7 Amazingly Simple Ways To Banish A Bad Mood

24 Sep 2018

7 Amazingly Simple Ways To Banish A Bad Mood

The majority of people believe that getting out of a bad mood takes a long time — but they couldn’t be more wrong!

7 Amazingly Simple Ways To Banish A Bad Mood

Photo by Jan Prokeš from Pexels

In my previous podcast, about sadness, moodiness and depression, we talked about the causes of what are often termed, negative states. We’d begun to talk about ways to break out of an bad mood — but then we ran out of time!

So in this podcast we talk about ways to do just that; banish a bad mood.


Many of us have been conditioned to believe that making emotional change is difficult and time consuming. Not so! Listen now to discover how to use some very easy techniques that will have you feeling better in no time.

Have you ever experienced this?

You’re in a sad state, perhaps feeling a bit low, but you can’t figure out why? However that doesn’t stop you from asking yourself questions such as, “Why do I feel like this?” or “How come I’m feeling so low?” And have you ever noticed that the replies you get back are less than helpful and often make you feel worse?

That’s because when you’re in a negative state you don’t have access to the positives states where you would logically be able to figure out the problem. It would be the equivalent of asking someone who’s stuck in a deep dark hole, how they plan on getting out of it. If they knew the answers, they wouldn’t be stuck! So, although it might be somewhat counterintuitive, if you want to analyse why you’re in an unwanted emotional state, you need to get out of it first.

When you’re in a better frame of mind it’s much easier to figure out how you ended up in a bad mood — something that’s just about impossible when you’re still in the bad mood. So, in this podcast I share some great tips to get you out of the blues.