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Ask And It Is Given

16 May 2012

Ask And It Is Given

Ask And It Is Given

Learning to Manifest Your Desires – Esther and Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham)

The Law Of Attraction explains how we create our own reality and how to allow what we create in our mind to be ‘delivered’ by maintaining a state (or vibration) consistent with what we want.

Ask And It Is Given is much more of a ‘How To’ Book, containing more in depth information about how to maintain a state of joy that allows what you want to be drawn into your experience. Like The Law of Attraction (see my review) this books fits very with NLP concepts and principles at a very practical level.

Part One

Deals with, ‘Things we know, that you may have forgotten, which are important for you to remember.’ The ‘we’ here refers to Abraham.

Life reminders

Abraham reminds us that we came to this life to experience the joy of creating the reality we prefer. Yet in the process called ‘life’ we sometimes forget that we are creating it moment by moment and get out of touch with our source or stream of well-being. Then, we unintentionally create things we don’t want due to our constant focus on them. There are detailed explanations of how this happens as well as how to change things.

The Emotional Guidance Scale

At the end of Part One the Emotional Guidance Scale is introduced. If you’re feeling despair it’s impossible to go from there to experiencing joy in one or two thoughts. But you can choose a better feeling thought, and another better feeling thought as you gradually move yourself up the emotional guidance scale. Bottom of the scale is fear/grief/depression/despair/powerlessness and top of the scale is joy/knowledge/empowerment/freedom/love/appreciation

Part Two

Having being reminded of our true essence in part one, part two is dedicated to 22 practical processes you can do to begin creating the reality you want. Simple and fun, these are exercises designed to help you achieve and maintain a good emotional state or vibration. Each process clearly describes under what circumstances it would be most useful. The processes also assist you to get in control of your thinking and then to keep you on track.

This is another superb book

It’s a how-to book that really contains the how to’s to live your life on purpose and create the reality you really want. It also describes how to stop focusing on what you don’t want. Like the Law of Attraction, it’s a keeper. You won’t want to lend this to anyone, it’s a reference manual for life.

Ask and It Is Given – Part two – The Processes

A 4 CD set of the 22 processes are also worth having to remind you and help you keep on track.

Want to learn more?

My Inside Your Mind eBook and mp3, gives you practical tools to show you how you’re creating your reality and how to create it on purpose.