People Skills

How good are your People Skills?

people skills

People Skills incorporate Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as well as Soft Skills.

People Skills are different from the hard skills, which are often the reason people are employed. Hard skills encompass competencies such as using a particular computer programme, accounting and technical expertise, or trade skills.

However, as you’ve probably already realised, having the hard skills may not be that useful for people who struggle to get along with others. And even simply getting along with others, may not be enough. If you want to get ahead you’ll need some seriously good people skills, including well developed emotional intelligence and soft skills.

People Skills are a lot less tangible than ‘hard’ skills

Although they’re called People Skills, they include skills that most people have never been taught! That’s not to say they can’t be learnt, because they can — and often quite easily, especially on NLP Practitioner Training. It just means that there’s a good chance that the people skills you have, you have picked up from others — or they are an innate part of your personality.

There’s a fairly long sub-list of abilities that fall under the People Skills banner

Download the free report, How ‘Soft’ Are Your ‘Hard’ Skills – Why REAL People Skills will open doors you didn’t even know were closed, for a (more or less) complete list as well as vital information on how they apply to your life as a partner, parent, friend, employee or leader.


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