphic facilitation as well as any general comments. Below are their responses.

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Truly Life Changing!
Meredith Youngson

Meredith Youngson

I can’t begin to tell you how amazing the whole thing was for me and how incredibly grateful I am to you – and the Universe – for this gift. It truly was life changing and I am still processing (digesting) it all. It resonates with our Hearts in Healthcare work at so many different levels – I feel as though the possibilities are infinite and it’s a piece of the jigsaw that was missing and we didn’t even know! And then there’s my personal and family life! It was very valuable understanding the functions and the highest expressions of the 3 brains and how to align them. It’s a great opportunity to understand yourself and your clients in a way that will benefit every part of your life. Stephanie was awesome – truly, really, deeply. And Dave’s graphic reflections were awesome – such an enhancement to the programme. I am so grateful for the opportunity to do this and I’m sure it will enhance our work as well as my own personal growth. Once again thanks so much Stephanie – look forward to seeing you soon. Arohanui Thank you
Meredith Youngson

Co-Founder – Hearts in Healthcare


I thoroughly enjoyed the experience
Rosalie Steward

Rosalie Steward

“There were a great many valuable learnings on this course: The ancient history and wisdom of the three intelligences in the body, the modern neuroscience that depicts the way these intelligences function; the clear description of the primary characteristics of each, and techniques for bringing them into alignment.

It was a mixture of information; communication and practical exercises to become knowledgeable and skilled with multiple brain alignment.

Steph is a trainer who is thoroughly familiar with the material, intuitive and perceptive in her responses to the group members and always focused on overall goals towards highest wisdom.

The graphic representations are a powerful learning aid to reinforce the knowledge and insights of the day. I also enjoyed the ‘spaciousness’ of the process so I wouldn’t like any time frames to sacrifice spaciousness.
I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

Rosalie Steward
Family Programme Co-ordinator

Simple and Practical
Trish Knight

Trish Knight

“The course was valuable for it’s simplicity and practicality. The issues worked on were overcome over a few periods of 15 minutes!

The course gives strategies for working on creating balance within, so that I can be my best self, as well as tools to use in my work that can help a person identify whether their issue is an issue of the heart, or head or identity (gut). This then allows a solution to heal it at the appropriate level very quickly and painlessly.

Stephanie is loving, clever, flexible, awesome! Dave’s graphic reflection was excellent – so helpful for assimilation.
Thanks Steph – love you for bringing us more cool stuff.”

Trish Knight
Registered Nurse
Massage Therapist and NLP Practitioner

Science is impressive and convincing
Paula Ralph

Paula Ralph

As an extra layer to the already successful NLP processes I use, mBIT really allows me to use something else for those times where I think, ‘Hmm, what am I going to do now?’

The value of the balanced breathing is clear and the science behind it is impressive and convincing, making a lot of sense to me. It gives me concrete evidence to present to those that may wish to be convinced.

Stephanie is honest and effective and Dave’s graphic facilitation was very helpful and gorgeously done.”

Paula Ralph
Health Coach

Well worth the experience
Bryan Thorby

Bryan Thorby

“The mBIT Coaching was absolutely awesome. I had had a feeling that mBIT was worthwhile learning about. Now I am amazed at how simple yet powerful the techniques are. As well as the practice sessions, the graphic charts created by Dave really re-enforced the learnings process. It was great to be a part of such an enthusiastic group of people.
I leave the training with increased compassion, courage and creativity. Well worth the experience.”



Bryan Thorby
Programme Facilitator

The pacing was just right
Joseph Hartzenburg

Joseph Hartzenburg

“There was good, clear communication and illustration of the training material and lots of time to practice coaching the new learning to build confidence and experience coaching.

Steph’s a great trainer – she’s experienced (and it shows) She models excellence in her presentations and demonstrates with great clarity and skill.

Dave’s graphic facilitation is art unfolding and his additional commentary added further potency and insights to the training conversation. The pacing of new information, demonstration and practice was just the right balance.

Thanks again for the gift of your rich offerings in the form of the mBIT training, to my personal growth, development and evolution towards my highest expressions and possibilities of selfing.”

Joseph Hartzenburg
Counsellor/Mens Programme Co-ordinator
Family Safety Services

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