Short NLP Courses Feedback

Short NLP Courses Feedback

Inside Your Mind – New Zealand

“I used to get so anxious when I presented that I literally shook. But at my last presentation I felt so confident I actually Jeremy Hughes - Inside Your Mindsang!

It’s true! I used to get so anxious before and during a presentation that I would shake. This wasn’t just a little nervousness, this was full-on shaking that was so bad people would feel obliged to ask me if I was alright.

Foolishly I believed that if I made presentations often enough that I would get better and get over it.

I didn’t

I knew nervousness was hindering my performance at presentations and I actively avoided doing presentations whenever possible.
So what changed?
At one presentation I was shaking so much I struggled with a demonstration of putting some sheets of paper through a shredder.

Afterwards, Stephanie came to talk to me and told me she could help me change my nervousness into power and control. She gave me a few tips and then a little while later I went to the MetaMorphosis’ ‘Inside Your Mind’ course and learnt how to apply what she’d told me first hand.

It was eye-opening to say the least.

During the last presentation I did recently there was a piece that I thought would be great if I could sing it!

Talk about the sublime to the ridiculous!

I did the presentation without shaking, without nerves – and sang the piece in the middle.

I was blown away by how good I felt. The nervousness had gone and the power and control that Stephanie promised was completely evident.

One person said, “That was a fantastic talk – I wish I could stand up in front of people and do that. It felt really personal!””

Jeremy Hughes
Director and Owner,
Company X

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Inside Your Mind feedback February 2020

“I found Stephanie’s course really interesting and informative, with lots of practical tips and shortcuts to understanding my mind and that of others.”



“I found the class very beneficial and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get some insight on why they think the way they do. Stephanie was relaxed and knowledgeable.”

Clare brittain

Inside Your Mind feedback October 2019

Inside Your Mind course participants

Inside Your Mind course participants October 2019 (minus a few who were camera shy ☺️)


“Awesome and insightful day with Stephanie delivering some NLP techniques in a fun and easy to understand manner. Great workshop training manual.”
Helen – Hamilton

“Steph ☺️ What an amazing day. I really enjoyed all the learning and fun little activities. I have so much to take away that will help me in my life. Thank you for your knowledge and time.

P.S. I love your humour.
Tahi – Raglan

“Thoroughly enjoyed the introduction to NLP. Thank you Steph. You’ve put lots of bits and pieces I know into an NLP Model, and made sense of lots of things.”
Sue – Hamilton

“I have overcome barriers and negative mindset in this one session. In a room full of people, I might walk out remembering just two names. After this course, and a 5-minute exercise I remember all 15 names (it is unbelievable).

I found so many useful techniques for confidence, positive self-talk and language/effect of words. This day is wonderful.

Thank you, Stephanie.”
Sally Clark – Tuakau

“I have learnt so much today about NLP, other people and myself. I have loved the activities and Steph’s wonderful sense of humour. I am looking forward to putting into practice my newly acquired skills.

Thank you, Steph!”
Linda May – Hamilton

“Excellent one-day training that everyone can benefit from. Fun, engaging and experiential.”
Danica Joy – Raglan

“Steph was funny, relatable and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend for people wanting to dip their toes into NLP.”
Morgan – Hamilton

Thanks, Steph
Clear, concise course delivering helpful models and concepts to apply in my personal and work life. Looking forward to my future with NLP strategies at my fingertips.”
Valerie Lubrick – Raglan

“Absolutely love working with Steph. Her sense of humour, story-telling and depth of knowledge and skill make it so easy to learn and experience the NLP skills she teaches. I just keep coming back.”
Liz – Hibiscus Coast

“Had seen Steph’s newsletter and website that presented herself and the course in an approachable and fun light. Signed up for the one day course with an open and inquisitive mind, and learnt a lot that I could use straight away on myself.”
Peter Shergold – Hamilton

“This course is run in a relaxing and friendly way. The content is useful and easily applicable. I like that we get a booklet.”
Chloe – Raglan

“Simple, fun techniques to use every day.”
Sarah Strong – Tauranga

“Feeling quite empowered — for a change.”
Linda – Tauranga

Inside Your Mind feedback November 2017

“Life changing, inspirational, transformational, enlightening, empowering – just go do it and see for yourself. Stephanie holds the space perfectly, everything carefully orchestrated to allow a deeply transformational journey to unfold. Perfect venue, homely with lots of interesting spaces to explore. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
Tribal Sistar

It’s precious time out; valuing yourself, discovering yourself, learning about yourself. Stephanie’s facilitation style and the amazing content was most valuable. She has expert subject knowledge, she’s present and in the moment throughout the day. A wise woman. The venue was fine – Raglan is beautiful and it was a nice experience travelling there. The Old School was a ‘familiar’ friendly setting – comfortable.”
Johanna Hattingh

“Steph has a confident and pleasant manner and knows her subject. The course was practical and well run and was a good reminder that we can determine our behaviour by our filters. I would maybe have liked more work on the NLP Communication Model.”

