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Testimonials From NLP Presentations

Testimonials From NLP Presentations

These testimonials will give you an idea of the kind of NLP presentations Stephanie gives. If you want these types of reaction from your participants contact Stephanie now.

Arthritis New Zealand

  • “Gave an amazing presentation and made you want to listen and participate when required. Has so much to give and is very friendly. It gave me motivation and made me think a lot about interaction and respect in the work place and to be understanding of others more.”
  • “It was a lot of fun and I learnt heaps will definitely take it back and practise it.”
  • “Learnt how to deal with people and deal with confrontation body language etc – very good.”
  • “Great because it made people step out of their comfort ‘box’, meet new people and reinforce or provide new ways of communicating.”

Communicating for Results Course

Comments from a two-hour introduction to some of the basic communication skills from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

  • ‘Great presentation style – would like to know more.’
  • ‘Excellent rapport with audience.’
  • ‘Real and honest.’
  • ‘Very good presenter, knows this topic well.’
  • ‘Good amount of info covered in two hour session.’
  • ‘Clear speaker, good examples used.’
  • ‘Warm, interesting and thoughtful.’
  • ‘Clear voice easy to listen too.’
  • ‘Good sense of humour, well skilled and talented in her area.’
  • Excellent.’

Career Practitioners Association NZ (CPANZ) Auckland NLP Presentation

  • ‘Thank you Stephanie, you’re a great presenter and your material is so interesting.’
  • ‘Fun, lively, practical, informative, useful, encouraging – to know more about our mind and senses.’
  • ‘A valuable workshop, well explained. Food for thought.’
  • ‘Really fascinating concept. Great facilitator with sense of humour which created a sense of fun.’
  • ‘Have seen a different side of NLP of more value when working with clients with problems.’
  • ‘Very interesting, useful content, very well presented. Many thanks Stephanie.’
  • ‘Fun, graspable and realistic introduction to NLP.’
  • Absorbing and interesting area of new learning for me. Keen to learn more.’
  • A wonderful introduction to NLP’
  • ‘Fantastic!’
  • ‘A very interesting, enjoyable, useful afternoon with practical tools for use in dealing with clients.’
  • ‘Thanks Stephanie, it was very insightful and speaks about a lot of things I have tried to do well. I will investigate NLP further.’
  • ‘Good intro to NLP. Very clear and easy to comprehend. Fascinating topic, I would be interested in learning more.’
  • ‘Fascinating, interesting, would be great for career counselling, personal coaching and much more!’
  • ‘The positive messages sent to the brain can work wonders.’
  • ‘This is really thought provoking stuff!’
  • ‘Fantastic! Presentation was delivered in a practical and easy to understand way.’

NZANLP Conference NLP Presentations

  • ‘Really enjoyed the lightness, humour and warmth’
  • ‘Great stage presence’
  • ‘I loved Steph’s dry sardonic style, coupled with genuine warmth and care for people.’
  • ‘Powerful and clear. Warm humour and manner – no nonsense, direct’
  • ‘Good, entertaining, funny presentation.’
  • ‘Loved it!’
  • ‘Humour, energy, clarity.’
  • ‘Fantastic! Flowed easily, brilliant, easy sense of humour – learnt heaps.’
  • ‘This, in my opinion was an excellent presentation.’

Wellington PD Event 27 November 2015

Meta Model and Logical Levels Master Class with Stephanie Philp

Review by Michelle Dalley

“When I saw this topic advertised for the Wellington PD day I knew it was going to be a great experience and Stephanie definitely delivered to those expectations. Starting any training with a “dance off” gets a big thumbs-up in my model of the world!

You may recall that the Meta Model is a core NLP framework and Stephanie showed us how we can work with it alongside the (Neuro) Logical Levels model to help create powerful reframing.

“The problem isn’t the problem; it’s how we’re thinking about the problem…that’s the problem”

Stephanie reminded us that a person’s language is the secondary representation of what is happening inside their map(s) and as the practitioner the map is where we want to work to effect change. When we can help a person to create increased alignment across the Logical Levels this is when they can experience greater happiness and satisfaction. With this in mind we got into groups and practiced listening to a peer explain a problem they currently had and through questioning assessed at which (Neuro) Logical Level it was created.

“Addressing an issue at the level at which it was created is less effective
than tackling it from a higher logical level” – Stephanie Philp

We practised our Meta Model questions to help reframe the experience and enhance the person’s map(s) while building more alignment across the different levels. I personally loved consciously combining these two models and wholeheartedly agreed with Brenda Ratcliff when she declared “I love a good model mash up!”

Consequently, the three hours whizzed by and at the end we all had new ways of relating with our old problem plus the benefits of valuable practice time. Stephanie is a wonderful presenter who clearly understands and values NLP at many levels. Her training style is casual, pragmatic and filled with humour. As well as being an NLP Trainer she has written a number of books. Check out Stephanie’s website at https://metamorphosis.co.nz/”

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