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A Useful Guide To NLP For Coaches

15 Nov 2010

A Useful Guide To NLP For Coaches

A Useful Guide To NLP For Coaches

eBook by Michael Beale

Very Useful!

Whether you’re already an NLP Practitioner, a qualified coach or someone who performs a coaching function I know you’ll find this Useful Guide very, er well, useful!

Michael and I trained together with Richard Bandler some years ago and have remained friends and colleagues ever since. Michael’s business background as well as his extensive knowledge as both a trainer of NLP and an executive coach make him the ideal person to author this guide.

A Useful Guide to NLP for Coaches is distributed as an eBook by Pansophix in the UK.

Clean and logical

I particularly liked the clean and logical format of the book. It has a great framework for coaching with a brief explanation of each term and then the coaching elements that fit into any part of the coaching framework. These elements include: values, beliefs, senses and submodalities, hypnotic language, time, stories, meta programs and modelling. While these elements will be very familiar to NLP Practitioners they may not be so to those without an NLP background. No matter, Michael explains each element and provides plenty of examples that you will easily relate to.

Useful questions that help both client and coach fully explore blocks and move congruently towards successful outcomes underpin the practical nature of this book.

The Useful Guide also has links to a downloadable pdf with some useful exercises to help you integrate the skills into your coaching, because as we know, the most important part of acquiring any new skills is practice, practice, practice.

Who is this book for?

If you have no experience in NLP this guide will give you some skills you can use straight away while enticing you to learn more about NLP. And if you have NLP experience I think you’ll find this model of coaching highly beneficial, contributing another great skill to your toolkit.