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Brilliant NLP

12 Jun 2013

Brilliant NLP

Brilliant NLP

David Moulden and Pat Hutchinson

In this ‘How To’ book the authors explore some of the basic concepts of NLP and their applications for how you communicate with yourself and others.

Read it AFTER you’ve done some NLP

I think this is a good book to read after you’ve done some NLP training. I say this because the different techniques used in NLP are described in a very superficial way. This would make it difficult for many people to do any of the processes solely from the description in the book without prior knowledge.

Simple Overview

As an overview of NLP and some of it’s applications it’s interesting and full of simple (perhaps too simple?) examples. However it’s very light weight. For me it was a disappointing read, especially given David Molden’s previous offering, ‘Business NLP’ which was a lot more comprehensive.

How-To Information missing

It gave me the impression that it was written in a rush, as much of the critical How-to information is completely missing. However, if you want to get an overview of NLP and are not fussed about actually learning NLP and doing the exercises, this book will meet all your needs.

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