How To Make Heart-felt, Courageous and Creative Decisions

20 Feb 2017

How To Make Heart-felt, Courageous and Creative Decisions

Raglan Radio Podcast

Last week I was interviewed by Aaron Mooar, who, as you’ll hear, was fascinated to learn more about our multiple intelligences and how were make decisions.

During the show we talked about the highest expression of the three functioning adaptive neural networks – aka brains – found in our heart, gut and of course our head.

How to make heart-felt courageous and creative decisions

We need true leaders

In these times of great change, it’s more important than ever that we have leaders who make wise decisions using the creativity of the head, the compassion of the heart and the courage of the gut. Instead, business and political leaders often seem to make knee-jerk decisions based on fearful gut reactions. They appear to completely shut out the compassionate, heart-based, relational aspects of decision making.

The implications of having 3 brains

In this podcast, we discuss the implications of using – or not using – our head, heart and gut brains to make wise decisions.

I touch upon how each brain impacts the language we use, the relationships we have, our health and success – even how we breathe! I recount a story in which learning to breathe properly helped transform an angry man into a calmer, much more resilient person with good self-control.

I answer Aaron’s – and perhaps your – questions as to why some heart brain cells die off and people become ‘hard-hearted.’ You may not have heard before how some individuals who have had heart transplants may experience the memories of their donors. Spooky eh? We chat about the reason people fail to take action on their goals and how you can avoid this pitfall.

What fascinated Aaron was that the gut brain, which contains over 500 million neurons isn’t something that scientists discovered a couple of years ago. No, no, no! It was found 110 years ago – in 1907!

I remember hearing about the gut brain and the heart brain when I completed my NLP Practitioner training in 1994. I recall thinking how intriguing it all sounded. However, no other information was forthcoming on any of the many and subsequent NLP courses I attended.

…until Grant and Marvin

All that changed, however, with the brilliant and extensive neuroscientific research and behavioural modelling undertaken by Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka in the last few years. Their leading-edge book, mBraining – using your brain to do cool stuff is a must-have if you’re interested in this topic (and why on earth wouldn’t you be!). In fact, you get a complimentary copy when you attend an mBIT Coach Certification course. My signed copy is looking a bit dog-eared and very well loved at this stage. I attended not only the first mBIT coach course ever run but also the first mBIT Coach Training in Melbourne.

Once Grant and Marvin had completed their neuroscientific research they were also able to source a great deal of ancient wisdom that also references three brains or centres of intelligence. This ancient wisdom is intrinsic to many Eastern philosophies and religious texts and further reinforces Grant’s and Marvin’s discoveries.

A global uprising

MBIT – Multiple Brain Integration Techniques – now has a global following with skilled, passionate and sought after coaches throughout Europe, the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Scandinavia, UAE and India. Are you ready to join us? The next course runs from 3-6 April, here in Raglan. Find out more here. There are only eight places, so if you’re interested, please register now.