“I gave me a new perspective for working with families. The course would help to re-energise you and to change the way that you deliver your message. The venue was amazing, and the trainer is really knowledgeable. The course was really helpful in making me aware of self and how I can ensure that I am more aware.”

“Stephanie was very easy to listen to – made for a comfortable setting, easy to understand. I’d describe it as a way to understand communication and more ‘effective’ living. I found the information about filters most valuable.”

“The most valuable part of the training for me was anchoring (and now I’m going home to do my tax return!) The course was excellent – a really practical introduction to a complicated subject, and practical tips you can implement straight away. The trainer was excellent; knowledgeable, funny with lots of real life examples. Fabulous day – thanks for the opportunity.”
Lisa James

“The course was incredibly interesting, helpful and life-changing. Stephanie is incredibly learned, experienced, transparent and genuine. Amazing woman! The venue was great and the most valuable part for me was the insight gained around internal representations and how our ‘state’ influences behaviour and the filters that influence how we view external events.”

“I valued the good pace, some humour and breaks. The course was a good introduction, the venue was great and the trainer was great, respectful and warm.”

“It’s about learning how we think and how that affects ourselves and our interaction with others. Support self and others. Stephanie is knowledgable, skilled and kind. Have confidence to support/access change for me. It was a reminder of how quickly and easily change can take place to make my own life more pleasant.”

“I enjoyed the content flow and putting things into practice as the day went by. I really liked anchoring. I’d say, ‘take the plunge and give this gift to yourself. Stephanie was very knowledgeable, great sharing. The venue was relaxed and comfortable and it was a great group size. Thank you.”

“I enjoyed meeting others and having some fun – new techniques – communication , self awareness – ‘FILTERS’. I’d describe the course as enlightening – a ‘taste’ of NLP. Stephanie = positive, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, sense of humour – REAL! The venue was comfortable – it was good to have fresh air into the room. Enjoyed the music – great learning atmosphere.”

Empowering – opens up new possibilities. The trainer is very engaging, amusing (with) practical hints and advice.”

“I found it valuable in understanding myself and getting techniques to take control of my life. Go for it – it’ll change your life and open up your mind. So many possibilities…

“The trainer had great ways of helping me understand easily and was very encouraging and funny.”

“Interesting and inspiring”

“It was valuable with the empowerment of knowing I can change my own state. The trainer was awesome :). This course is an opportunity to understand yourself and how much power you actually have to create the life you want.”

“Practical tools to be the driver of your own world in a positive way. Opened up my mind, learnt new skills, was hit with the ‘real’ hammer. Do it – very enlightening. Awesome trainer!”

“Confirmation that it’s all about choice, our choice – every moment of every day. It’s about understanding that life can be however you choose, exciting or ordinary, your choice.”
Lily Holyoake

“A valuable experience with practical uses.”
Logan Cotter

“I found the day very encouraging and changes can be made quite simply. The trainer offered clear housekeeping, kept to time, she was able to use very good and clear examples to explain things.”

“Definitely something in this for every individual.”

“Trainer was great. Makes stuff simple. Very worthwhile.”

“I have been given the tools to change my beliefs,and behaviour and to overcome self made obstacles. It is now up to me to use these tools. I highly recommend the course. Stephanie was very convincing and motivating, a lovely person.”
Brigitte Lidgard

“Simple techniques to understand our thinking and communication processes. Stephanie is very good at this stuff. Loud music lifted everyone at the beginning of each session and intros were a great start.”
Bexie Towle

“Prompts me to look at myself and memories and feelings behind my beliefs, values and emotions. Encouraged me to look positively at goals. Reflective and gives an understanding of attitudes and tools to change for the better.”

“I valued time out of daily stuff to spend time on me. You’ll learn what makes you tick.”

“Learn how to use simple information and techniques to transform learning, personal development and relationships. How changing words creates a more positive approach”

“Awakening, empowering, growing.”

“All very interesting!”

“Understanding my map – awareness to be able to make significant changes – and quickly. It was a fun day with lots of learning and a few aaah-haa moments thrown in.”

“My biggest learning is that I have the ability to change the way I perceive and react to things. Really interesting and useful. Go with an open mind and you’ll definitely benefit. Awesome trainer- thanks so much it’s been fun and informative. The music at the start of the session was too loud – wow that makes me sound old!”
Anna Cunningham

“Go with a curious attitude and you will take a great deal away from the day. The biggest learning was the power of the mind and ways to get smarter about using the brain. Love Steph – fantastic.”
Kim Bredenbeck

“It is great for personal and professional awareness. Steph was excellent, kept us engaged. (I realised) how much I interpret little things and create such problems.”

