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The Rainbow Machine

17 Oct 2013

The Rainbow Machine

The Rainbow Machine

Tales from a Neurolinguist’s Journal – Andrew T Austin

New Insights

The Rainbow Machine gave me new insights into too many things to put into a review! Things that, once read, seem obvious. What I particularly enjoyed was the openness and honesty of the author and his preparedness to challenge societal systems and outdated thinking around mental ill health.

He shares a few of his ‘failures’ and well as numerous successes in working with people the psychiatric system failed. If you think that this book might not be for you because you don’t work with psychiatric cases, think again. The insights are valuable whether you work with clients or just with yourself.

NLP Practitioners can often get hooked into the ‘techniques’ of NLP. This book provides good reinforcement that flexibility, creativity, listening and the use of language skills and submodality shifts can effect stunning results.

The chapters are generally very short. Some contain shortened case histories, others are simply musings or collections of insights. Although geared towards NLP Practitioners I’m sure most people would find it funny, outrageous, compelling and shocking in equal measure.

A refreshing book that I know I’ll read again.

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