Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

emotional intelligence EQ

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) evolved from the concept of Intellectual Intelligence (IQ). EQ has become more important as people have realised that it’s not enough to have the intellectual smarts to be a good partner, parent, employee or leader.

People respond to empathy, kindness and compassion

For many years, in Western societies and organisations in particular, even having emotions — let alone acknowledging them — was frowned upon. People, especially men, were required to maintain the ‘stiff upper lip’. Today, we realise that, far from being useful, burying emotions eventually leads to illness and disease. One reason Emotional Intelligence is so important is that, at our very core, we are emotional human beings.

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EQ is proving more important than IQ

Studies of successful people, including the world’s best leaders have shown that they rely more on their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) than their Intellectual Intelligence (IQ).

Being in touch with your heart based emotions can help you be more compassionate. You can use emotional information to guide your creative thinking, decision making and behaviour. In recognising the value of emotions you’re better able to manage your mood, especially in stressful or difficult circumstances.

These articles and posts will give you a deeper insight into how and why Emotional Intelligence is so crucial. They provide practical tools to help you develop your EQ and people skills; sometimes called ‘soft’ skills.

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