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Testimonials from some of my wonderful coaching and mentoring clients!
Planning for successTracey Hancock Coaching and Mentoring Testimonial

“It’s amazing what you can achieve in one-day when you surround yourself with the right people and spend time in a great environment. Steph provides both! She was the right person to help me reflect and plan the next 3-5 years, as well as what’s coming up in the next 12 months. Throughout the day I felt energised, excited, a little daunted (in a good way) about the goals I was setting, and ready for action. Without a doubt, it was time and money well invested in myself and my businesses.

As the owner-operator of two businesses, one of which is all about good planning, I know how easy it is to get sucked into working in the business rather than on it. Setting aside time to work on your business is a must if you want to be successful. Getting someone to work with you on it, now there’s a smart move if you want to reach an even greater level of success. They’ve got fresh eyes and will ask questions you might not have considered or been brave enough to tackle.

Steph knows about good planning but it’s even more than that. With 20 years of being in business for herself, Steph speaks from experience. She’s also worked with and coached 100s (if not 1000s) of people so she’s also got a finely tuned radar that detects when you’re playing small and limiting yourself!

Having attended training with Steph, I knew her style and had no reservations in making the decision to work with her. I knew she’d hold me to account and inject a good dose of fun and humour in the day (and I wasn’t disappointed!). There was no management speak, it was real and authentic.

Whether you’re thinking of setting up a new business, already have one established, or just looking for greater clarity and confidence see Steph. If a full day or the cost is putting you off, let me tell you it’s an investment in your future and one well worth making based on my experience.”

Tracey Hancock – Business owner and life & business coach

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Image Cath Walker testimonialNothing short of amazing!

“Having completed my NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner training with Stephanie Philp (Metamorphosis) a couple of years ago, the time was right to start utilising my knowledge and skills in my place of work, as a Coach.

I chose to begin by assisting Stephanie at the NLP Practitioner Course last year – to refresh and further hone my skills. I then signed up with Stephanie on her Private Coaching and Mentoring program to support me through the first few months as I prepared to start coaching my colleagues. These sessions were invaluable – in the first one I set a goal (PERFECT Outcome) of what I wanted to achieve. Once this was on paper, I started my journey, ticking off the various steps along the way. 6 months later I now Coach 11 of my colleagues and the results for them and our place of work have been nothing short of amazing! Stephanie’s guidance and support and gentle prodding have enabled me to realise a dream I’ve had for a long time. I’m super excited about the future!”

Cath Walker – Director, Sacred Hill Wines

Award Winners – PiwiWiwi

“Shortly after starting our business, PiwiWiwi, we were lucky enough to get Stephanie as our coach.

Before our first meeting I had expected to be grilled on finances, business plans, cash flow predictions and all the other stressful factors crucial to business success.

How wrong I was!

Stephanie recognised our blind spots intuitively. Focusing on the ‘information,’ we had failed to think about our own emotional needs and the stress we were putting ourselves through.

Stephanie helped us to develop a much greater personal awareness. She gave us many little tips and techniques to help with this. For example: Taking time to reflect on what we have achieved rather than constantly worrying about the never-ending to-do list.

Once she had us looking after ourselves as well as the business, she then got us to take a good look at what our business was actually doing. Did it fit with our beliefs and desires? Where it did not, what could we do to improve it?

These were tough questions but Stephanie guided us through. The result was a clearer understanding of our direction which became a solid foundation for our motivation.

Anna and Niall - Co-owners - Piwiwiwi Surf Campervans

Big and small

As well as this ‘big picture’ assistance, Stephanie’s help was invaluable with specific problems. Many times when a situation had us stumped, we asked Stephanie’s advice.

Like teaching someone to fish rather than giving them a fish, Stephanie could always ask the right questions to change our thinking and to crack the problem. Not only would this lead us to the immediate solution it gave us the skills to handle future questions ourselves.

