Life Purpose: Is It Insanity To Crave One?

8 Dec 2016

Life Purpose: Is It Insanity To Crave One?

Life. Purpose.

Having a life purpose is such a huge concept for a lot of people; it’s no wonder it can feel overwhelming and somehow out of reach.

Life purpose: Is it insanity to crave one?

And do you need a life purpose anyway?

In centuries past, most of the common folk were too busy eking out a living and trying to survive the latest deadly disease, fire or flood even to contemplate what their purpose might be. Maybe royalty and the landed gentry got the time and the opportunity – waited on hand and foot as they were  – to ruminate on such topics.

But in the 21st century more and more of us are seeking to attach some meaning to our existence.

Many men and women are objectively examining their lives and asking questions such as, ‘Is this all?’

‘How can I be useful?’ they wonder. ‘What will my legacy be?’ Or they make statements such as ‘There must be more to life than this’  or, ’I feel as if something is missing.’ Perhaps you are one of these people.

This isn’t insanity

I believe these are legitimate questions for anyone who wants to make the most of their life.

You want to achieve more, be happy, have great relationships, be fit and healthy and live a life of purpose – if only you knew what that life purpose was.

Some people experience a great deal of inner turmoil trying to discover their purpose

They may be envious of those who seem to have found their life purpose and are living it fully with passion and resolve. The unsuccessful search for that, ‘something’ can lead to anxiety and depression, as, without a sense of purpose it can seem as if there’s little point in life itself.

To fill the gap or to disguise the discomfort, some resort to consuming alcohol or drugs or engaging in other addictive behaviours.

Others can die at 100 years old without ever discovering a purpose and still have led an entirely fulfilling life. Every person is different and thus have different needs and sensibilities.

There are ways to discover what your purpose might be

Usually, you find your purpose by diving deeply into your past. You connect the dots that have led to where you are now, searching for similarities in words used, the activities you enjoy and your natural way of being. You examine experiences that have made you stronger, events you’ve wallowed in, what others say about you, etc.,

Typically, discovering your purpose involves deep reflection

And responding honestly to a lot of seemingly irrelevant questions! And then, drawing the threads of the answers together to form the fabric of your purpose or mission for this life. While the process is incredibly satisfying and often quite revealing, the prospect of working solo through a variety of methods not only seems lonely and overwhelming but also challenging and tiring.

In today’s society, we want things yesterday

The process takes considerable time to do thoroughly and having an objective person who can help you make connections can be invaluable.

And when you’ve discovered your purpose – then what?

How do you fully embrace that purpose and live it with every fibre of your being? After all, you still have bills to pay, family to raise, life to live and, presumably, a job to do. The living of your mission or purpose is just as important as determining what it is. Because if you’ve gone through the process of creating a thrilling life purpose and then can’t figure out how to live it, you’ll likely experience an even greater level of frustration.

You can read about my own journey of discovery and the result at this link.

I’ve successfully guided many people through the journey of developing a purpose. It’s one of my favourite things to do – purely because it sits so well with my purpose and mission. Working intensively with you, we can get it nailed in a full day and with just a couple of follow-up sessions.

If you’d like some guidance and coaching to find and fulfil your mission, you can start by downloading my Private Coaching and Mentoring programme. Have a look at the VIP coaching and mentoring day. I recommend this if you’re in a hurry to find and live your purpose. If you have more time we can cover it as part of the longer term Private Coaching and Mentoring programme.