MetaMorphosis 101 – Feedback

The Power of Personal Change – MetaMorphosis 101

Feedback from Participants

So insightful

“I completed The Power of Personal Change with Stephanie Philp in Raglan. I found the course so insightful, not only to me and my business thinking, but also for me on a personal level and how to apply it in everyday life. 

Stephanie was brilliant and I met some great people from diverse backgrounds.

I fully recommend this to any one wanting to understand more deeply the fundamentals and the applications of NLP.” 

Andrew Wilson – Owner DRILL Outdoor Fitness NZ 

I can walk with my head up, positively proud of who I am

Leonie Sole“I don’t know where to begin……. I knew there was more to being me. Through your teachings of NLP I can now reach/connect with that part of me that was terrified to come out. I felt so trapped in my world of doubt and silence. Living a life in such fear sucks! I know that now. 

After just 12 days of your course I have a renewed energy for life. I have confidence, positive self-talk and am interested in challenges and change.

The way I am able to understand and challenge my own thoughts has given me a wonderful sense of freedom. I can walk with my head up, positively proud of who I am.

Some of it is thanks to NLP, most of it is thanks to you and your skilled facilitation. The number one thing I am most grateful for is your vision to share your knowledge of NLP: to show people that being happy and having fun in all aspects of life is very achievable.”

Leonie Sole – Teacher who is looking for the heart in the NZ education system.

I needed to feel a ‘connection’

Fleur Cartwright“NLP Mastery. That’s what Stephanie is all about. Although that’s not the only skill she possesses in her huge repertoire. Her knowledge of the NLP subject matter, insight and fantastic sense of humour make learning simple and so much fun. Apart from wanting to learn more about what it entails to be a NLP Practitioner, I needed to feel a ‘connection’ with the trainer and I found that with Stephanie. In spades. 

Her ability to call the behaviours that need to be worked on while being simultaneously empathetic, is a unique skill and makes for a very engaging learning experience. I would whole-heartedly recommend Stephanie as well as her absolutely brilliant website. There are so many valuable resources on there that I find helpful daily and encourage you to have a look for yourself. Thank you so much for all you do and all you are Stephanie.”

Fleur Cartwright – Coach and Trainer 

Should have done it sooner

Dave Allan“I have spent the last 29 years in business and wish I had taken the opportunity to participate in The Power of Personal Change at the beginning of my working life rather than the end. The skills learned and personal change that occurs after just one block would have enabled me to be far more effective in my working and personal life.”

Dave Allan – Freelance Mentor, Adventurer and Fisherman

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I found out more about myself in those 6 days than I have in 49 years of living.

Marcus Deans

“The only thing that would have prevented me doing the course would have been myself, my fear of change and not know what I was getting into. I deliberately didn’t read the pamphlets. I’d had discussions with my Manager about wanting to change, but not knowing how to change. He suggested The Power of Personal Change – MetaMorphosis 101. I have a lot of respect for my manager and the way he deals with people, and I wanted to deal with people in a similar way. He suggested the course and that was good enough for me.

I found out more about myself in those 6 days than I have in 49 years of living. I found I had a lot of defences, walls and barriers up. I pushed people away. I didn’t want people to know me because I’d already made up my mind what I thought they’d think of me, which wasn’t fair on them. I think I’ve taken those barriers down — I’ve certainly hugged a lot more people than I ever have before!

The reflection and listening were incredible.

The thing that stood out for me and that I enjoyed most was the reflection each morning. I’ve been on courses where we’ve had times like that. But what I enjoyed about your course was that it could go for half an hour or it could go for three hours. There was no feeling of, “OK let’s wrap this up and move on”. I felt like if it had gone all day you would have allowed that. The reflection and listening were incredible.

One morning I was listening to someone and I was thinking about all the ways I could respond to what was happening. It was as if all the choices of how I could respond were laid out in front of me — like I had multi-choices. It was almost like slow-motion; I could feel all these different multi-choice decisions, starting with my old reaction and slowly coming around to what I’d learnt. And that was only the second day. It was very powerful for me. I decided I wanted to be open and honest and, while it was challenging, I wanted to respond so that what I was saying wasn’t in any way offensive or destructive.

