How They Described The Course

How They Described Their NLP Practitioner Course

I asked NLP Practitioners 2 Questions at the end of their training:

How would you describe your NLP training to someone, perhaps a close friend who, like you, might be considering their career or personal development?

How would you rate your NLP Practitioner Trainer?

Here are some of their answers:
Describe the Course

“Life changing – do it! Some things are beyond words – you need to experience it and when you do you will have the most amazing tools to enable you to find and live your life’s mission – happy and content and you’ll have amazing communication skills if you put it to use.”
Anne Webber – Photographer

“This is a course that provides you with an insight to others behaviours and possible linkages for these. It is a time for personal growth and well as learning techniques. A place you feel safe and supported. An effective training course that provides learnings for ones own development as well as for assisting others. Thorough and intensive learnings in a gentle, safe and supportive environment.”
Sandra Jackson – Process Leader


“An invaluable investment in your own well-being and for your family and professional life.”
Barbara Crocker – Communications Consultant

“If you want to learn how to create choices – do it!”
Makerita Makepelu – Facilitator – Theatre of Liberation

“Fun. Emotionally and mentally stimulating. The opportunity to meet neat people and make new friends. Transformational if you want it to be. The chance to acquire new learnings and skills that will help you in your personal and business lives.”
Jennifer Wyatt Sargent – Human Resources Consultant

“Absolutely awesome! It gives a completely new perspective on life and brings a realisation of just how powerful humans can be when we are able to plug into our minds and release the power from within.”
Shane Harper – Customer Care Representative.

“An opportunity to spend time for some personal development, future planning and learning more about yourself and others. An opportunity to have more options to make decisions.”
Michelle Khan – International Events Manager.

“An excellent way of recognising, learning and using communication skills that enhance and develop your ability to be successful in all areas of your life and that can also help others to do the same with the help of powerful and non invasive tools for positive change and growth.”
H.Rudolph -Actor

“Don’t miss this opportunity of a life time. If the door opens, walk through it and be transformed.”
Mere Te Owai Pou – Course Controller/Tutor

“A great way to learn about communicating with others in order that we can teach them to empower themselves and get the best out of life. Enables us to heal ourselves and to learn skills, which will assist us to heal others.”
Beverley D’Anvers

“This is a course that is most worthwhile. It will benefit yourself first and then everyone else around you, in your family, personal and professional life. The processes and techniques are tremendously empowering. I felt safe in all activities on this programme.”
Waina Emery – Manager

“This course is a wonderful way of losing what you don’t need in your life and gaining essential ingredients to personal growth in such a way that it’s fun.”
Paula Kitchener – Life Coach

“Self empowering.”
Awhina Rangiaho – CEO

How would you rate your NLP Practitioner Trainer?

“Love ya! Have loved our time together. Thank you for being you. I loved that you liked questions. I loved the stories and trances and especially your humour. Thank you for knowing your subject inside out.”
Anne Webber – Photographer and tutor

“Fantastic, lovely, fun, fun, fun. Enthusiastic, generous… God, you sound like a saint now!! At last I have the solutions! Thanks Stephanie. I just have to keep refreshing them now and again, by reading, practising and most of all being gentle with myself.”
Sharon Kearney-Phelan – Youth Project Co-ordinator

“Couldn’t be better.”
Liz Reeseg

“I am thrilled to have been with such a wonderful teacher. You have, in my opinion been a patient and loving guide who has helped us all to realise the potential we all have and the potentials that have been waiting to be recognised. You have done so with great clarity and confidence. You are an awesome model.”
H.Rudolph – Actor

“He Taonga Hoki. A treasure, pure gold, in fact more precious than silver and gold. ‘Priceless.’ Wahine Toa.” Mereteowai Pou – Course Controller/Tutor “Wonderful insights into people. Highly skilled and very good at making the environment safe to explore the possibilities. I am privileged to have had Stephanie as a trainer since this was my very first experience with NLP.”
Awhina Rangiaho – CEO

“Stephanie made me feel safe and valued.”
Anna Riley

“Bloody fantastic! Felt safe and comfortable all the way through my training. Thank you Steph!”
Makerita Makepelu – Facilitator – Theatre of Liberation

“Stephanie holds all the values I like. She paints pictures, has humour and maintains focus in a group.”
Tracy Gurnell

“You are the best! I love your combination of information and fun/humour and the pace that allowed so much learning.” Michelle Khan – Events Manager.

“Fun, fabulous, witty, awe inspiring!”
Julie Rowlands – Professional Coach

“Stephanie is approachable and non judgmental.”
Sharon van Geest

“Very clear and concise. Was able to answer the questions asked. Well structured course. Stephanie is fun and makes learning fun. NLP is definitely her passion.”

Lisa McCallum – Photographer

“Awesome Trainer. Fantastic sense of humour. Energetic, caring and knowledgeable.”
Barbara Crocker – Communications Consultant

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