Training Philosophy

Training Philosophy

I enjoy nothing more than sharing my passion for getting the best from people. My training philosophy has evolved over many years of working with people – and birds and animals!

Learning should be fun

The learning sticks better when you associate it with the fun you had. I believe that when you’re having fun, you’re learning – and that learning should be fun! So I make sure that there are plenty of things to keep you amused and entertained – Training philosophymy terrible jokes and drawings for example!

Breaking down barriers

In a training situation, laughter breaks down barriers and brings people together. If you’ve looked at the Humour Section you’ll realise there are many forms of humour to enjoy! I love looking for the funny side of everyday situations and being able to see things a little differently. Pointing out these differences encourages you to observe more closely.

The freedom to be yourself

There’s no greater freedom than the freedom to be yourself. By being myself I give you the freedom to be yourself.

Learning is a partnership

Learning occurs naturally and in partnership.This means you’ll learn a great deal from other participants on a course, as well as from me.
And every time I facilitate a course, I gain new insights from participant questions and each person’s unique way of processing information.

Challenge is important

Taking on new challenges is how you grow and develop. It gets you out of your comfort zone. So because you will be getting out of your comfort zone, I like to make sure I provide a comfort zone for you to get out of!

It’s generally easier to learn when you’re relaxed and confident

Relaxed environment

People don’t learn well when they’re stressed. I do my best to provide a safe, supportive and comfortable environment in which you can learn easily. I’ll be there to guide and support you in your journey of personal and professional growth.

We’re all connected

What I do affects you and vice versa. So when I’m in a good state – which I always am when I’m training – it makes it easier for you to be in a good state. When you’re in a good state, learning is a breeze.

Seizing the learning moment is important

When you’re interested in or curious about something – that’s the best learning moment. I love answering your questions so that you can deepen your learning.

Personal and professional growth – made easy

Many people believe change has to be hard work. My experience is that change can — and frequently does — happen in an instant. Read some of the testimonials for proof!