“Confidence builder, helps to change your state.”

“Inspirational. Great trainer.”
Kevin Lidgard

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Hauraki District Council (NZ)

Inside Your Mind

“Thank you Stephanie. What a thought provoking, fascinating look into human behaviour and how to talk differently to yourself to get different behaviours. There are lots of techniques to take away, absorb and start using in my personal and working life. I particularly liked the Cause vs Effect analogy and the anchoring exercise. Owning your language was a powerful paradigm. The goal setting was the most gentle but powerful reflective exercise – that is definitely going to become a standard way to motivate myself going forward. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole session. Best wishes.”
Margaret MacLaurin

“Very interesting course, got heaps out of it. Certainly going to be putting this into practice! Founds Steph an amazing trainer, had great examples of everything. Thank you so much for a wonderful day. Wish we could do another one with you. Workbook is easy to follow and can’t wait to reflect on this in the future.”

“Very interesting and informative workshop. Stephanie has a great personality that makes you feel comfortable. Participating in scenarios was great for learning techniques. Loved the music that played.”
Leanne H

“Thank you for a great day of learning. We have learnt some really practical and real techniques to apply both at work and in our personal lives. Understanding the communication process and its inherent difficulties will help us communicate better both at work and at home.”
Linda Norris

“Great company, great presenter. Valuable practical content that can be applied to our work. Thought provoking and both personally and professionally beneficial. Thinking out of the box stuff. Fabulous day out. Thank you so much”
Liz Lye

“Gained a lot of insight from the communication model and how external events affect our state and vice versa. Really enjoyed the section on eye accessing cues and anchoring.”

“The course was very interesting and enlightening. I think that the skills I learned will be of valuable use in my day-to-day life.”

“Enjoyed the casual approach to such an interesting topic. Have learnt fantastic new life skills which are going to assist me in all areas of my life. Many thanks Stephanie.”

“I found the day both interesting and informative and I plan to use the skills in my work and home life. The course was very relevant to life and Steph was clear and concise in her tutoring.”

“Hi Steph, It’s great. I totally enjoyed what you taught us today. It’s different from other training. Yours is simple, practical and powerful. I’ve attended a lot of seminars in relation to  mind power, self control etc. Your course is absolutely fantastic. Good for my work situation and helpful to deal with business and personal issues. The exercise where you asked us to yell out “yes!” was a release for me. I feel at ease. Many thanks for everything. I bless you in the name of Jesus!”

“I thought the course today was excellent because I learned important skills that I’ll be able to use in my job and also in my personal life. The part about cause vs effect was interesting and well presented. The part about creating anchors was really good and something I can, and will definitely use to be better at my job and again, in my personal life. This has been a great day, with a great facilitator who presented an interesting and fun course. Would highly recommend.”
Lynda Muller

“A very comprehensive overview of the principles of NLP, which I look forward to putting into practice. Stephanie was an excellent presenter, clear, concise instructions with humour and relevant examples. There was a lot to take in and the things that come to mind quickly are the Cause vs Effect, anchoring and reflective listening. Many thanks Stephanie.”

New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants (NZICA)

Auckland and Wellington NZ – Inside Your Mind

At the workshop in Wellington 69.2% rated the seminar, “Excellent” and 30.8% rated it “Good.”

Specific comments from participants
  • Most entertaining NZICA seminar ever.
  • I enjoyed the seminar thoroughly – just the right mix for me of information and insights
  • Great presenter
  • Information was pitched well, and there was a good deal of humour used – definitely worth attending!
    Good intro to the subject; gave us some insight into my own behaviour and the behaviour of others and the filters we apply to daily life and – I have tried to pay attention more. The hard part is knowing what to do with this info! I am still processing…. Tried the anchoring – can’t decide if it was a result of the anchoring or I was feeling more confident anyway … possibly a combination of both!
  • Exposed me to different ways of thinking
  • Steph is a great presenter – upbeat, witty, and easy to understand
  • Lovely humour. Feeds wonderfully off audience input
  • Very natural presenter & relaxed
  • Steph presented quite a complex subject in a very clear and vivid way
  • Very interesting and enjoyable speaker
  • Entertaining speaker
  • Best presenter in a long while
  • Easy, knowledgeable style – very good
  • Very knowledgeable and experienced
  • Made participants feel relaxed – sense of humour
  • Stephanie makes the theory fun and easy to understand
  • Very good
  • Stephanie presented really well and kept the attention of the audience
  • Excellent all round
  • Great presenter – low key but efficient
  • Incorporated humour well, relaxed easy style
  • Excellent style
  • Excellent
  • Well presented and relaxed
  • Very enjoyable, informative and fun. Thank-you
  • Good flow, enjoyable presentation
  • Wow – fascinating. I can’t wait to learn more.
  • Very good, easy to listen to – good to ‘do’ rather than just sit!
  • Good humour, good pace

Here you’ll find feedback from people who have already done one of the introductory NLP courses that you might be considering such as Blueprint for Excellence and Inside Your Mind. Some of the feedback below was from public courses which some was from in-house training. Any public course you find on this site can, of course, also be facilitated in-house.

