Business and NLP

25 Feb 2010

Business and NLP

Business and NLP

Michael Beale NLP and Business

Michael Beale

This article contains an audio interview with Michael Beale about Business and NLP. Michael is a NLP Business Trainer and Executive Coach in Milton Keynes, UK. You’ll hear me talk about Michael’s company as Since we recorded the interview he’s changed his website (haven’t we all!). His new website is Executive Coaching Global.

I’ve split the interview into several ‘bite sized chunks’ of no more than 7.5 minutes duration. This means that you can come back and listen to quality information in time frames that fit into your morning or afternoon tea breaks!

Here’s the first!

It’s 7 minutes long. I know you’re going to enjoy it. Michael tells you what are some of the misconceptions of NLP, about the type of the people who attend NLP courses and the main reasons people go on courses (it’s not what you think!) So sit back, relax, click the play button and listen up!

Part two

In the next segment I chat to Michael about what skills and tools people are typically looking for from an NLP Business course. I think you might be surprised by Michael’s response and how it might very well apply to you. This is only 4 minutes long.

Part three

Michael answers the question: ‘What kind of feedback do you get from your participants?’ He talks about the sometimes ‘uncomfortable’ self realisations people experience. We also talk about the importance of providing an environment where participants feel safe to explore. Michael and I discuss the changes people achieve in the short and long term, on the way to personal freedom. This parts last 7 minutes and 30 seconds.

Part Four

The question I ask Michael is, “How does NLP Training affect your Practitioners when they go back to their work, business and home environments?” We discuss how NLP can amplify the skills you already have and how Practitioners often realign themselves with their work after completing their training.

We also talk about the NLP Evangelists. And then Michael will tell you about the importance of reconnecting with yourself. 6.5 minutes in length.

Part Five

Michael and I discuss the difference between NLP training and many other types of training. We also talk about the experiential nature of NLP and answer the question many people have about the length of NLP training courses.This part is 5 minutes long.

Part six

In part six we talk about different types of training; discussing the difference between knowing ‘about’ NLP and being able to ‘use’ NLP to develop yourself and those around you. We chew over the contrasts of learning an element of NLP on a short course, and really learning it in depth so it becomes part of who you are. This segment is 5 minutes long.

Part Seven

Listen to what he has to say about the skills needed for success in work or business. Michael tells me about his strange experience at a Richard Bandler seminar. (Richard Bandler is the co-founder of NLP).This clip is 6 minutes

Part Eight

Michael has some advice if you’re considering an NLP Practitioner course. Discover the question he wished I’d asked him – as well as his answer! It’s just under 7 minutes long.