Communication is central to life


Without good communication, relationships rapidly deteriorate or simply come to a standstill. There are so many ways to communicate and so many aspects to communication.

More than just talking

The articles and posts you’ll find here aren’t just about how we speak to one another; they also relate to how we communicate with ourselves. Communication involves non-verbal skills; body language and facial expressions, tone of voice as well as the particular words we use.

We communicate metaphorically, via text and email, by letter as well as face to face, and the chance of any communication being misunderstood is far greater than you might imagine.

Most of us have never had any formal communication training

We learned English, or some other language but communication involves so much more than just language. Most of us have picked up what we know from those around us, via osmosis.

But what if the people we learnt from struggled to communicate effectively?

The chances are that those people we learnt from were not such great communicators to start with. They may have communicated OK when relationships were running smoothly. But when faced with conflict, feeling stressed, not getting their needs met or any number of out-of-the-ordinary situations, they may have struggled to communicate effectively. In my training and coaching practice I find communication to be one of the biggest issues people face. Hence you’ll find many articles and posts here that deal with communication – or lack of it.

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