Specialist Support Team Course – Bloxwich, UK

“The session was lively, interesting and informative.”
Elaine Davies – Specialist Support teacher – Learning Support

“The NLP Training was a fun, informative way of learning something that has useful applications in my work and other aspects of my life.”
Maggie Phillips – Teacher of the Visually Impaired.

“Very useful to find out how I can build a rapport consciously with one member of staff with whom I currently have no rapport. Here’s hoping it will make the difference.
Specialist Support Teacher – Vision Impairment

“Session was lively, fun and entertaining as well as useful and enlightening.”
Karen Elsmore – Specialist Support Teacher.

“I have enjoyed the session and I learnt a lot about rapport. I am particularly interested in peoples body language and how they treat each other.”

“I was very aware of the mirroring and matching and found the mismatching fascinating! Thank you. More Please.”
Jackie Wilks – NNEB Early Years SEN Team.

“Very interesting, has made me more conscious of the importance of ‘non-verbal’ communication.”
Toni Burrows – VI Teacher

What they learned

“How good I am at judging whether someone is listening or not, and how important body language is to communication.”

Debbie Wood – Senior Learning Support Practitioner

“Rapport and Two Way Communication. Trust to Communicate. Body language tells us more than expected. Learn to ‘look’ and ‘listen’”

Sophie King – Specialist Support Practitioner – Vision Impaired.

Specialist Support Teacher NLP Training -UK 3
“I’ve learnt the importance of rapport and how much it is unconsciously used by us.”

Jean Willetts – Early Years Practitioner

“The subtleties of communication being missed by blind/VI Children and the need to compensate.”

MaryJane Davies – Teacher of the Blind

“It is hard to disagree with someone who is mirroring your actions, i.e. with someone you have a natural rapport with.”

Chris Price – Teacher (Early Years S.E.N)

“Learned that the effect of body language is more than I realised and how to consciously learn to listen.”

Bernadette McGill – Vision Impaired – Specialist Support Assistant.

“NLP has a lot of principles and ideas that need to be explained further.”

Rob Rodgers – SEN Planning and Development Manager. Serco.

Rapport – a lot of lessons I need to learn. Listen, I don’t do it well enough. Interesting session – food for thought. Thank you.”

Christine Phillips

“Thought Provoking – being made aware of unconscious actions and why we do them. The challenge will be y putting them into practice and feeling comfortable and natural doing so.”

Pat Hurley – Specialist Support – Vision Impaired Team

‘Inside Your Mind’ Course – Algarve – Portugal

I learnt to see myself from a different perspective and to view the relative importance of a situation or facts. Stephanie gets 10/10 for the smooth and easy way it was presented and delivered. If you want to learn about your inner self, talk to Stephanie.”
Wesley Pasard

“My biggest learning was about my own behaviour patterns. The course gave me excellent self-learning and knowledge. It was interesting, entertaining and informative. I just wish it could have been longer.”
Jilly Shearwood

“My biggest learning is that we all process the same information differently and it affects our whole approach to life. It’s nice to have a deeper understanding of why I and others do things. Stephanie is a very competent trainer. I would recommend anyone who has the slightest interest in the subject to do it.”

Richard Bassett

Great course, well executed. Stephanie is excellent. I learnt about positive thinking and that it’s easy to put into practice. If you go to the course with an open mind you’ll definitely be more positive because of it.”

Paul Adcock


“My biggest learning was to change my way of thinking to get to do what I want to do and achieve what I want to achieve. Very enjoyable and informative course. I would say if you are not very happy with what you are doing, go to the course, change your ‘mind’ and reroute your life.”
Julie Adcock

“I feel as though a friend helped me to understand myself and my goals. I enjoyed the fun and communication between virtual stranger in a pleasant atmosphere. My biggest learning was to look forward and not back and plan new experiences. Not to be missed!”

My biggest learnings were about communication and positive thinking and the ability to change feelings and attitude. It was a very helpful, interesting and instructive course.”

Stephanie has relaxed and easy style and delivers excellent common sense advice. It was reinforcement of some training I did 28 years ago. Thank you.”

“There’s nothing I would change about this course. Stephanie is very, very good. I learnt to be positive. There’s a lot to learn – I would suggest you go! I will practice what I’ve learnt.”

