Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Mission and values are important to how I live my life – both personally and professionally.

MissionMission and Values

My personal mission is:

“I passionately inspire, guide and encourage people to reconnect with their own inner God. By being authentic, and using humour and lightness, I lead people to discover their uniqueness and infinite potential; to become more of who they really are, and to live a life of purpose and meaning.”

I’ll help to awaken more of your inner resources, strengths, abilities and wisdom. I’ll encourage, inspire, challenge and support you as you do this through training, coaching or through my articles and products.


These are the things that are important to me in the way I work with clients and build relationships:

Learning and Growth

By constantly exploring new sources of insight and information I find the most up-to-date ways to deliver different/better/fresh learning.The love of what I do keeps me motivated and excited; it drives my own continuous learning and growth. I’m excited and inspired by new knowledge, innovation, creative ideas and ways of thinking.


Courage is about having strength of mind, determination and tenacity. I enjoy the challenge of finding practical applications for my ideas. I take on things that are way outside my comfort zone because I know I’ll grow in the process. It means doing things I didn’t think I could do and pushing through any feelings of fear or overwhelm, knowing that the end result will have been worth the effort.

Playful and Fun

I’m optimistic and cheerful and I bring these qualities to any work we do together. I love to share a joke (in case you hadn’t already noticed) and find ways to interact that are enjoyable and fun. Playfulness and fun give me the energy to live my passion. Joy is our natural state and we have to work to be otherwise. I like to find the funny and weird side of serious situations. By doing so they often become less serious, more weird and therefore easier to change.


I look forward to making a personal, warm and supportive ongoing connection with you. I’ll treat you with dignity and respect and be open, and honest in the way I engage with you. I’ll help you get the changes you want by being responsive, encouraging and inspiring in the way I evoke change. I’ll listen to and value your point of view. I’ll learn all I can from you. I delight in adding little extra touches that really make a difference to your experience.


By being able to change and adapt in any situation I can meet your needs. I incorporate the newest learnings I have immediately so you get the most up-to-date information I have. I’ll answer your questions when you need answers. I’ll be engaged with you in the moment while still maintaining some structure. I make things easy for you; delivering sometimes complex material in simple ways.

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