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How To Become A Lucky Person

9 Nov 2016

How To Become A Lucky Person

Lucky? Unlucky?

In this 20 minute podcast Aaron follows up with me on our previous discussion about manifesting a new reality.

Becoming a lucky person

After a going off on a short tangent about house design and things that are important in a house, we get onto the key points relating to:

  • Changing thinking patterns to focus on want you want to experience.
  • An experiment conducted by Derren Brown in a small town in the UK in 2011 that cleverly illustrates how we create our own luck.
  • Another example of a winning experience I’ve had.
Some things for you to consider as you listen:
  • Do I consider myself lucky?
  • What experiences have I had that others might consider lucky?
  • Who would I consider to be a lucky person?
  • How is that lucky person different from me?

Want to be luckier?

After you’ve listened to the podcast, I suggest you decide whether you believe you’ve been a lucky person in the past. If you’re already lucky, then you’re obviously doing something right. If you would like to be luckier, then you could begin by looking for events, situations and circumstances that you could label as being ‘lucky’. These might be; seeing a rainbow, finding a coin on the ground, a ‘chance’ meeting with someone you’ve been meaning to call, someone offering to buy you a cup of coffee. etc. Remember the more you focus on things you consider to be fortunate, the more luck you’re likely to have.

The Derren Brown experiment that I talk about in the podcast was conducted in the town of Todmorden. You can find it here. I’m not sure I got all the details exactly right in talking to Aaron, but I recommend you watch the documentary for yourself – it’s a pretty good show.