Leadership Programmes – Testimonials

Leadership Through Communication – Mainland Dunedin

M.van het Bolscher.

‘Great course, very different. This would be valuable to many.’
Rachel Leeuenberg – Support Services Manager

‘Highly rated. Has provided me with some very useful skills – and has allowed me to arrive at some points to concentrate/practice on/with.’
Sean – Team Manager

‘Best course I have done for ages. So many examples to help understand the concepts.’
Christine Veltman – Sales Systems Business Analyst.

‘Very good and informative. So much information and explained very well. Thank you Stephanie.’
Michelle F. – Team Leader – Customer Services

‘The interaction and examples kept re-inforcing as you were learning. I found it great understanding and seeing through examples, how what I say/do etc is interpreted by others and HOW they interpreted it the way they did. Very practical for all aspects of life – work, personal, sport etc.
Lisa Edmunds – Sales Support Business Analyst

Communicating Leadership with NLP – ANZ – six days

“Amazing, really interesting finding out WHY one person is different from the other.”
Kelly Munro-Elliott – Team Leader

“Very fulfilling and stretching. Do it!!! Makes you think.
Gayl Roden – Branch Manager

“Go for it! It will change the way you see the world and people. Tremendous value personally for me and for the work environment.
B.L.Cowie – Branch Manager

“Awesome – gain some valuable insights about yourself and others.” I.D.Posa – Branch Manager “This course will help you to understand yourself better and you’ll learn to understand others instead of just tolerating them (their opinions, values etc) I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this course. I’ve grown and will continue to grow through revisiting, practising and sharpening the skills I’ve gained.”
Antony Eley – Branch Manager

“Absolutely outstanding and if you want to be in a management role you need this. Great!”
Soraya Nisbet – Branch Manager

“Well presented programme, loved the stories, great programme. Very worthwhile.” Janice Griffin – Branch Manager – Banking

“Enjoyed the opportunity to be part of the group and to be able to apply the skills during the weeks of the course.”
Maxine McDonald – Banking

“It’s fantastic. Hard to describe in a few sentences. Thanks for the experience and opening my eyes to ways of being a better boss, friend, wife and mum!”
Sheryl Fonoti – Branch Manager

“Great course, Thanks for everything Stephanie.”
Phil O’Donnell – Branch Manager

“Great training course and very interesting material covered.”
Kamal Kishore – Branch Manager

“A course that is guaranteed to change your perceptions and drive change in the way you communicate.”
John Gurau – Branch Manager.

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