The Environment

The environment — right from the word go — made it safe. I don’t have words to describe the environment. I felt from the moment I walked in and met everyone that I was transparent. Even if I wanted to hide something, I felt like they would have seen it — in a good way! I felt, “This is my opportunity to be me.” There was no thinking going on when I entered the room each day, I just felt safe. I felt I could do anything and would be forgiven, or accepted, or loved, or corrected, but that everything would be in a way that would be advantageous to me. I’ve never experienced anything like it before.

The way I interact with my children has changed. I listen a lot more and act a lot less. I just love them and they’re responding differently. At work I rearranged my office to create better flow and people have noticed that. Before I had my desk as a barrier to protect myself, whereas now people just come in and there’s nothing between them and me. I don’t need to protect myself. Communication is more open, and I think I listen better.

Some things haven’t changed; I’m still not into social media! I just like a simple life and I’m not a small-talker. That’s OK — it’s made me feel comfortable in myself.

If you want to change

I have highly recommended the course already. I recommended that people should go with an open mind and the willingness to change. So if a person wants to change but doesn’t have the tools, it’s the right space for them.

It’s a life changing experience, and I think for people who think it’s a googly-gaggly, superstitious kind of thing — it’s their loss. And for anyone who thinks you can’t have a decent course in Raglan, they don’t deserve to go on it! It’s quality not quantity to be honest, and I like that you restrict the numbers, because the more people you have the harder it is to get everyone on the same page.

The time that I was on the course was invaluable. I’m trying to find words to make it as valued as possible, but there aren’t any. It’s more of an experience of the number of people you can affect, once you’ve changed. You can’t put a dollar value on that.”

Marcus Deans – Manager

The confidence I needed to empower others.

“I was initially worried about the cost of the training – where would I get the money from? I made it work because Stephanie lives and breathes this stuff – teaches from the heart and consequently, she’s the only person I’d want to learn from. Also, I knew the skills I’d develop would be priceless, and they absolutely are! The thing I liked most was was the relaxed but professional way the course was run. Steph is a master at putting people at ease and she facilitated our learning in a way that left me feeling safe, supported and ready to give anything a go. The other benefits were the pace at which the new info was delivered to us, the opportunities to practice the concepts and strategies we were learning, and the chances to reflect and bounce ideas as a group. I came away with a good understanding of myself and of human behaviour in general, and with the confidence I needed to empower others. Really looking forward to the second block of training! And if you haven’t done this course yet, what are you waiting for?!”

Karen Kemsley – Senior Academic Staff Member and Academic Counsellor.

You’ve changed
Photo - Sarah Strong

“The 101 course provided me with strategies for communication that have been invaluable. A colleague looked at me after I returned and said “you’ve changed”. I had released tension, I felt “free”, I gained a new way of communicating that made sense to me and it works.”

Sarah Strong – Clinical School Business leader

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The best thing about the course was how practical it was.

Jenn“I had the pleasure of attending Steph’s Metamorphosis course. I had some trepidation prior to attending as I knew little about NLP and wasn’t sure how much the course would be applicable to my situation. The best thing about the course was how practical it was. Each day I went home knowing that I had learnt some skills that I could start implementing immediately in various life situations. A month in from the course I am feeling happier in myself with greater clarity about my goals for the next year.

As a facilitator I found Steph to be very warm, funny and grounding. She was highly organised and the course had a good mix of individual and group work which helped keep the energy going throughout the week.

Some of the most useful parts of the course for me were;

  • The values exercises – having done similar exercises before it was interesting to note how my values had changed over the last few years. I became more aware that some of my current decisions were based on a desire for approval or what I thought I should do rather than my values or what I actually wanted for myself.
  • Using the anchoring exercises to help me feel how I wanted to feel in certain situations such as job interviews.
  • The exercises on rapport, positive language and adapting communication styles to suit the person you are interacting with. This has increased my awareness of how I communicate and has resulted in easier interactions with a range of people.
  • The PERFECT goal setting exercise. Noticing the difference in how framing goals positively empowered me to work towards what I wanted to achieve rather than getting fixated on the discrepancy between where I was currently and where I wanted to be. 

Thank you Steph for a wonderful week.”