“This course was extremely worthwhile and beneficial. I learnt ways to be more positive in any given situation. A very well presented seminar.”
John Williams – Ex Assurance Rep

Learn more about the Inside Your Mind course

Blueprint for Excellence – New Zealand

“I had an awesome time and do wish to continue on this learning curve. I must say it’s very peaceful in my house and I am getting everything done, without yelling and screaming, and the kids just can’t understand it.

I have been trying at work today, I’m thinking I still need to practice more, but it’s great being able to see things more clearly. Believe me it is so easy to change the way you behave when you are aware of how you react. Thanks heaps. Lots of Love”

Vanessa McIntosh  Team Leader

“Fantastic! Wonderful style indicative of everything we learned. Great role model.”
J.M. Mather – Team Manager Organisation Development

“I enjoyed the goal setting, reassurance that I’m on the right track with my own training. Stephanie makes everything simple with stories and life examples. Easily applied to life – personal and business. The course is excellent – a great first taste of NLP – leaves you wanting to know more.”
Liz Anderson-Smith – Trainer

“Excellent, I am so, so, so pleased I did this. Stephanie is excellent, easy to relax with, understand and communicate with.”
Kimberley Taylor -Student Naturopath

“Excellent trainer, helped explain issues and draw info out of attendees.”
Jason Deeth – Account Director

“Good sense of humour. Stephanie can educate in a way that’s easy to understand.”
Martin Wilson – IT Specialist

“Stephanie is very knowledgeable and has this beautiful, calm relaxed way of bringing across what she stands for.”
Schirin Chams-Diba – Student of Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine

“The positive feeling throughout, opened my eyes to so many things involved in communication. Possibilities to use in my own work and life.”
Jill Stanford – Business Information Researcher.


“10/10 Excellent”
Anne Robertson

“A good introduction to NLP concepts. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and look forward to putting the skills and concepts into practice.”
Maureen O’Higgins – Team Leader

“I admire Stephanie and she is an inspiration to those around her.
Roanna Gornall – Purchaser/Mum

“I valued the clear presentation of concepts/ideas. It was an energised presentation and I found the style of presentation valuable. Stephanie is confident about the content of the programme – inspiring and enabling.”
Meera Chetty – Counsellor/Trainer (facilitator)

Overall How would you rate this course?

“Excellent and inspiring.”
Yvette McLeod – Financial Accountant

“Hilarious, Stephanie made it fun and completely non-threatening.”
Robyn-Lee Harkness

“I valued the introduction to NLP and how I can apply the principles to managing a team more effectively. The course was excellent, very informative. Beneficial tools that I can use in both my work and personal life.”
Karen Stokes – Administration Team Leader

“Most enjoyable. I learned so much.”
Heidi Enderle – Business Systems Analyst

“Blueprint for Excellence is aptly named!”
R. Bell-Muir – School Principal.

“Extremely interesting and something I’ll definitely use in my life.”
N.S.– Market Researcher.

John Roden – Operations Manager

“Excellent. I didn’t mind being here on a precious weekend after a long week at work.”
Krista Ferguson – Business Manager

“Excellent. Very worthwhile.”
Roger Baker – Project Manager

“The most valued parts of the course for me were:

  • Learning about anchoring and how to anchor oneself.
  • Steph’s ability to create a fun, relaxed learning experience.
  • Meeting new people on their own journeys.
  • Hoe being in rapport with someone can influence them.
  • The love strategy.

Thanks Steph for an awesome, informative, fun, relaxed, uplifting, confidence strengthening experience/course.”
Sven Frontin-Rollet – Administrator

“Excellent! The course material is extremely useful and relevant to both personal and work. Well presented and very enjoyable.”
Lorraine Curley – Payroll Analyst.

“Excellent – Recommend it.”
Waina – Social Worker

“Very good, would definitely recommend it.”
Manual Brandt – Project Manager

“Excellent – can’t wait to learn more. Very powerful.”
Geneine Hoy – Accounts Payable Team Leader

“Fantastic, I feel like a weight has been lifted.”
Andrea Beattie – Human Resource Advisor

“I valued learning the basics of NLP in particular Eye Accessing and anchoring. My biggest learning was that I am a Perceiver and my husband is a Judger. I found Steph to be a very motivating speaker who explain things clearly in a way that is easy to relate to.”
Jan Wolstenholme – Resource Teacher: Learning and Behaviour

“Excellent! Stephanie makes you feel at ease and comfortable  and provides useful and practical tools which you can use immediately. Learning the NLP Communication model was particularly valuable as well as the elements of rapport and anchoring techniques.”
Lance Clarke – Insurance Broker

