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Blueprint for Excellence – An Introduction to NLP

Blueprint for Excellence – An Introduction to NLP


Raise your professional and personal development to new heights!

Old School Arts Centre, Stewart Street, Raglan.

Discover skills used by some of the world’s most self-confident, savvy and successful people. If you’re curious about NLP and what is has to offer you – both personally and professionally, this interactive two-day course is for you. Download a free course brochure


Blueprint for Excellence – Introduction to NLP

Download a free course brochure

Blueprint for Excellence is fun-filled, interactive two-day course where you’ll learn and experience skills used by some of the worlds most self-confident, savvy and successful people.

You’re probably already great at the technical (‘hard’) aspects of your work. But developing the ‘soft’ people skills will be most important for you if you really want to enhance your relationships, career or business.

It is people who make or break relationships, teams and organisations, so understanding how you and others ‘tick’ is imperative for building and maintaining good professional and personal relationships based on trust.

If you’ve wanted to learn more about NLP and how it applies to you, this is your ideal opportunity! Perhaps you want to kind of ‘dip your toe in the water’, to see how NLP works for you before you consider doing a more extensive course. Or perhaps you’re just curious about what NLP has to offer?

In Blueprint for Excellence you’ll learn:
  • What you can tell from non-verbal language. And what secrets you might be giving away!
  • How to gain and maintain rapport with anyone. Rapport is the basis of influence so unless you know how to do this consciously you could be missing out on opportunities to advance your career, to successfully put your ideas across or get that all important ‘first date’!
  • Find out how your thinking style could be polluting your nervous system! Learn how to clean it up so you start feeling better. Plus simple techniques to programme your brain for success.
  • What positive thinking really means and how it affects your physical and emotional well-being and the achievement of your goals.
  • Are you a ‘Moody Merv’ or a ‘Sullen Susan’ or do you work with one? Learn how to manage moods and feelings to consistently be in top form.
  • The Blueprint for Excellence – the secret six-step formula that true winners use.
  • Learn how communication is systemic and how to change what you’re doing to influence others behaviour.
  • How to tune up your senses so you begin seeing and hearing information you might have missed before completing this course.
  • How communication actually works – why it sometimes doesn’t work and tips to manoeuvre around the roadblocks so you can successfully get your message across.
  • The famous NLP Eye accessing cues. Can you really tell if people are lying by where they look? And how does this influence communication and learning?
  • A unique goal setting technique that will leave you feeling drawn, irresistibly towards your goals instead crawling towards them on your knees. Yes, yes, I know you’ve probably done goal setting a million times AND, I assure you this way is different, better and more compelling than anything else you will have come across. But better still – it works. You’ll achieve your goals in ways that seem easy and almost effortless.


“I valued the introduction to NLP and how I can apply the principles to managing a team more effectively. The course was excellent, very informative. Beneficial tools that I can use in both my work and personal life.”
Karen Stokes – Administration Team Leader

“Excellent, I am so, so, so pleased I did this. Stephanie is excellent, easy to relax with, understand and communicate with.”
Kimberley Taylor -Student Naturopath

“I had an awesome time and do wish to continue on this learning curve. I must say it’s very peaceful in my house and I am getting everything done, without yelling and screaming, and the kids just can’t understand it.

I have been trying at work today, I’m thinking I still need to practice more, but it’s great being able to see things more clearly. Believe me it is so easy to change the way you behave when you are aware of how you react. Thanks heaps. Lots of Love”

Vanessa McIntosh – Team Leader

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