Career Consultants – Testimonials

Introduction to NLP

NLP for Career Practitioners – two days (Auckland, Wellington, Rotorua and Whangarei)

Below is feedback from the two-day Introduction to NLP Course which was adapted to suit Career Practitioners.


“Effective brief intervention methods and ways to help “stuck” clients. (Stephanie) is reassuring, knowledgeable about the subject and how to deliver the teachings. Sensitive and able to respond to feedback …flexible. Still feeling the effects of the course several weeks later – feel happier, more positive, better able to respond to the challenge. This in itself will have an effect on my interaction with clients, even before I try out any of the new tools on my belt. So Thank you for that. It was the best 2 days training I’ve ever done.”

Jean Ottley 

“Thank you for this very good introduction to NLP. It helped me to re-consider my predjudices and find a lot of practical tools I would like to integrate in my work.”

Carina Petters

NLP for Career Practitioners – two days (Auckland, Wellington, Rotorua and Whangarei) “Practical, personally stimulating – paced at a good learning pace. So great to see a ‘people person’ training. Loved the story telling and the delivery style.”
Miriama Su’a-Hicks

“Excellent, highly relevant, practical, well delivered. Excellent facilitation throughout, great use of tools, good pace and information/activity. Absolutely worthwhile.”
Carol Ashton

“Fantastic, awesome, good pace, great use of resources. Great question and answer sessions, group discussions and interactive exercises/techniques. Insightful and approachable. Cheers for the manual. I really enjoyed the interactive exercises/techniques and I’m excited about applying the techniques to personal and professional contexts.”
Peter Tahere

“A fun, simplistic and interesting way of learning the complexities of human communication. Stephanie is very experienced, personable, humorous and inclusive. Very respectful and a role model of what is taught.”

Judith Ebbett 

“Lots of personal issues from the past addressed – good future direction. Excellent work tool!”
Eileen Kiffin

“A good start to insight into the possibilities of NLP. Clear presentation, fun and you created a comfortable and safe environment.”
Fieke Noteboom

“I valued the practical areas – putting all the theory into practice. Anchors, examples of being relaxed, ‘time and space.”
Kolose Lagavale

“I gained strategies for interviews and dealing with students who are difficult to interview. The course was most worthwhile and informative. Stephanie was brilliant and made a lot of sense.”
Mike Loader

“I value the tools we have received that we can use. Extremely useful and enlightening. Stephanie is wonderful/charismatic and so knowledgable.”
Ronica Sami

“Just do it! (Thanks Nike) It will open your eyes about how simple questions can open communication doors and understanding. (Stephanie) is knowledgeable, funny, articulate.”
Chuni Bhikha

“Valuable, worthwhile, useful, fun. Stephanie was excellent, put everyone at ease, explained new concepts well, good sense of humour.” Wendy Drumm “Pace was excellent. Stephanie was positive, encouraging, humourous, validating, very enjoyable, great examples. The course was inspiring, helpful, very practical and challenging.”
Judi Lubetzky

“Thank you so much. You’ve helped me more than you know. LOOK OUT WORLD!”
Jenny Kaisala

“I valued the flexible and friendly learning environment; toys, being able to move around, visual and auditory learning. Stephanie was fun, present at all times, flexible, willing, very capable and well resourced.”
Carey Murphy

“Excellent course to add to toolkit for helping clients achieve their goals.”
Kelly Chal

“Very informative and helps cement a lot of thoughts and thinking. Stephanie is a very excellent deliverer of the course and has excellent examples to help clarify each point. Course is recommended to all who deal with various clients and people.”
Fred Luatua

“Stephanie is calm, clear and maintains a schedule that ensures goals are met, while there is still time for interaction and fun.”
Jill Bice.

“I would say it was a very interesting and possibly very powerful course for anybody working with other people.”
Damien Banks

“Good, solid, theoretical base, relaxed, interesting, comprehensive model of communication.”
Jennifer Ross

“Wide-ranging in its applicability. Simple yet complex. Could be very powerful.”
John Rawson

“Go for it! Really enjoyable and relevant, well-paced.”
Denise Bean