Jenny Horn – Occupational Therapist

Would it be relevant?
JoeWilsonThe Power of Personal Change - MetaMorphosis 101
“I wondered in the course would be relevant to me and whether following a methodical process would take away from my natural open state. 
The course was amazing!

I didn’t know my values and therefore didn’t know why I felt like I do about things. This lead to me being open to goal setting and the realisation of what to do.

The three most important skills I learnt were:

  • How to understand what my values are and how they determine what choices I am prepared to make. Realising that these values will change throughout my life and how they will guide me forward in every context of my life.
  •  Learning how to read people through the physiological responses and that reflective listening is the most amazing tool to enable honest and truthful answers – only we can make our choices honestly.
  •  Realising where my values are going to take me from here and the ability of goal setting to get me there.

I would advise anyone doing the course to be patient, be open, don’t judge and form your own opinions.

Steph is lovely, warm, funny, patient and caring. A natural teacher with a down-to-earth approach and real way of communicating. Thank you hugely, thank you again and thank you once again!

Joe Wilson – Singer/Songwriter (and past Teacher!)

Have my inside match my outside
Tracey Brake - The Power of Personal Change - MetaMorphosis 101“My goals for the course were to have my inside match my outside, to be more conscious, personally and professionally and to own the skills I already have.

The solutions I found to achieve my goals were; Pay attention, pay attention, pay attention.

The three most important skills I learnt on the course to help me achieve my outcomes were:
1. NLP presuppositions – use in life.
2. NLP Communication model – everyone has a map!
3. Values process – cut through my mind chatter to achieve my goals in life.

The things I found most valuable about this training were the flexibility and personalisation for each participant. If you’re thinking about doing the course, I’d say it’s wonderful, don’t think about it. Do it!

I love Steph’s training style. She does ‘her’ very well. Thank you Steph, this course has been a delight.”

Tracey Brake – Facilitator, Trainer and Coach

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Unlock Myself

The Power of Personal Change - MetaMorphosis 101“The concerns that I had prior to the course was that I needed to learn to unlock myself, find my true calling, be more assertive and more open and connected.

I learnt that I am totally capable of achieving a more positive life using the NLP skills I learnt on the course. I feel more grounded and able to make healthier decisions for myself.

The 3 most important skills I learned that helped me achieve my outcome are:

1. Reflective listening; it helps me gather information about a person, helping to understand them better, to be more connected to them and build rapport with them.
2. Anchoring. Using a relaxation anchor was helpful for me, especially at night when I used to have a worried mind and this helped me to go to sleep. I’ve found since doing the course that I don’t use the anchor anymore – because I don’t need to!
3. To be aware of the difference between a presupposition and a mind-read. I have realised how much I used to mind-read and the negative effect it can have on my state and my relationships.

Everything in this course is helpful! It makes good sense and I have learnt new tools to help ground me and to lead a more positive life. The training would be valuable to anyone wanting to improve their life (in all areas). It’s the best training I’ve done. It has allowed me to manage my work situation in a more positive, less reactionary way. I believe in myself a lot more and I’m feeling more generous and connected towards people. And this is so uplifting! I’ve become less critical of other people (and myself) and more accepting of differences between myself and others.

Stephanie Philp is a brilliant trainer, she is well balanced, quietly confident, patient, encouraging and a great communicator. If NLP was taught in schools the world would be a better place! It would allow us to have more understanding of others while allowing us to still be individual and respect each other for our differences.”
Lisa Ekdahl – Festival Manager
New Plymouth

I wanted to find ‘me’
Fleur NLP Training 101“I wanted to find ‘me’; to find my passion and be able to build rapport with others more easily and have more confidence. I found anchoring techniques, changing my self-talk, rapport building, meta messages  all useful – and that it’s OK; there’s no failure, only feedback. These all helped me with these issues.

Anchoring helped me move into a state that helps me be more confident and less fearful and I know how to eliminate the negative anchors that have triggered me in the past.

Being able to use the meta model questions to help my work mates and family members to find solutions to their problems whilst using rapport and reflective listening.

I found that understanding myself helps with understanding how others filter their experience.
The course will give you an understanding of yourself, how to discover you and learning skills to be able to help others.

Steph is great.  She has a wonderful, welcoming presence and is open and understanding, wanting to assist in finding out what makes people tick to help them be their better selves. She’s able to uncover issues in a confronting but still respectful way.

