How To Change Your Thinking To Empower An Inspiring Life

12 Feb 2020

How To Change Your Thinking To Empower An Inspiring Life

We interpret ‘reality’ moment by moment

The phrase ‘Change Your thinking — Change Your Life’ is not a new concept. But how do you change your thinking? Is it as easy as it sounds?

Reality — or external exposure to reality — is the same for everyone

Yet how we each experience and interpret reality can be vastly different.

How to change your thinking about a roller coaster

Example: Let’s imagine two people standing in front of a roller coaster. The external exposure to the roller-coaster is the same for each person. Still, the interpretation of what it means may be different. One person will experience excitement while the other may experience fear.  

Roller coasters aside, we’re continually absorbing everything through our five senses and interpreting that information to determine whether it’s good, bad or indifferent, positive, negative or neutral. 

So how come?

Your mind filters the incoming information. It deletes, distorts and generalises that information based on:

  • Your beliefs.
  • Your values.
  • Language.
  • Your memories.
  • Time/space.
  • Metaprograms (they’re like the operating system on your computer). 
Let’s use deletion as an example

Sometimes we can miss something prominent because we’re paying attention to something else.

Group of people eating and talking

Can you see smoke in this photograph?

No? Maybe your mind deleted it.

The result of this filtering system is what could be called your viewpoint, your interpretation, or to use NLP terminology, your Map of the world. As you can imagine, everyone has a different Map of the world. Some folk believe that their Map is, in fact, reality or THE TRUTH. And right there lies the reason for so many disagreements, arguments, fights and even wars.

It would be much easier if everyone thought the same

Well, yes — and no!

I can’t imagine how boring life would be if we all thought the same way! There would be no free or creative thinking. Nevertheless, making an effort to understand different points of view would go a long way to creating more individual and global peace.

You own Map is the cause of all your problems

Wow! That’s a big statement in just a few words, right? 

It’s your Map of the world (your interpretation of reality) rather than reality itself, that is causing your feelings and emotions. Wonderful or woeful, your thoughts affect your mood, almost regardless of your external circumstances. When you take control of what’s happening inside your mind, you also take command of how you feel.

The chances are you’ve been thinking the way you do for some time

You have 50,000 – 60,000 thoughts a day. About 95% of those are the same thoughts you had yesterday! In other words, much of your thinking is done in auto-pilot mode. So, to change your thinking, you need new information and new input. My Inside Your Mind workshop helps you explore how you’re creating your reality through the process of your thinking.

But it’s not enough to understand your thinking

It would help if you knew how change your thinking and had tools to do so. Then you would experience a better reality. Inside Your Mind has plenty of simple processes you can use to do just that — immediately. When you know more, you’ll no longer suffer the unsavoury results of old thinking patterns.

I found so many useful techniques for confidence, positive self-talk and language/effect of words. This day is wonderful.

Thank you, Stephanie.”
Sally Clark – Tuakau

Can you see smoke in this photograph?

women eating and talking

Smoke might still not be obvious — just as noticing the subtleties of your internal communication is not always obvious. After all, your thinking has evolved slowly over time. Any negative thinking might have started as a small spark — perhaps just a sarcastic comment from someone — that stuck in your mind. That comment skewed your perception. Maybe the spark was fanned into a flame by similar comments that, over time, changed your way of thinking.

I bet you can see smoke in this image!

Like your internal communication style, once you notice it, you can’t un-notice it! It was in all three images.

Yes, it’s very apparent now

Ok, so my question might have been a bit misleading. I used this example on purpose because it typifies what happens in real life. How often do you see the big picture, but miss a critical detail? Remember, those mind filters are operating all the time you’re awake. How often are we misled by someone’s words or actions? Not necessarily intentionally misled; it could be by the simple misunderstanding of a word, or a sentence. I bet you were looking for smoke, rather than the word, SMOKE.

It’s precious time out; valuing yourself, discovering yourself, learning about yourself. The content was most valuable.

Johanna Hattingh

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Change your thinking — change your life

Much of what you do Inside Your Mind, is outside of your conscious awareness. On the Inside Your Mind course I’ll show you how to connect with those unconscious patterns, so you have the opportunity to challenge, change or install new thought. Thought that allows you to experience your life in more inspiring, productive and creative ways. I’ll teach you how to change your thinking so you can change your life. 

Can’t make the live workshop? Check out the Inside Your Mind eBook and mp3.

Photos taken at Raglan’s Evening Eats