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One Day Coaching

Are you impatient?

Or perhaps a better term might be, ‘restlessly eager’?

Do you:
  • Have lots of goals you want to accomplish but want to get through them in a structured way so you don’t have to re-do stuff later?
  • Like to be encouraged to think more globally about who you are and just what you can accomplish?
  • Want to have someone challenge your perceptions so you can be certain you’re on the right track?
  • Love to accomplish more than you thought possible?
  • Want to get started as quickly as possible?
  • Need guidance to discover and live your purpose or mission?
  • Prefer some ‘deep dive’ coaching, knowing that an intense and focused session will give you the momentum you need to keep moving forward?

If so, then Stephanie’s one day coaching and mentoring session might be just right for you.

pdf-iconDownload the free Coaching and Mentoring Programme with more details of this one day session

How it works

You come to my place in Raglan at 10.00 am. After the initial greeting from Ragz (Tibetan Terrier) and Shaggy (mad parrot!) – which can be noisy for a few moments – we’ll settle down to work. This is easy with the peace and tranquillity of the beautiful bush and the estuary as our backdrop. We work on whatever you want to work on for the whole day, stopping for a lunch break at one of Raglan great cafes. We finish around 5.00 pm, when we have in place what’s necessary to give you the momentum to move forward.

The details

The day is all about you. And as everyone is different, I’ll find out from you in advance what you want to work on so we can make the most of our one day coaching and mentoring session.

Some people want to work on their business or practice:
  • Achieve a clearer focus, re-tune what they’re about or perhaps create a deeper connection to their values and what’s important to them.
  • Have the opportunity to step out of the day-to-day business activities and get a more global perspective on where they’re heading.
  • Sometimes they’ve been working too hard and want to discover ways to bring business and personal life back into balance.
  • Brain storm solutions to challenges or examine other ways of doing things.

And sometimes, it’s all of the above – and more!

Others prefer to work on more personal things
  • Removing psychological barriers such as limiting beliefs.
  • Changing unwanted behaviours.
  • Making better decisions.
  • Setting goals and/or a general direction.
  • Aligning head, heart and gut brains.
  • Developing more confidence.
  • Examining the pros and cons of a career change.
  • etc.
Often it’s a combination of business and work

I work in a very holistic way because I know that you are not an island and that whatever work we do together needs to work in all aspects of your life. It’s no use having a great business if your relationship is falling apart at the seams. So we’ll do whatever we need to do to get you to wherever you want to be!

I consider myself uniquely skilled as a coach

As well as being a Master Coach, I understand all the psychological nuances of helping you get ‘unstuck’ and I know how to challenge, prod and needle to get the best from you (in the nicest possible way!)

I have unique and extensive training and experience in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Multiple brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) that give me give me an edge,  as well as a thorough grounding in how people ‘tick’. I’ve also had plenty of experience as member of the Senior Management Team of a large Powerco.

Not only that, but I have 21 years business experience in the business of successfully helping people to achieve their dreams and goals, both personally and in their businesses.

So, if you’re ready to rock your world, what better time to start than right now?

pdf-iconDownload the free Coaching and Mentoring Programme with more details of this one day session

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