NLP Practitioner Training Feedback

NLP Practitioner Training Feedback

You’ll find feedback from people who have completed their NLP Practitioner Training with MetaMorphosis. As you’ll see, they come from many different backgrounds. They have found a variety of ways to use and apply the NLP skills they gained directly to their own field.

Why So Much NLP Practitioner Feedback?

You might be wondering why there is so much NLP Practitioner training feedback? When you are considering committing your time and money to a course of this importance you probably want some reassurance that it’s right for you. Many people have told me that it helps them to make the decision if they can read or hear about other peoples experience. Remember that with MetaMorphosis’ NLP Practitioner Training you also get my “MetaMorphosis Makeover Promise.

Feedback comes in the form of video, audio and text format. So do look out for the audio player!

Start HiltonIt’s the real deal. The changes to my personal and professional life have been quite dramatic.

“I first learned about NLP 20 years ago while working with comedian Jimmy Carr in London. Taking time out to complete a course in NLP, he returned more engaged than he was before. He was happier; passionately writing comedy material and trying it out on us in during our lunch hours. He followed his dreams into entertainment, trying everything from stand up to short movies. It occurred to me that NLP creates confidence. Confidence creates opportunities. If I have any regrets in life, it’s that I did this course in my 40’s instead of my 20’s.

The changes to my personal and professional life have been quite dramatic.

I use NLP in my daily life both personally and professionally inside an Auckland corporate. The skills most often used are around rapport, listening and — increasingly skills around phobias and removing limiting beliefs — as businesses move more into helping staff on a human level. I use it with, and teach it to my kids, which they easily soak up like sponges. I’ll be sure to direct them into training once they’re older. Hopefully Steph is still teaching then!

NLP gathers up the essence of how we relate to ourselves and others, as well as looking at how events in life have shaped us and how we can change that if we wish to. It’s not forced, and individuals gain different things from it, depending on what they need — whether that’s at a conscious or subconscious level. It’s a process that you go through to change your life.

The best thing is that the course doesn’t feel like a course. It’s feels more like Steph sitting down with a group of people and imparting knowledge in a personable yet thorough way. Sometimes it’s mind bending, but more often than not, it’s entertaining. Steph loves what she does and it shows. She’s thorough in covering content, yet relaxed in the delivery.

Another major factor is Raglan. It’s on the edge of the island, which makes you feel isolated enough to focus on learning, but it’s got everything you need from places to walk, swim, shop and eat. It’s a great place to learn.

I’d recommend NLP through MetaMorphosis Ltd to anyone who’s wanting to build on what they’ve got, or re-build for something else. It’s the real deal.”

Stuart Hilton 
Design Manager

ErinRogersI just have to say DON’T WAIT!

“I just have to say DON’T WAIT! I wish I would have started immersing myself into NLP 5 years ago when I was first introduced to it by Stephanie. 

I thought I had my life under control, as a business woman living in the coolest community of Raglan. I had the best job, beautiful environment to work in and a loving relationship. Life was GREAT….but …… 

I found myself wondering – ‘is this it?’ Should I be doing something else? Am I the happiest I could ever be? Is there more?’ Well I can tell you there is SO MUCH MORE!

Fears falling away

The more I learned about managing my thoughts, understanding my values and beliefs and how I’m communicating, the more grounded I began to feel. Fears began to fall away and I found I was challenging myself more and more. I began testing what I was learning in the workplace and at home and I could see instant positive results. 

I could have easily talked myself out of taking this course. Can’t afford it… don’t have the time… but I am so glad I didn’t. This is by far the best money I have ever spent. No vacation, no new this-or-that, would ever give me this new awareness of how I am interacting with my life. Wow! How did I get this far in life and not know this stuff! 

If something’s not working in your life, you won’t believe how much control you have to make a slight adjustment and the problem fades away. Get more out of your relationships and feel more confident facing any situation. Set Goals and a learn process to see that you reach those goals. 

The Diverse Community of Raglan

Raglan is a welcoming community full of diversity and there is nothing more charming than the historic Raglan Old School Arts Centre. Its centrally located to pop into town for lunch, wander about the craft shops or walk the sandy beaches, all in view of the majestic Mount Karioi. 

These new NLP learning’s were gently taught to both men and women by Stephanie, who has many years of experience. Sharing her knowledge and downloading to us in such a way that it was fun and easy to learn.

