Blast Your Way To Stardom!

9 Oct 2017

Blast Your Way To Stardom!

Want an enviable reputation?

Would you like to be known as someone who successfully achieves long lasting, effective results quickly? As someone who is successful? You probably have your own definition of success.

Success -Blast your way to stardom

Maybe it’s being able to make a difference through your job, career or business? Or to triumph in your choice of sport. Perhaps it’s to maintain a healthy relationship or raise a happy and loving family. Or have material or financial success? Or maybe you want it all! Fantastic! You’re in the right place!

What if there was a way you could study success?

What if you could study success and learn the true elements that lead to consistent, reliable outcomes? And what if that success was modelled from real people with a proven track record? Would that be something you’d be interested in? Well, the good news is that there is! NLP is the study of success. Better still, it’s based on the thinking and behaviours of real people. Successful people.

A common misconception

I recently needed (once again!) to dispel a common misconception that NLP is only about therapy. I was facilitating a two-day training when a participant asked, “I couldn’t understand why my boss wanted me attend this course. I thought that NLP was about therapy. I told him that I didn’t want people telling me all their problems and I don’t want to be a therapist!”

At the end of the course he sought me out and said, “Wow, what a fantastic course! I’m so glad I came, I can’t wait to start using this stuff – it really works!”
I gave him my standard reply; “I know it works – that’s why I teach it!”

You might have thought the same way

So I’ll remind you that NLP is not therapy. Sure, it began in a therapeutic context; the developers of NLP were searching for people who were excellent at helping people change. They found these excellent change-makers in Virginia Satir, a famous family therapist, and Milton Erickson, a psychiatrist, family doctor and hypnotherapist. But it wasn’t particularly their therapeutic skills the developers were interested in, it was Virginia’s and Milton’s influencing skills, and their ability to effect rapid and permanent change.

Milton and Virginia were just the start

Other NLP developers modelled the best military sharpshooters, high board divers like Greg Louganis, athletes and top leaders and change agents. The information, skills and behaviours learnt from some of the world’s most amazing people are taught to MetaMorphosis’ NLP Practitioners. Successful team leaders, managers, nurses, doctors, career coaches, life coaches, naturopaths, HR advisors, engineers, consultants, trainers and business owners.

More than just work skills

These successful people have lives outside their work, where their NLP skills are equally valid. As parents, friends, siblings and life partners, MetaMorphosis’ NLP Practitioners value their NLP skills and use them in all areas of life.


Gail Reichert

“What HASN’T changed since doing NLP!
As a performance consultant and executive coach I’ve vastly improved my effectiveness with clients since doing NLP Practitioner with Stephanie. I now have several strategies to help when clients want to change what they are doing, but don’t know how to. What I like best about NLP and coaching is that the client is in charge of their change, and it works quickly. This is a real business benefit for clients.”

The applications of NLP are important

NLP can be used to effect change in your own life and wherever there are other people. NLP books are useful and there is such a huge body of knowledge available on the subject nowadays. I would encourage you to read one that applies to your field of endeavour. You could try some of mine (hint, hint).

NLP is, however, a practical skill.

Some practical skills aren’t easy to learn from a book. Let me give you a parallel that will make it more clear. Think back to when you learnt to drive a car. You may have started by learning the road code.

You might also have watched someone else drive — noticing what they did. Yet even though you’d watched someone else and read the road code, you still couldn’t actually drive!

Then came the experiential part of driving

When you sat in the driver’s seat, the learning really began! You needed someone who was already proficient to guide you, until you’d learnt all the elements of driving.

Each component of driving is simple

It’s easy to turn the steering wheel, to change a gear and even simpler to accelerate or brake. But each component doesn’t occur in isolation. And if you brake and accelerate and the same time, you go nowhere – fast! It’s the combining of these individual processes that move your vehicle forward and actually get you somewhere! This is where driving becomes a skill.

The process of learning programmes your brain

After lots of practice you begin to feel confident. By the time you’re a proficient driver, you’ve also reprogrammed your brains neural pathways with new habits. In other words, by the time you’re proficient, you can drive on autopilot. You no longer have to think about every gear change, every braking and turning manoeuvre. You can even listen to the radio, talk and drive at the same time!

Learning NLP is a lot like learning to drive
To do NLP you’ll need a skilled trainer and lots of practice

On NLP Practitioner Training you’ll have 18 days of learning and practising NLP. You have an expert to guide you. At the end of that time, provided you pass a test, can demonstrate the skills and meet the ethical requirements you’ll receive internationally recognised qualifications as an NLP Practitioner. That means you can then begin applying it in the ‘real world’!

NLP and driving have other similarities

Like driving, NLP gives you other benefits; freedom, flexibility and independence – so you can take advantage of opportunities and set your own direction in life. Don’t take my word for it. Read what others have to say.

Take your foot off the brake and get ready to engage the turbo charge!

So, if you’re really ready for stardom, check out when the next NLP Practitioner Training Intensive is scheduled. It’s called an Intensive for good reason. It’s for people who value their own self development and growth and who really want to make a difference and take off. You need to come with an open mind and be prepared to learn new ‘stuff’. I can promise you much fun and laughter. Plus a nurturing, supportive and relaxed environment in which to learn and try out your new skills. Who knows in what direction you’ll take yourself after that!

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