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NLP Practitioner Coaching Days

How to develop your skills on an ongoing basis
If you’re an NLP Practitioner or thinking of becoming one, you’ll no doubt like to know that there are opportunities for you to get together to learn more and practice in a safe, non-judgmental and relaxed environment. This is what Practitioner Coaching days are all about.

You can read about them then come back here to see what other Practitioners are saying about them and why they are finding them so valuable.

Feeling more Confident and Energised Shahn
“We had a whole day to share experiences, to bounce ideas off each other, to ask questions and to bond with like minded people. All this in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere with a great mix of Steph’s wonderful sense of humour. I came away feeling more confident and energised. I really can’t wait for Steph to run another one.”
Shahn Ellis – Artist and NLP Practitioner

Invaluable for my personal and professional developmentCarleen
“These Practitioner Coaching Days are invaluable in terms of my personal and professional development. I appreciate how Stephanie structures the day to enable us participants to decide on the theme and content that we want to work on, and for discussion and discovery to flow freely.

A fantastic opportunity to take the skills I learned on my Practitioner and Master Practitioner trainings and apply them to real life situations – with the Stephanie and other practitioners in the room, trusting and supporting one another with helpful feedback and insights.

The training environment is relaxed and friendly and, of course, I relish any excuse to visit Raglan with it’s stunning scenery, interesting creative culture and a excellent choice of eateries. I’ve attended the first two Practitioner Coaching Days and I plan to attend as many future sessions as I can. A small investment of time and money for a tremendous return in useful hands-on experience.”
Carleen Pearce – Master Practitioner and Coach
Kinetic Potential

Loaded with applied learning experiences Joseph
“Thanks for organising a rewarding day loaded with applied learning experiences and a chance to be a participant in other practitioners’ styles of coaching with NLP. Let’s do it again.

Joseph Harzenburg Counsellor and NLP Practitioner

Meaningful discussions
Joanne“It was a great day to catch up with other NLP’rs to have meaningful discussions, ask questions and practice our skills to further our learnings in a safe and fun environment.”
Jo Moor Social Worker and NLP Practitioner



Embed the skillsMichael
“These Practitioner Coaching Days are a fantastic way to build your confidence and your skill. All too often people come out of practitioner training feeling like they’re “not ready” for live client work.

The mistake they make is to try and solve this problem with more “training” rather than what they actually need – to embed the skills they’ve already learned. These Practitioner Coaching days will build your confidence in practically applying what you know.

A relaxed casual atmosphere where you’ll get to learn from the real life experiences of others, and watch examples unfold in the room. A great way to capitalise on the investment you’ve already made in yourself.”
Michael Fooks – NLP Master Practitioner and Coach
Kinetic Potential

Great Confidence Booster

“Thank you for bringing us all together for the day. I found the day to be hugely valuable as an opportunity to rekindle thought processes and experience how others use their knowledge and skills. The day was an awesome confidence booster.”
Jo Budai-Career Development Consultant and NLP Master Practitioner

So there you go!
You’ve probably realised by now that these Practitioner Coaching days are invaluable for skilled and ‘newbie’ Practitioners alike. Let’s face it, there’ ALWAYS more to learn (yes always!)