I have changed… I will no longer be the person I was. I have been allowed to look deep within and I like who I met – Me! 

I will be eternally grateful to you, Stephanie, for the introduction and I will continue to change and grow closer to my ultimate mission in life. Its not the last you will see of me as I know there is much more to learn and I am excited to be part of the NLP Family.” 

Erin Rogers
Business owner

Timing is everything

Lyn Robertson“I had been wanting to do NLP Practitioner Training for many years. I had and opportunity to do an introductory course five years ago and finally completed my NLP Practitioner training this year (2017). Timing is everything – this was the perfect time for me and the perfect group of people to do it with.

The only concerns I could see coming in to this course would be the immense amount of useful information and how I would successfully integrate this into my life. The pressure dissipated as I was assured that this new learning comes in at an unconscious level and with this being so, my unconscious mind would integrate it for me and always provide me with the tools I most needed, at the time I needed it. Whew! What a relief!

I work with both adults and children so it is important I have the skills to relate effectively with people of all ages, wide ranging abilities and levels of confidence. While working through the course, others noticed changes in me before even I did. I gained confidence in myself as an effective communicator (still building on this) and this confidence, and change of language, brought self-confidence and higher performance in the people I support.

Confidence and freedom

The biggest benefit I got from the course was the confidence and freedom to be me, to believe in me, to let others see me. The goals I have always had are no longer, “if I could manage to achieve…” and are now, “here is my timeline and there is no question I am going to realise these goals.” New opportunities have opened up already and I am much more confident and skilled to move ahead with my plans.

Infinite in its possibilities

I recommend this course for absolutely anyone  – even if you think you are at your best self now. Through the learning and exercises you cannot help but grow your awareness, communication, goals, and impact positively on all others in your personal and work circles. You get out what you put in and this is infinite in its possibilities and implication for personal growth. Definitely the best money I have ever spent on anything!!!! – and this is permanent – not like a couch that you will replace in another 5 years!

The Raglan setting was perfect – the venue relaxing and comfortable, handy to all amenities, just a short walk away from amazing water views, fresh air, calming, relaxing and energising township. The best place for a course like this…and the people in the community  are so open and friendly.

Lastly – because I want this to definitely not get lost in the script… Steph is the most amazing trainer. Her knowledge is endless, her patience and support beyond any other I have met. The course is un-rushed – at participants pace, always ensuring that each person gains understanding, practice, relevance and confidence. Steph accepts each person as an individual – no one gets left behind or left wondering – and EVERYONE leaves with a new sense of self.

Best course ever – will be back for further learning when I am ready for the next step!”

Lyn Robertson
Academic Administrator

JennyMalcolmMonths of research

“It took me months of reading and researching NLP Practitioner Trainers in New Zealand and overseas (UK) to finally decide to train with Steph.

The one hour phone call that addressed my questions clinched the decision.

Raglan seemed quite isolated and hard to get to, as I was coming from Oamaru, however my desire to train was larger than that concern. Steph seemed the most knowledgeable and personable of all the six I looked at over and over again in New Zealand. It was a lot of money and the decision wasn’t made lightly. Her extensive website was great in answering my questions and provided information on exactly what I’d be getting.

I have used NLP with clients in my coaching practice with great feedback. It has opened up my mind and allowed control and direction over my own life as much as I choose.

Raglan is a great place to hold the course – it’s a relaxed town, loads of cool shops and eating places. The Old School house is the perfect size and has all the facilities. I enjoyed the walking facilities around the town and inlet.

The course was definitely value for money. The gap between courses meant we could implement the skills and cement them before adding on another layer. 

Thanks Steph! x”

Jenny Malcolm
Professional Coach

Tracey Brake- NLP PractitionerLife Changing

“I had no concerns before starting the course and now find I’m reflectively listening to my husband!

The biggest benefit to me was using my skills consciously, gaining enhanced communication skills and self-belief.

I strongly recommend the NLP Practitioner Training course. Please, teach this in schools. As it has been life changing for me, the financial value is excellent.

Raglan is ideal and idyllic. I received increased value from the 18 days because it was in Raglan. The vibe and being away from other distractions …perfect.

Thank you Steph.”

