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Book Reviews

Book Reviews

I read — a lot!

When I’m considering buying a book, I’m always interested to read other people’s opinions – unless the book already comes highly recommended. With so many choices on any given topic, I must admit that others’ reviews do have an influence on me.

Self discipline

I thought that writing my own book reviews would help me encapsulate what I’d learnt from each book, as well as providing a service to you, the reader. I have quite a wide range of interests and a voracious appetite for learning and developing myself in as many ways as possible. This means I rarely read non-fiction books. Sometimes my reading list contains lots of on-line articles I’ve bookmarked to read. However, sitting in my bean bag, in the sunshine with a good book and some Post It Notes to mark the most applicable pages, is one of the things I enjoy most in life.


I’ve used a 5 bubble rating scheme. The more bubbles, the better the book.

The Rainbow Machine

Posted on17 Oct 2013
The Rainbow Machine Tales from a Neurolinguist’s Journal – Andrew T Austin New Insights The Rainbow Machine gave me new insights into too...
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Brilliant NLP

Posted on12 Jun 2013
Brilliant NLP David Moulden and Pat Hutchinson In this ‘How To’ book the authors explore some of the basic concepts of NLP...
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