When Life Sucks: How To Feel Better Quickly

6 Apr 2016

When Life Sucks: How To Feel Better Quickly

Sometimes life sucks.

It’s difficult to put it any other way. Life simply sucks

You hate your job; your relationship is as sour as vinegar, and to top everything off you feel rotten, unhealthy and unloved. Yep, life sucks. It’s hard to stay positive under circumstances such as these. But there is a way to change your circumstances.

Life sucks bubbles

As we all know, like attracts like.

Our thoughts are made of pure energy and are very attractive. The Law of Attraction works by attracting to us what we think about most often. So a negative thought will lead to more negative thoughts. The more we focus on what’s wrong in our lives, the more we notice what’s wrong and the more ‘wrong’ we get!

Changing your thinking

If you want to experience a better life, you first have to change your thinking. I know that sometimes that can be easier said than done. But all creation starts in your mind. This is great news because it puts you firmly back in the drivers seat of your life.

To change your life, find aspects of your life that are going well.

Appreciate those things.

Perhaps there is a small part of your job that you enjoy – maybe the people contact. Focus on how much you enjoy that. Take the time to appreciate everything you can about that part of your job.

Look at your partner. Is there even one thing that you enjoy about how you relate to each other? Even one tiny thing? Concentrate on totally appreciating that one tiny thing.

Examine your health and wellbeing.

Is there an aspect of your health that doesn’t concern you? If you have digestive issues but your body is resilient and you can walk easily perhaps you could focus on those? Or that you can see and hear well.

Whenever your mind drifts onto the things that are going wrong, gently interrupt the negative pattern. Ask yourself the question: “What’s right in my life right now?” Then begin looking, listening and feeling for things that answer the question positively. Persist until you find something then appreciate that and notice what else is right.

Rinse and repeat

In case you think this law of attraction stuff is a bit ‘new agey’, there’s a neuroscientific reason for doing this too. When you concentrate on what you want to see more of (or concentrate on what you want to see less of) you activate the Reticular Activating System (RAS) at the back of your brain. So your brain starts filtering for things that match your dominant thoughts.You can try this out in another, perhaps more concrete way. Decide that you’re going to notice something in particular; maybe yellow VW Beetles, trees with purple flowers, people wearing brooches or badges. You choose what you’re going to look for. Then just go about your day with the thought of noticing whatever it is you’ve chosen.

It’s incredible how quickly your life can change for the better with this one simple – though not always easy – strategy.