Christmas Stress: How To Stay Chilled

19 Dec 2017

Christmas Stress: How To Stay Chilled

Christmas is imminent!

Christmas Stress

Photo: Aaron Burden – Unsplash

Christmas is coming  – the geese are getting fat!

Well, maybe not – but people are certainly getting stressed. In this podcast, we talk about Christmas stress and how to tackle it and stay chilled.

Christmas has many anchors attached!

We discuss the NLP anchoring technique; how anchoring relates not only to Pavlov’s dogs and children’s expectations but to a whole variety of ways we’ve been programmed to behave. We talk about the extra expenses involved at Christmas and how we’ve been conditioned to buy stuff. I present listeners with some familiar examples of anchoring;  traffic light signals, music, smells and tastes etc.

Experiential marketing

I provide an example of how Mercedes Benz used anchoring to ‘encourage’ people to buy a new vehicle. They called it experiential marketing.

I speak about how I use anchoring on my training courses, and Aaron decides he should probably have a piece of music to remind listeners to tune in to his show.

Anchor contamination

I tell listeners about anchor ‘contamination’. A typical example is people who read in bed and fall asleep while reading. The same folk then fall asleep when they try to read in a different environment. This leads us on to techniques people can use to fall asleep more easily.

We talk about how the word Christmas is an anchor, how I still think Christmas = snow – even after many years of living in New Zealand.  A Kiwi friend who now lives in Washington believes Christmas = Pohutukawa trees.

Negative anchors

Christmas can also be a negative anchor as we’re reminded of friends and relatives who’ve passed. Sometimes we even feel nostalgic for happier times.

We joke about how people want everything ‘done by Christmas’ because in New Zealand we’re also preparing for summer holidays. In Raglan we have a community Christmas dinner that’s free for anyone to attend and we have many tourists in town who often feel homesick around this time.

There’s stress around preparing the food our parents made for us and often, it’s food that we don’t even like! (Think Brussels Sprouts!)

Useful tips for chilling

I provide some tips on how to cope with Christmas stress by noticing what you’re doing in your head and how to use words to help you relax. There are instructions to create an anchor to relax or be calm, and you’ll find links below so you can find this information easily on the website.

It’s important to remember and feel grateful for what we have already. Understanding that TV and radio advertising is designed to promote dissatisfaction — and then show us a product that will ‘make us happy’ — can help us navigate the Christmas buying frenzy that many people experience.

And finally, I give some suggestions for taking control of your emotions, avoiding the Christmas stress and making yourself happy in the present moment.

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