The Law Of Attraction

4 Apr 2013

The Law Of Attraction

The Basic Teachings Of Abraham – Esther and Jerry Hicks

If you didn’t already know, Esther Hicks ‘channels’ a group of beings who call themselves Abraham. If you didn’t know this and think it’s a bit weird, please don’t let it put you off this excellent book.

I have rated it 5 bubbles with good reason.

Aligns with NLP philosophies

For a start it fits in very well with many NLP philosophies, especially the one that goes, ‘You create your own reality.’ This book explains in great depth HOW you create your own reality and how to create it the way you want it to be.

Explains the laws

Although it’s called The Law Of Attraction, the book explains 3 universal laws:
– The Law of Attraction
– The Science of deliberate creation (The Law of Creation)
– The art of Allowing

The book is segmented to include these 5 parts.

Part One

Part One explains how Esther and Jerry became involved with Abraham and how the ‘relationship’ developed over time. It is a very interesting part of the book, especially if you haven’t come across the idea of channelling before. Parts 2-4 deal with the 3 laws mentioned above and then part five is concerned with ‘segment intending’, which I’ll come back to shortly.

Part Two

Part Two – The Law of Attraction, explains how you create your reality by your thoughts and thinking processes. It explains in some depth a concept I’ve long advocated. The idea of not thinking about what you don’t want! The point is that if you think positive thoughts, you’ll attract more positive thoughts, positive thoughts attract positive experiences. Positive experiences set you up for more positive experiences.
My ‘Inside Your Mind eBook and CD explains this in some depth

Negative thoughts operate the same way.

Think about something negative or something that you don’t want, and you’ll attract more negative thoughts and more negative experiences. In fact, you’ll attract exactly what you don’t want because you’re giving your attention and energy to it.

Operates like gravity

The Law of Attraction is a universal law and works whether you believe it or not. In one sense it’s like gravity (except we don’t know that gravity is universal – we only know that it occurs on earth!) It doesn’t matter whether you believe in gravity or not, if you fall off something you still go down and not up. It operates despite what you think or believe. In the same way the law of attraction operates whether you believe it or not.

How you’re feeling is your indicator of how you’re thinking.

Many people have lost touch with how they feel and haven’t realised how negative thoughts are polluting their body. Not only do negative thoughts make you feel bad, they also attract more negative thoughts. ‘That which is like unto itself is drawn.’ So Part two explains the law of attraction in some depth with many examples. The whole book is written as a conversation between Jerry Hicks and Abraham. Thus many of the questions that might spring to your mind as you read are subsequently answered.

Part Three

Once you understand the law of attraction, you’ll no doubt want to know how to create your life on purpose, instead of by accident and this part acts as a ‘how to’ guide. It talks about how you have created the things in your life by your thinking processes and how to focus on what you want rather than what you currently have. Because if you focus on what IS, by the first law (the law of attraction) you just attract more of what is.

Part Four

The Fourth part of the book covers the art of allowing. This a slightly less easy concept to grasp and is somewhat dependant upon a full understanding of the first two laws. My simplistic way of describing it is; mind your own business, create what you want to create in life and leave others to create what they want.

The art of allowing is not about being tolerant of others. It’s much more about joyfully allowing others to experience the life they have created (either on purpose or by accident) while you do the same. Written in question and answer format for the most part, it will again answer the questions which are bound to arise as you read.

Part Five

Part Five – Segment Intending is really a practical ‘how to’ guide to begin creating your own reality on purpose. It explains how to look at each part of your day as a segment. By positively intending what you want for each segment, it’s a kind of baby steps approach to get into new habits of conscious creation.

A keeper

This is definitely a book to keep. You’ll want to read it repeatedly to remind yourself of these vital laws and how they play out in your life.

My CD and E Book, Inside Your Mind, gives you practical tools to show you how you’re creating your reality and how to create it on purpose.