Watch this video by the wonderful Sara Guix, who spent almost year here, for a glimpse of our wonderful Whaingaroa -Raglan – a.k.a. ‘Paradise’ lifestyle and community.


Come and Visit!

Raglan Sunset

I hope the video, this photo and the photos below will encourage you to come and visit Raglan (Whaingaroa) and participate in a training course with me. Situated on the Wild West Coast of New Zealand’s North Island, it’s a magical place. A harbour, estuary and the intense Tasman sea teases the black sand beaches. The area lies under the protective watch of Mt Karioi, an extinct – I hope! – volcano x also known as Sleeping Lady.

World Famous – and not only in Raglan

In surfing communities, Raglan is world famous for its left hand break. Surfing is also popular year round at Whale Bay, Ngaranui Beach and the Indicators. It remains unspoiled.

The Perfect place?

The Lonely Planet Guide says, ‘Raglan might be NZ’s perfect surfing town.’ And, ‘Raglan might also be New Zealand’s best-looking town. It’s exactly the sort of laid-back, charming place that sees you shuffle your itinerary to extend your stay.’


When you decide to participate in a longer NLP course, it often adds to the immersive nature of the course to be away from home. Instead of worrying about things at home the instant you leave the training room, you have the opportunity to reflect and gain new insights, or to get together with others on the course and discuss the days learning. This has been confirmed many, many times by participants.

With friendly people, no traffic or parking hassles, wonderful scenery and interesting eclectic shops, Raglan has it all. Wild West Coast surf, or inner harbour tranquility, walks and various fun activities – there’s always something to do when you’re not in the training room. Raglan has no fast food chain outlets, however there is plenty of good food to be had in the trendy cafes in town and some a little outside of town. With a wonderful creative community, a wide variety of artwork abounds. Participants on my courses always comment on how friendly everyone is – and how much they love the laid back Raglan vibe.

See you soon!