Self-awareness is the knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motivation and desires

For most people it’s an ongoing process as you continue to evolve and grow. NLP, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Soft Skills provide you with a plethora of tools to accelerate that self-awareness, along with your awareness of how others are different.

Ways to make change happen

The key to any kind of personal development must surely start with self-awareness. After all, being aware of what’s working, as well as what’s not working in your life will give you a good base from which to launch yourself into making changes.

The articles in this section were written to give insights into thinking processes or behaviours which might be hindering your progress. But it’s not enough to just become aware of something. Because being aware of something and not knowing how to change it – is just infuriating! So most of these articles also contain suggestions and concrete steps you can take to give you more self-awareness and to make change happen.

You’ll notice others change around you

If you notice people behaving differently towards you let me reassure you – you’re the one that’s changed! Read this article first, to discover why.

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