9 Uses and Misuses of Your 3 Remarkable Brains

21 Mar 2017

9 Uses and Misuses of Your 3 Remarkable Brains

Podcast with Aaron Mooar

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In this lively and varied podcast with Aaron Mooar, we discuss facts about your 3 brains and give lots of personal examples of use and misuse:

  1. A variety of situations where decisions are made using the ‘wrong’ brain, for example using the head brain to make heart and gut-based decisions
  2. Techniques to connect with the 3 brains.
  3. How we might override our heart or gut feelings in favour of our logical head brain.
  4. How to balance the autonomic nervous system so you can access the wisdom of all 3 brains.
  5. Why you shouldn’t make decisions after a big meal.
  6. What happens when you’re working for a heartless boss in a heartless industry.
  7. Where specifically your heart and gut brains are located.
  8. How your brains could be harbouring dis-ease.
  9. How your heart brain can atrophy if you don’t use it.
And much more!!

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