“I found out about this course through a friend and I really enjoyed learning about ’cause and effect’ and having the opportunity to set a goal. The NLP Communication Model, how this applies to me and what I can change were the biggest learning for me. Stephanie is a very good communicator and gives a relaxed learning environment”
Stephanie Clarke – Theatre Producer

“Complex concept were explained simply – such a common sense approach. Something you can take away and practice for work or personally. A big learning for me was understanding the NLP Communcisation model and the inter connections. Stephanie is great! Very pragmatic and common sense approach – makes learning easy.”
Julie Allen – Senior Manager, Client Engagement

Learn more about Blueprint For Excellence

Please comment on your trainer (Stephanie Philp)

“Well presented, easy to understand, very friendly and approachable.”
Vanessa McIntosh – Team Leader of Community Participation and Foundation Skills

“Very relaxed and fun to work with.”
Paul Rowlands – Refrigeration Engineer

“Steph is easy to understand, explains things so everyone understands.”
Heather Bertrand – Quality Manager – Sacred Hill Wines

“Excellent, very captivating.”
Cassandra Cressey – Kindergarten Teacher

“Primo’ communication. Very serene and very knowledgeable.”
Steve Tipu – Liaison Advisor-Maori and Pasifika

“Stephanie was engaging and her delivery was pitched so I could keep up with the new concepts I was learning.”
June Lott – Finance Administrator

“Stephanie is extremely skilled-her integrity shines through. Extremely knowledgeable. Respectful.”
Wendy – Lecturer/Facilitator

“Stephanie keeps the training interesting and I found it easy to relate it to my circumstances through her stories and explanations.”
Lorraine Curley – Payroll Analyst

“Very friendly, welcoming and knowledgable. I never felt uncomfortable or silly.”
Corinna Stephenson – Team Leader, National Bank

“Funny, interesting, personal.”
L.C. – Student

“Fab! Learned a lot!”
Julie Simpson – Executive Director

What did you most value in this training?

“My learning that I can be in charge of my own state and have and develop my own map. I will never again be blown from ‘place to place’ by events that are external to me. My biggest learning was understanding that everything I sense, hear, feel, see goes through filters. What a wonderful and complex unique being I am.”
June Lott – Finance Administrator

“Self awareness. Being aware of what you already do and already say. Being in tune with your own reactions. My biggest learning was about being in charge of my own state and knowing I can change my own behaviour.”
Vanessa McIntosh – Team Leader of Community Participation and Foundation Skills

“The information about the communication model and realising that our state is our own choice.”
Paul Rowlands – Refrigeration Engineer

“The NLP Communication Model is a fantastic tool to help us understand about ourselves and others. PERFECT outcomes is very valuable. My bigest learning is that if my communication with others isn’t effective I can change my approach to be more influential.”
Heather Bertrand – Quality Manager – Sacred Hill Wines

“The guided exercises which show the theory, feedback and questions after the exercise.”
Cathy – Business Analyst

“I really valued learning about the NLP Communication model – that was a real eye opener! And learning about how to build rapport with others. I learnt how powerful rapport is and how easy it is to gain, and how you can consciously control your state.”
Cassandra Cressey – Kindergarten teacher

Learn more about the Blueprint For Excellence course

“My view of the world and how I interpreted it, has now changed particularly now I understand the NLP Communication Model. This was also my biggest learning, plus rapport and how to mirror, anchoring, eye accessing and PERFECT outcomes.”
Steve Tipu – Liaison Advisor-Maori and Pasifika

“Trying out the techniques with other participants.”
Dr Gill Campbell – Radiation Oncologist.

“Omitting negative self-talk and promoting positive self-talk. Goal setting and belief in achieving these goals.”
Roanna Gornall – Purchaser/Mum

“Rapport with others – learning how and why others think the way they do and knowing all I have learnt I can use at home and work.”
Trina Bishop – Human Resources Officer

“The PERFECT outcomes exercise. I was reluctant at first thinking it was just an exercise, but found it enormously useful.”
MaryAnne – Project Manager

“The relaxed and supportive learning environment.”
Lorraine Curley – Payroll Analyst

“The opportunity to learn in a caring environment.”
Judy Boyd – Human Resource Advisor

“That it is common sense, simple and straight forward (How come we weren’t taught this is school?!) I can apply the skills immediately.”
D.McClelland – Life Coach

“Simple, easy techniques that I can put into practice from now – immediately!”
Amanda Fergus – Naturopath and Mum

“It has given me tools that I can apply to improve my life/relationships – prompting me to start now.”
FW – Speech-Language Therapist

Learn more about Blueprint For Excellence

Find out about the Inside Your Mind in house course

Blueprint for Excellence

September 2018

“This weekend has proved to be life-changing for me in so many ways. I want to continue working toward implementing NLP in my life in order to help others and improve my current situation, now and in the future. Stephanie is an excellent tutor, trustworthy and adept at guiding you toward setting goals and building a positive framework for the future. Kia ora Stephanie (and the group!)”

