Humour and Fun

Who doesn’t like fun!

I always like to look for the funny side of life – and I frequently find it. The articles and posts in this section all have a fun aspect.


And that’s not to say that articles with other tags don’t. It’s just that the fun articles here don’t really fit into any of the other categories. In this section you’ll find articles that I just felt inspired to write. I’m very interested in humour (as you’ll see if you find the Humour section) and what makes people laugh.

Fun can lead us to serious insights

We can gain insights about life, people and the world in general. But, when we take ourselves too seriously, we may come across defensive or inauthentic.

I like to use humour to generate a sense of fun on my training courses

Any way I can lighten things up a little and make people laugh, tends to reduce the rigidity around old thinking. When you’re lighthearted, you lighten your heart. Being able to have fun and laugh at yourself makes you more human, which in turn builds trust and rapport with others. People like working with people who are fun and have a sense of humour. A fun filled work place is one where morale is high and the atmosphere is upbeat.

But you don’t need reasons to have fun

Just have fun because you can! Sometimes it’s good to read something for enjoyment, without there needing to be any great learning involved. I hope these articles/posts make you smile, and if you learn something as well you will have hit the jackpot!

Remember to check out the Humour section for even more fun!