Separate articles on Presenting?


Er, well, the short answer is yes! Presenting is a requirement in many roles these days, both inside and outside work. Put the tips in these articles and posts to good use and allow your authentic, inner presenter to shine.


The main reason is that NLP, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Soft Skills have a lot to offer if you want to become a better speaker or presenter.

The articles in this section are specifically focused on ways to help you connect with your audience and present confidently, smoothly and be your best self.

I’ve found that most of the ‘help’ that’s given to nervous presenters is about controlling nerves. But by the time you’re feeling nervous it’s too late! Trying to control your nerves once you get nervous is like bucketing water off the Titanic. You’re going under – it’s just a matter of how quickly.

It’s far easier to deal with the cause

When you deal with the causes, you prevent the symptoms of nervousness – quaking voice, shaking body and churning stomach – from occurring. And how much better will you present when all you have to focus on is what you want to say and how you want to say it?

Presentations That Rock… engage and wow your audience — and avoid death by bullet point! - By Stephanie PhilpSo go ahead!

Check out the articles in this section, put the suggestions into practice and notice your confidence soar.

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