Maia McDonald

“The two days flew by! Stephanie is undoubtedly an expert on NLP. her vast experience and sense of humour and anecdotes made the course a sheer pleasure. I’m coming back for more! Thank you for the life skills Stephanie. Warmest regards.”

Fleur C – Business and Relationship Manager

Blueprint for Excellence group Sept 2018

“This was a fun course, there was no chance of the class drifting off from boredom. Stephanie employed a practical teaching style that ensured we held on to what we learned.”

Aaron Mooar – Raglan Community Radio Manager and Morning Show Host.

“The weekend provided a great introduction to NLP. Stephanie facilitated the training in a relaxed and professional way which made it easy to engage and contribute.

I came away with skills that I can use to improve my relationships with others and facilitate more meaningful discussions. Thanks heaps.”

Karen Kemsley – Senior Academic Staff member and Academic Counsellor

“I knew nothing about NLP. Stephanie worked through various aspects (basic) to teach us how to engage with others. These applied to professional (i.e work), family and wider communities. from the workshop and doing the exercises I discovered that with positive action I can change many things in my life.”

John Witt – Retiree

“I enjoyed doing Stephanie’s NLP workshop.She is a great facilitator, I like her strategies, it was great for self-awareness and self-confidence.

Kristie – Early Childcare Assistant

“Ive enjoyed the course. It has challenged my thought processes and given me insights into body language clues and how to achieve rapport. Also how to discuss and elicit information without trying to influence answers.”

Victoria – Applications Developer

“I’d say that this course helped expand what I’ve learnt. Personally I had a great time meeting new and different people.”

Michael Cooke

NLP and Logical Levels Masterclass – Wellington

(Read a review of this Masterclass)

Participants were asked:
a) What did you like about this presentation?  and
b) How will you use these skills in your practice or private life?

a) I love Steph’s sense of humour along with her wonderful understanding of NLP.

b) More conscious awareness and choice of Logical Levels in coaching, training as well as personally.


a) Stephanie’s relaxed and engaging style. The opportunity to practice with others and work through a personal problem. Linking the Meta-Model and Neuro-logical levels. Great handout thanks.

b) Will definitely bring more awareness of the Neuro-logical levels model into my coaching conversations. Thank you.

Michelle Dalley –

a) Fun, focused and informative.

b) Freshen up with clients. Elicit values and do logical levels subtly with my finance’s job.

Ann Marie McAndrew

a) Everything. It was great. I liked that it started in the afternoon so I could drive up without leaving (Fielding) at the crack of dawn but it would have been great to have a full day. (Stephanie was) knowledgeable and a lovely manner, great energy.

b) Will enjoy enacting the change begun on the practice. Will consciously be aware of pre-suppositions (and Meta-Model) and Logical Levels more.

Angela Baker – TheChangeAcademy

a) Stephanie is very knowledgeable and a great presenter – great ability to blend facts with humour.

b) Has inspired me to continue to develop skill using the Meta-Model and Logical Levels. Will endeavour to use these skills more consciously at work with my team.

Paul Austin

a) Enjoyable, well-structured, fabulous information, well facilitated. Thank you.

b) Have developed my questioning skills and will have more consciousness in the Logical Levels of change guiding my questions.


a) So clearly and deliciously explained. I love model mash-ups to create even more powerful results for clients. Thank you.

b) Apply with clients

Brenda Ratcliffe –

a) I loved revisiting the Meta-Model and Logical Levels in a masterclass with an experienced coach on hand to facilitate our practice.
The handout was well structured and that made it easier to remember how to use Meta-Model and Logical Levels. I appreciated that the session was delivered in such a way it could be used by both therapists and those who work in the corporate sector or as educators.

b) In coaching conversations. Noticing family patterns of interaction – I have 7 brothers and sisters and a mother who can be Red Queen (as in Alice in Wonderland) so these will come in handy.


Other comments
a) What did you like about this presentation?
  • Great content. Stephanie was engaging, warm and encouraging.
  • The simplicity, humour, and clear instructions.
  • You are pretty good Steph, great to spend the afternoon with you.
  • Informative, relaxed.
  • Refresher was fantastic. Nice set-up, made it safe.
b) How will you use these skills in your practice or private life?
  • Practising the Meta-Model questions again consciously.
  • Incorporating them into my languaging skills.
  • Will use them in developing my projects at work and personally.
  • Go home and re-do my Logical Levels
  • Great info – I will be practising the skills and knowledge I learned today.
  • Made me think how I have been doing this unconsciously with clients, nice to have it consciously.

Testimonials From NLP Presentations

These testimonials will give you an idea of the kind of NLP presentations Stephanie gives. If you want these types of reaction from your participants contact Stephanie now.

