Instant Confidence

1 Aug 2015

Instant Confidence

Instant Confidence

How would you like to feel confident when you go for an interview or an important meeting? Maybe you’d like to feel more upbeat when you’re making a presentation?

Instant Confidence

Being confident, or at least being able to access a state of confidence is a critical people skill. Without confidence, it’s difficult to inspire or lead others – or even yourself. So, if you’ve ever struggled with confidence…

Then this article is for you!

I’m going to take you through an NLP anchoring technique. If you don’t know about anchoring you might like to read about it in the article, How to create Instant Relaxation, or How To Stop Your Habitual Knee-Jerk Reactions,  And get a brief explanation by visiting FAQ’s. When you’ve done that come back to this page.

Before we start it would be useful to do a couple of things:

Firstly, for you to think about a specific time in the past when you’ve felt confident. Remember confidence comes in all shapes and sizes! You can be confident in all kinds of skills that you might not have even considered. You might be very confident in preparing a meal, for example or playing a sport. It might be that you’re confident doing something else that you’re good at, or enjoy. So take a minute to think of something specific, that you can use for the exercise. You only need one specific time.

Secondly, during the exercise, I’m going to suggest you press the thumb and middle finger of your non-dominant hand together to form the gesture that will in future trigger your confident state. If you’re ambidextrous, use either hand. Don’t make that gesture yet, just be ready to make it when I tell you. Once you’ve got that, we’re ready to go! Ready?

O.K. Just click the button. (4 minutes)

Anchoring Confidence Process

Want to find out more about anchoring?

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