The Facts of Life

Facts of Life – according to children

To have a baby the mother has to lay an egg, then the male cracks it.
(Alison, 5yrs)

You shouldn’t have babies on Sundays because God wants you to rest.
(Munroe, 7 yrs)

To have a baby, you make love to someone who doesn’t mind.
(Patsy, 9 yrs)

First of all you get in love, then you get married and get a baby. Or you can do it the other way around.
(Peter, 9 yrs)

The man next door has a baby in his tummy but it never comes out.
(Darryl, 6 yrs)

I nearly know how to have babies but we don’t do it until next term.
(Frances, 7 yrs)

If you don’t want babies, you should practice contradiction.
(Lynne, 9 yrs)

When you’re pregnant you become sicker and fatter and nastier every day.
(Marianne, 9 yrs)

It’s easier to have a baby if you’re a cat.
(Clive, 6 yrs)