Time spent with Stephanie was often challenging, sometimes hard but always very, very rewarding. At the end of our second year in business we won two awards based on customer reviews.

They were best ‘campervan rentals company’ and best ‘transport provider’ in New Zealand. I have absolutely no doubt that having Stephanie as our coach was essential to our success.

Thank you Stephanie, it’s been fantastic!”
Anna Cunningham and Niall Darwin
PiwiWiwi Surf Campervans Ltd
New Zealand
NB Anna and Niall have since sold their business.

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Thank you for caring

“I would like to personally thank you for the changes you have been so instrumental in making not only to me professionally but also personally.
I had an instant feeling of trust which for me is difficult, but this allowed your guidance to be so openly received and absorbed.
I can say that today I didn’t want to end our session as I had feelings of sadness almost at knowing I would not be in regular contact with you and be able to share with you my triumphs. Cool, calm & collected are triumphs for me…… ?
Thank you for being so great at what you do & caring so sincerely about me & my success.
I shed tears now, you are absolutely amazing & you have been key to changes that will improve my entire life.
Thank you so much.
With sincere heartfelt gratitude,”
Tracy x

Image Tracey Brake testimonialWord to the wise, keep your fingers away from the cage!
“Steph is a highly collaborative coach. She has been flexible whilst maintaining focus on my desired outcomes.
With Steph’s wise coaching I achieved my goals, which included the completion of my NCALNE (National Certificate of Adult Literacy and Numeracy) which I’d been procrastinating over for far too long. A marked increase in my income and clarity around my values and purpose.
I recommend her to anyone wanting to get clear about what they want, how to do it and then get it done.
She is great fun to work with, has a lovely dog and a bastard bird. Word to the wise, keep your fingers away from the cage!”
Tracey Brake – Facilitator, Coach, Trainer
More value and far better resultsWendy Maclarn Coaching and Mentoring Testimonial

“Originally I was going to attend one of Stephanie’s courses. The course was cancelled and I was offered the opportunity to spend a day ‘one on one’ with Stephanie. I had heard Stephanie speak on several occasions and I was always very impressed with her presentations and knowledge so I decided to grab the opportunity.

My main concern was about spending 6 hours with the focus on me, myself and I. This was not a problem in a class of other like-minded people as I was skilled at diverting attention from myself.

Spending a day with a competent skilled coach has much more value and far better results than an hour a week. The continuity and depth of inquiry had an uninterrupted flow with no sense of urgency to achieve a result in a limited time frame. I enjoyed the holistic relaxed way of working which at times was as easy as a ‘good in-depth’ conversation.

Thankfully Stephanie took comprehensive notes for me to take home as the day took some time to process and apply to my life. Follow up support kept me on task to make changes and take action on the advice received and work I had done on the day.

Any coaching is great idea however for maximum results and an in-depth look at how you ‘do what you do’ and how to change the things that no longer support how you want be I would recommend a one-on-one full day with Stephanie.”
Wendy Maclarn
October 2014

“Stephanie was warm, friendly and got to the heart of the matter quickly. I found her coaching to be insightful and her suggestions have deeply benefited me. I appreciate the audio recording of our discussion so that I could be in the moment instead of taking notes; it’s helped me reflect on what was said.”
Davis Cartwright

“I’ve been a follower of Steph’s articles with interest for some years. Following my role being made redundant earlier in the year, I began looking for a new position and/or contract work. After 6 months of continued effort with no interviews, work and income, I began loosing my focus and ability to move forward. I’d lost my confidence and began to feel increasingly resentful – a dangerous combination. In my coaching session with Steph, we quickly unearthed underlying issues on how my thoughts, feeling and internal dialogue were conspiring against me. From there we discussed very practical solutions and guidance to take back control, all highly-tailored to me. I’m now using these ideas daily and can already see a significant improvement from the feedback and interviews I’m receiving.”
Mark, Creative Director, England

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