I loved the course, it was a lovely week to finally get some NLP training.”


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I had some concerns

Campbell“I did have some concerns prior to the course. I thought it would be theory based, like a text book and it would be scripted and that it would not be relevant to real world experience. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to discuss things that were relevant to me but only things in the manual. Or that we’d role play based on the manual.

I found the ‘doing’ nature of the course most valuable. The exercises were real because they were our experiences.

I wanted to challenge staff as part of the leadership process, have the difficult conversations and manage change constructively so people don’t go into an avoidance process or make shallow/superficial changes.

I wanted to be able to communicate to parents so they understand and comply with the expected behaviour of parents and children without alienating them. And it was important to be an effective negotiator both inside and outside of work.

After the course I now feel empowered to manage change and negotiate my way through obstacles constructively. I feel that I can empower others and that the school environment will become richer and more meaningful. I know I can hear what people are saying, understand their perspective and develop strategies to lead, manage and negotiate change successfully.

I’ve learnt PERFECT goals create a process for change and that change that is planned can be challenging, even frightening but proactive models of change are empowering and successful.

I’m able to view the world from different points of view and can see, hear and feel how other people think and act. I am conscious of the environment and the messages that are out there.

If anyone was considering doing this course I would say that it’s the most powerful way to learn how to truly communicate with other people. I learnt that the power of communication isn’t simply based on talking or sending email reminders; but on listening to the words spoken by people and paying attention to and responding to their body language. By using these cues to base one’s communication on, one can effectively establish open communication.

I love using the sensory based language and body language every day and it works really well when talking to parents – both happy and upset parents. In terms of working with staff the model is really effective as it’s personal and I’m told that, ‘You listen to us, you may not do what we want, but at least you listen to us’.

A great way to learn. Many thanks. Stephanie was personal, friendly, supportive, empowering, challenging and inspirational.”
Campbell Harrison – School Principal

The best training I’ve ever had

Cath“I felt like I wasn’t in charge and felt I had to monitor everything I said at home. Map shifting has made this issue go away. I was nervous speaking in public. I wanted to learn how other people think, how to communicate effectively in all situations and be confident to stand up and speak in public. I learnt a technique to feel calm in those situations in future. By understanding how I think and that my thinking style is unique to me and that I’m the only one who understands it will help me with self empowerment.

Through this knowledge I have gained insights into how other people think. There were so many things that were valuable in this training; knowing that we all have unique ways of interpreting things and that I can’t read peoples minds!! Anchoring myself means I can now run up hills! Setting PERFECT outcomes will help with both public speaking and goal setting. Stephanie was lovely. Very personable and memorable. It was the best training I’ve ever had. I would thoroughly recommend the course to friends and colleagues and after seeing the changes in me, I know they’ll see why. Thanks so much for an enlightening course. The course was one of those things that was ‘meant to be’; right time, right place. I look forward with excitement and anticipation to the future.
Cath Walker – Logistics Director, Sacred Hill Wines Ltd.

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I was concerned it wouldn’t live up to my expectations

Karen“Prior to the course I was concerned that it would not live up to my expectations (it did!). Whether I would be able to apply to skills to teaching and whether it would give me the opportunity to make a career out of NLP. And whether it would be value for money.

I have learnt empowering strategies which have helped me view my problems differently, rather than feel overwhelmed. I’ve enjoyed applying these and seeing positive outcomes as a result. I valued everything about the training. Everything! I appreciate the balance of learning via flip charts, then putting the principles into practice (reinforcing) with discussion and the use of stories and the real life anecdotes were very powerful.

Stephanie is very competent, calm with a good balance between humour and in depth learning. She is non-judgemental, has great communication skills and also conveyed her belief in our ability to learn. NLP has helped me rediscover myself-my purpose/direction in life and given me more passion to help others do the same.”
Karen T Hall – NLP Master Practitioner/MetaMedicine Coach

Personal Development

RyanTatnell“Before the course I had concerns that the course might not be taught in a style I could connect with. I found Stephanie to be a supportive, natural teacher. Great, solid. I’ve been exposed to and integrated a new communication model and increased my repertoire of communication styles. I really valued the good reflective listening and believe that the course would be worthwhile to anyone who wants to understand themselves and the essence of human connection.”