Tracey Brake
Facilitator to the Stars

Dave Allan

My ability to draw the best out of people has improved

I first met Stephanie over 20 years ago and at that time she was beginning her NLP journey. Her description of the concept, practice and application piqued my interest but to be fair, I was to busy to take it any further than letting it reside at the back of my mind as something interesting to find out more about one day.

Many years later and many learnings about people, myself and the wider system in which we all reside I had the opportunity to re connect with Stephanie and had her assist with my work colleagues on communicating effectively. Subsequent to this, I assisted one of my colleagues (after much harranging on my part) through NLP practitioner training, fair to say, it was life changing for him and still is 3 years hence.

Seeing the significant impact it created for this individual and finding myself with the time and mind space, I embarked on the journey into NLP practitioner training myself last year.
Unsure of what I was letting myself in for but being open and receptive to whatever came, the training was impactful, insightful and an amazing learning experience about myself, my interactions with others and how I move through life going forward.

I don’t live with regret but can see how the training would have positively impacted on my life in business had I participated in the NLP practitioner course 10 years prior. I ended my working career with 70+ staff, an industry executive position and dealings across all levels of the wider industry and regulatory framework. My learnings would have been put to effective use on a daily basis across the spectrum of my working life.
That aside, my own level of self assurance, confidence and general mental well being has improved significantly since completing the practitioner training last year. Additionally, my interactions with others (when I take the time to use my new skills) tend to lead to much more rewarding interchange.

Whilst I don’t use my learnings in a commercial sense in an active way, I do recognize when coaching individuals (the few that I do coach), my ability to draw the best out of people has improved.
If you want to achieve your true potential, gain an enlightened sense of self and well being and move through life with clarity and understanding of those you choose to interact with and help others do the same, consider NLP pratitioner training.

With regards to training with Stephanie, prepare to be challenged, held accountable, to learn and build lasting relationships with those in your group. The course is delivered with humour, great insight and amazing morning and afternoon tea. Stephanie genuinely engages, leaving you open to discover more about yourself than you may have previously discovered.

Dave Allan
Freelance Mentor, Adventurer and Fisherman

Mari completed her NLP Practitioner Training in November 2012 and is now living in Auckland.


I thought I’d learn doctrines

“I thought I would learn doctrines and philosophies that would be opposite to my cultural map of the world.  In fact it only enhanced it even more. My relationship with my wairua has strengthened 10 fold.

The biggest benefit I have received is the realisation that I have the answers to solving my issues and obstacles and that wellbeing is a state of mind.

I recommend this Raglan course, it’s value for money and Steph is a great trainer.

I can’t wait to share it with my Iwi. E te Iwi Kia Ora. (Good Life to the World)”

Goldie Akapita
Poukokori Kaupapa – (Project Manager)
Ngati Rangi Trust


pic-suzanneWould Training Apply in ‘Real Life’?

“Before commencing the MetaMorphosis NLP Practitioner training I really had concerns about whether I was just going on another training course? How could I apply this in ‘real life’?

Examples of NLP’s Application

First I applied it to myself. I was going through a relationship split at the time of MetaMorphosis 101 (the first block of Practitioner Training) and was feeling very depressed and over-emotional, over-sensitive. The humorous ‘mantra’ that Steph gave us was instantly life changing. The NLP communication model showed that holding on to an emotion like sadness for longer than 90 seconds was impossible unless we were ‘feeding’ it with further sad thoughts. Stop the thoughts, stop the state, stop the behaviour. So simple and yet so profound.

Biggest Benefits
  1. It’s given me a wealth of tools to use to help myself and others grow exponentially in all areas of life.
  2. Communication with ourselves and others is a major key to everything and so any improvement on that has a major impact on our perception of reality/life.
Overall Impact

Until recently, I didn’t truly believe that I had all the skills necessary to go out and make a business coaching/helping others. Now I can see that it is possible, with everything I already know now.

But would I recommend it?

The NLP Practitioner Training is exceptional value for money. Stephanie has a wealth of knowledge and life experience. What I appreciated the most was her holistic/spiritual open-mindedness, especially coming from my own alternative health slant. Her way of teaching has only enhanced my original beliefs of mind/body/soul connectedness.”

Suzanne Everett
Senior Digital Project Manager


Walking the Talk

“I have completed 18 days of NLP training with Stephanie at Raglan and was, from the very first day impressed that here was a trainer who walked the talk. This was nowhere more evident than the perceptive challenges and empowering elicitation of our own resourcefulness.