Arthritis New Zealand

  • “Gave an amazing presentation and made you want to listen and participate when required. Has so much to give and is very friendly. It gave me motivation and made me think a lot about interaction and respect in the work place and to be understanding of others more.”
  • “It was a lot of fun and I learnt heaps will definitely take it back and practise it.”
  • “Learnt how to deal with people and deal with confrontation body language etc – very good.”
  • “Great because it made people step out of their comfort ‘box’, meet new people and reinforce or provide new ways of communicating.”

Communicating for Results Course

Comments from a two-hour introduction to some of the basic communication skills from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

  • ‘Great presentation style – would like to know more.’
  • ‘Excellent rapport with audience.’
  • ‘Real and honest.’
  • ‘Very good presenter, knows this topic well.’
  • ‘Good amount of info covered in two hour session.’
  • ‘Clear speaker, good examples used.’
  • ‘Warm, interesting and thoughtful.’
  • ‘Clear voice easy to listen too.’
  • ‘Good sense of humour, well skilled and talented in her area.’
  • Excellent.’

Career Practitioners Association NZ (CPANZ) Auckland NLP Presentation

  • ‘Thank you Stephanie, you’re a great presenter and your material is so interesting.’
  • ‘Fun, lively, practical, informative, useful, encouraging – to know more about our mind and senses.’
  • ‘A valuable workshop, well explained. Food for thought.’
  • ‘Really fascinating concept. Great facilitator with sense of humour which created a sense of fun.’
  • ‘Have seen a different side of NLP of more value when working with clients with problems.’
  • ‘Very interesting, useful content, very well presented. Many thanks Stephanie.’
  • ‘Fun, graspable and realistic introduction to NLP.’
  • Absorbing and interesting area of new learning for me. Keen to learn more.’
  • A wonderful introduction to NLP’
  • ‘Fantastic!’
  • ‘A very interesting, enjoyable, useful afternoon with practical tools for use in dealing with clients.’
  • ‘Thanks Stephanie, it was very insightful and speaks about a lot of things I have tried to do well. I will investigate NLP further.’
  • ‘Good intro to NLP. Very clear and easy to comprehend. Fascinating topic, I would be interested in learning more.’
  • ‘Fascinating, interesting, would be great for career counselling, personal coaching and much more!’
  • ‘The positive messages sent to the brain can work wonders.’
  • ‘This is really thought provoking stuff!’
  • ‘Fantastic! Presentation was delivered in a practical and easy to understand way.’

NZANLP Conference NLP Presentations

  • ‘Really enjoyed the lightness, humour and warmth’
  • ‘Great stage presence’
  • ‘I loved Steph’s dry sardonic style, coupled with genuine warmth and care for people.’
  • ‘Powerful and clear. Warm humour and manner – no nonsense, direct’
  • ‘Good, entertaining, funny presentation.’
  • ‘Loved it!’
  • ‘Humour, energy, clarity.’
  • ‘Fantastic! Flowed easily, brilliant, easy sense of humour – learnt heaps.’
  • ‘This, in my opinion was an excellent presentation.’

Wellington Personal Development event

Meta Model and Logical Levels Master Class with Stephanie Philp

Review by Michelle Dalley

“When I saw this topic advertised for the Wellington PD day I knew it was going to be a great experience and Stephanie definitely delivered to those expectations. Starting any training with a “dance off” gets a big thumbs-up in my model of the world!

You may recall that the Meta Model is a core NLP framework and Stephanie showed us how we can work with it alongside the (Neuro) Logical Levels model to help create powerful reframing.

“The problem isn’t the problem; it’s how we’re thinking about the problem…that’s the problem”

Stephanie reminded us that a person’s language is the secondary representation of what is happening inside their map(s) and as the practitioner the map is where we want to work to effect change. When we can help a person to create increased alignment across the Logical Levels this is when they can experience greater happiness and satisfaction. With this in mind we got into groups and practiced listening to a peer explain a problem they currently had and through questioning assessed at which (Neuro) Logical Level it was created.

“Addressing an issue at the level at which it was created is less effective
than tackling it from a higher logical level” – Stephanie Philp

We practised our Meta Model questions to help reframe the experience and enhance the person’s map(s) while building more alignment across the different levels. I personally loved consciously combining these two models and wholeheartedly agreed with Brenda Ratcliff when she declared “I love a good model mash up!”

Consequently, the three hours whizzed by and at the end we all had new ways of relating with our old problem plus the benefits of valuable practice time. Stephanie is a wonderful presenter who clearly understands and values NLP at many levels. Her training style is casual, pragmatic and filled with humour. As well as being an NLP Trainer she has written a number of books. Check out Stephanie’s website at”

Contact Stephanie about a presentation for your organisation