Dr Ryan Tatnell
New Plymouth

Helping myself and others to find answers

Sue Bellaby“I found the course to be informative, empowering, fascinating, fun, indulgent full of self-discovery. I think that people working in health, HR or with other people would benefit. Stephanie is very knowledgeable, sensitive, eloquent, natural, experienced and organised. It was extremely valuable to be able to help myself or others get to the root of what they wanted to change. Also helping myself and others to find answers to questions and make choices. I now know how to stay more focused so I can stay on track for longer periods of time.”
Sue Bellerby

Well prepared and well paced course.

JanBird“This course was incredibly useful, even as a human being, not for any professional reason. Energising. Steph is brilliant! Well prepared and well paced course.”
Jan Bird

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I don’t take myself so seriously

Mary-Anne Murphy“This course will not only assist you in achieving what you want from your life, but will teach you how to assist others to do so for themselves. Steph is ‘artful’ in her teaching; organised, fun, professional and knowledgeable. I can now stand back and laugh and not take myself too seriously and I know that I have the capabilities to achieve what I want to achieve as well as the tools with which to achieve them. I enjoyed the pace and chunking of the information within a fun, relaxed learning environment.”

Amazing, practical tools

Katherine Parrot“I really valued the in depth, dedicated time to personal development and learning practical skills I could take away and implement. The course has some amazing, practical tools for your own self-development that will also help in every interaction in life. Stephanie is wicked! Amazing knowledge that is carefully layered and crafted into the programme. She brings her personal values to life during the training and creates a great learning environment.”
Katherine Parrot
Writer and photographer

I wondered whether it would be valuable

Trish Knight

“I wondered before the course if it would be a good investment and whether it would be useful in a practical way; whether it would be valuable. I’ve found I’m getting better a deciding what I want. I’m setting goals and achieving things. I’ve become better at doing what needs to be done. I’m much gentler on myself and appreciate my skills and gifts. Therefore all those concerns were invalid!

If you decide to do this course, you’ll learn tools that are useful in both your personal and professional life. It’s very individual in what you’ll get out of it because it’s tailored. Steph is a fantastic trainer. I love her passion for sharing her knowledge and expertise.”
Trish Knight

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Words are not enough

Penny March 08“Words are not enough — tears perhaps because I’ve been extraordinarily blessed to have a friend like you as a trainer.”

Penny Wigan – Director, Supavine



Skills for business

“Because I’m involved in setting up a new business I wanted to improve my observation skills with people and with what’s around as well as to be more focused and feel more confident. I wanted to develop my people skills so I can deal with groups of people, be more decisive as a leader and less concerned about what other people think.

I was worried about being comfortable with the other people on the course but I slowly realised that Stephanie had created an amazingly safe and caring environment and while we were out of our comfort zones at times it was still OK. This also alleviated my anxiety about not being able to concentrate for six days.

As a result of taking the course I know I have choices and can choose to believe I can do it! The skills of being able to get into rapport and understanding and using the whole communication process will help in my conversations and in building rapport with people and the values exercise and PERFECT outcome will give me focus.

Stephanie is fantastic and a great teacher who really made an impression. I thought the course was amazing and empowering and now I think everyone should do it!”
Marianne Wynands-Business Owner

Life Changing

Jason“Life changing. Everything you get out of the course is positive both for work and personal life. Stephanie is an excellent trainer with a great sense of humour. She makes everyone feel welcome.”
Jason Giacopazzi – Project Supervisor




“Fantastic! Stephanie gives so much. Her passion for sharing and teaching, and her great sense of humour is surpassed only by her depth of knowledge in NLP.”
Jane Fenton-Blackbourn – P.A

Clarity of delivery

“Kia ora koe Stephanie, thanks for the clarity of delivery, logic and sequence and always the feeling of being nurtured well.”
Drina Hawea – Practice Supervisor

Friendly, approachable

“Stephanie is an excellent trainer, friendly, approachable – made me feel safe and valued. Thank you!”
Lynnette Solly – Human Resources Co-ordinator

“Stephanie is warm, skilled and very motivational.”
Sonya Jenkins – Super Teacher!

“Very easy to be with, understand and bought the best out of us.”

Bob Munro – Translation Manager

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