My training further verified all the recommendations of Stephanie that I had received: her breadth of knowledge, her engaging personality and belief that learning is fun, and the delivery of exciting training in a supportive way.

My training has been both empowering and immensely fulfilling and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to ‘become themselves’ or learn the essentials of NLP.”

Kevin Lloyd
NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, Student Advocate
M.A. Dip Tchg, Dip Bus Adm, Dip Life Coaching


I have more self-confidence

“I was pretty unsure about what to expect, but I had an open mind and wanted to make the most of the whole thing. I knew I would be challenged but I was prepared for that – or so I thought! I wanted to be able to perceive and understand the issues that clients present with, to be more in control of my own mind and be able to programme it for success – to learn how. I absolutely solved all these issues with NLP. What I need now is to put it into practice. I intend to use this in all areas and intend to build on what I have learnt.”

“The NLP Practitioner training really has changed my life and how I view things, experiences, people, virtually everything. I feel like I am starting over and so full of possibilities. Very exciting! My three biggest benefits are that I have more self-confidence, more self-awareness and more awareness of others’ perception.”

Julie Rowlands – Professional Coach


What HASN’T changed since doing NLP!

“As a performance consultant and executive coach I’ve vastly improved my effectiveness with clients since doing NLP Practitioner with Stephanie. I now have several strategies to help when clients want to change what they are doing, but don’t know how to. What I like best about NLP and coaching is that the client is in charge of their change, and it works quickly. This is a real business benefit for clients.

In facilitation settings it’s so much easier to create the environment where people not only learn effectively on the day, but have the tools to take that learning away and quickly apply it in the right situations. I now have more effective tools in my toolkit, and that makes my life at the front of the room much simpler, as well as making it more enjoyable for both me and the people I’m facilitating.

When relating to clients and potential clients, it’s so much easier to get on the same wavelength and have meaningful discussions that add value for everyone.

And, of course, almost every strategy that is effective with others, works just as well with my own stuff. NLP has enabled me to move myself and my business to another level of satisfaction and success.

Gail Reichert
Senior Consultant


Great Name!

“People in a helping role always talk about the need to build rapport with the people they are helping. Rapport building is generally considered to be the most important step in any intervention, however it is also often approached with some complacency by the person in the helping role.

I too was one of those guilty of this — until I went to MetaMorphosis 101-The Power of Personal Change. I have, through the techniques taught and practised on 101, discovered the amazing benefits (for both the helper and the person being helped) of having a sense of trust and comfort throughout the helping session.

Completing 101 gave me the skills I needed to safely and resourcefully challenge clients with their presenting issues. This was an area I found most difficult in the past and now find I can quickly and effectively get to the source of the issue rather than work around the presenting symptoms.

Doing 101 was about becoming a more resourceful counsellor than I was before. And completing the practitioner training carried the learning further to help me grow into a more rounded and resourceful person. Under the skilful and caring guidance of Stephanie, myself and the others were taken on a journey with ’Rinpec’…to discover our own pearl and how to help others find their pearl.

“MetaMorphosis is truly a most appropriate name for Stephanie to use, as the 18-day journey through the practitioner training had me feeling like I evolved from a leaf eating caterpillar into an air borne butterfly.”

Joanna Budai, Careers Consultant and NLP Practitioner



“I valued the ability to work with other people who also value NLP, exploration of the human mind and constantly increasing my sensory acuity. 18 day is far too short – have you considered doing this over a lifetime? (he, he, he!) NLP is the most stunning set of tools for personal change which have implications in business, personal life, growth – in fact the skills learned in NLP training are able to be utilised in ALL walks of life. Steph is unique, superb, an excellent teacher. I loved it, loved it all. I’ll really miss having my batteries recharged by the energy in this room.”

Brent Hopkins, Trainer, Dunedin NZ

Confident and Competent

NLP Practitioner Training feedback“I found Stephanie to be a wonderful teacher — she has an incredible way with words and is an exceptional story teller, which I now realise is so important in the process of NLP. She is extremely experienced and knowledgeable in teaching NLP processes and this was very apparent in her organisation and teaching style.

