PERFECT Goal Setting

3 Aug 2016

PERFECT Goal Setting

Podcast – Stephanie Philp- PERFECT Goal Setting

image.jpgPERFECT Goal Setting

I was interviewed on Law of Attraction Radio last week by the lovely Constance Arnold about Perfect Goal Setting. Here’s the blurb from the station which is podcast and distributed to 38 radio stations around the world:

“Join Constance and Stephanie Philp – Author, Master Coach and NLP Trainer as they talk about PERFECT goal Setting. Stephanie will share powerful principles from her latest book – Goal Setting – 7 Principles to Achieve Remarkable Success.  You will learn why people fail to achieve their goals, the Law of Attraction and your goals, why your goals should be unrealistic – and easy.  Stephanie will share how she attracted her favorite red car and a $3,000 black pearl.” 

Constance starts off by talking to one of her clients about her experience of coaching. The interview with me starts around 23 minutes in.

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