I found the venue good, with respect to it’s central location. However, on 101 an202 it tended to be a bit cold, but was better on 303. I enjoyed being away from home for the course, and Raglan was perfect, having time every night on my own to reflect on what we had learned that day was vital in the learning process in my opinion. It was a big commitment being away for so long but worth the effort.

I found the amount of relaxation we did in 202 and 303 was really helpful for my learning, and is something I am making time for daily as I found it so beneficial. For me it wasn’t until the 303 course, that everything seemed to click together and make sense. I loved having the opportunity to see a client on the last day as this reinforced that I could use what I had learned on a complete stranger with good effect. I think this consolidated my belief that the processes work and that I could be an NLP Practitioner. out in the real world.

I felt the course was value for money – having completed the first block of Coach training with another provider, I was reluctant to continue along this line as I did not feel it was value for money. I found that what I learned in NLP training suited me a lot better, as it was so practical; lots of time to practise every exercise, to reflect on what we had learned and fine tune before moving on to the next process. I feel quite confident and competent to go out and work with people using these processes. I did not feel like this after my coach training.

Since coming home I have had many opportunities to use what I have learned. Even just in everyday conversations; I am actually listening to what a person is saying now, and know I now have the choice about whether I want to be actively engaged in the conversation or a reflective listener.

The exercise I seemed to have an affinity for the most was the timeline processes. I feel this process is really valuable with limiting beliefs and emotions as at some point, some where they began to be a problem affecting life today. Having a technique that subconsciously identifies when that was and a way of healing that memory is invaluable in my opinion.

This is the area that I personally found to be of the most value in the training for me as I felt like several beliefs that have been holding me back and lingering for a long time, which I have not been able to shift using other techniques just peeled off.

I found the course material to be of a really high standard and it is user-friendly.

Overall a great course, that for me was life changing.”
Lots of love
Anna Loe

Feeling of Happiness and Joy

Ela_Badea - MetaMorphosis NLP Practitioner trainingEla has a lot more to say about her NLP Practitioner Training with MetaMorphosis than she writes below!

Read her full testimonial

“If before I felt unsure or I had some doubts in regards to what I want to do in my life, since I finished the training I have no doubt about myself and I have an enormous feeling of happiness and joy that makes others turn around and wonder what happened to me…

I tell everybody that the Metamorphosis NLP training is much more relaxing than a 3 week holiday in a 5-star luxury holiday resort with spa, massage, food and all the stuff. Why? Because your mind needs a rest, a break from everything that is part of your normal routine, and even planning a holiday and travelling could be stressful and exhausting. You just need some time for Yourself.

The Metamorphosis NLP Practitioner Training was the best investment I have ever done, for myself and my life. We invest in cars, houses, hi-tech devices and other material goods. Being busy in obtaining these things, we sometimes forget about ourselves. The best investment we can do is in ourselves. Then we will be able to acquire other things.

So, how was my holiday in Raglan at the Metamorphosis NLP Resort? The most relaxing holiday I have ever been on and the training was by far the best I have done (and I’ve had lots in my life, formal and informal as well). Nothing compares with being away from home, work and other “distractions” and learning NLP in a beautiful place like Raglan and in your own pace. This really helps you to stay focused on yourself and be able to easily assimilate the new learnings. I’ve spent 3 full weeks on the training and, even it was a learning experience, I didn’t have the feeling of being overwhelmed by the information…and it was a lot to carry on. I was like a sponge that absorbs everything in a bit and when it dries out, it absorbs even much more. Steph used her NLP skills and great teaching experience in creating a natural and easy learning experience for all the participants.

I felt absolutely safe and comfortable with expressing myself and working with my colleagues in achieving the best results from the practical exercises we did. We worked with our own “materials” – real issues, life challenges and limiting beliefs about ourselves – and absolutely nothing was weird and made me feel out of my comfort zone (in the past that would have been a real problem).

I am a free person who knows who she is, what she wants and how to get there. I am a person who is able to have a positive experience from everything and influence positively others’ lives as well. For being the change you want to see in others, you need to change yourself first. This is how it works, not the other way around. And finally I understood why it is like this. (I really recommend you to do the course; it will help you as well).

I laughed more than I can remember and I had the time of my life. Plus, I discovered I am funny as well (weird, I don’t know how Steph did it…I’m a serious person ?). I was absolutely at ease with her teaching style and being there in the training environment. I just loved being there and grateful for having the chance to meet Steph in person.”