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Coach Training

Coach Training


Become An Amazing Coach With International Recognition!

Next Coaching intensive starts 14 May 2020

Become qualified as an NLP Coach with authentic, international recognition from both the International Association of Coaching Institutes and MetaMorphosis Ltd.


NLP Coach Training Programme

Become an internationally recognised Coach!

2020 Dates – Raglan, Waikato.

Block one: (6 days) May 14 – 19 2020

Block two: (6 days) August 25 – 30 2020

Times: 9.00 am — 6.00 pm every day.

Plus approximately 20 hours of online training and some out-of-class assignments.

Venue: Raglan Sunset Motel, Bankart Street, Raglan

NB Applicants must have completed a minimum 130-hour NLP Practitioner Certification Training recognised by IANLP and International Coaching Institutes (IN) and be at least 25 years old.

Raglan Footbridge and Mt Karioi

Become a high-level, qualified coach who can work effectively anywhere

This 12-day (90 hour) training course is for NLP Practitioners who want to advance their skills to new levels and develop a thriving coaching practice. The NLP Coach Training Programme enables you to incorporate your current NLP skills with expertise and experiences you have accumulated during your lifetime.

Everything, (well, most things 😜) that have bought you to this point, will be useful to your practice as a Coach. The problems and hardships you’ve experienced, mistakes you’ve made and your triumphant successes — all provide you with reference experiences to draw upon in your coaching practice.

You know you have more to offer humanity; you want to help others develop their potential and access their inner strengths, gifts and talents. You’d like to help people change their lives for the better — while getting the recognition you deserve.

This is your opportunity.

Course Curriculum

You’ll be involved in lots and lots of coaching practice. This will include roles as coach, client and observer, learning from all three perspectives. You’ll learn to incorporate different NLP techniques and blend them seamlessly into your coaching sessions.

You’ll receive ongoing feedback from the trainer and the other participants throughout the course, and you’ll also learn by giving feedback to others. This means you’ll graduate feeling completely confident and competent in your role and your abilities. The three months between training blocks gives you the opportunity to practice, integrate and add to your skills.

Advanced NLP Techniques


  • Learn advanced work with Logical Levels, anchoring and submodalities.
  • Establish your outcome for becoming a coach and ensure you’re aligned and on track to achieve it.
  • Put your emotional flexibility and sensory acuity on steroids.
  • Learn a coaching state and attitude so you can be your best as a coach.
  • Learn the fast allergy relief process.
  • Work with your unconscious mind to help resolve any personal issues.
  • Learn advanced Ericksonian techniques.
  • Use TOTE’s, strategies and a systemic approach to effect ecological changes for your clients.
  • Discover Meta Programmes and how to use them to motivate and ethically influence your clients.
  • Learn and practice a conflict management and resolution model.
Coaching in practice


  • Differences between coaching, mentoring, counselling, and therapy.
  • The Wheel of Life in coaching and business.
  • Developing a coaching agreement/contract.
  • How to start a session.
  • The three phases of a session.
  • Case documentation.
  • Transfer in practice.
  • Congruence and authenticity.
  • Ethics of coaching.
  • Giving homework.
  • Giving client feedback.
  • Coaching pitfalls.
  • Supervision.
  • Self-reflection and personal development.
  • Avoiding burnout.

The Business of Coaching

Coach and client

NB The skills below will be useful to you whether you decide to start a coaching business on your own or become a professional coach in an organisation. They will help you become a high-level coach who can work effectively in any setting.

  • Developing your coaching identity and profile.
  • Defining your cameo client.
  • The sponsored client — and how to handle the 3-way relationship.
  • How to attract clients to your coaching practice.
  • Key requirements for being in business.
  • The four ‘hats’ of the coaching business owner.
  • Marketing your services.
  • Developing your brand and uniqueness.
  • And more!
Coaching practice requirements outside the training room

To round off this qualification, outside of the training environment you’ll:

  • Undertake at least 3 coaching sessions as a client, provided by an external professional coach. (This could be with me — at half price — if you wish).
  • Provide at least 3 coaching sessions for a client who is from a field in which you have practical experience (not a colleague, relation, or fellow participant).
  • Review your learnings as a coach and client from these experiences and provide a written report for discussion.
  • When you’ve completed your 3 coaching sessions with a client you’ll undertake a supervision session with me. (This is an additional cost).

Much of the business aspects of coaching will be trained via online sessions and completed at your own pace with feedback and suggestions given by the trainer throughout.

Your QualificationICI Logo

MetaMorphosis Ltd is a recognised training institute with the International Association of Coaching Institutes. The ICI is affiliated with the European Coaching Association. At the conclusion of your 90 hours of training (on top of your 140 hours NLP Practitioner Certification Training), and having completed the curriculum and satisfactorily demonstrated your coaching skills, you’ll receive a certificate from MetaMorphosis Ltd endorsed “Coach ICI” with an ICI seal attached.

This should give you the certainty that your coach training will have international recognition and leave you very well-prepared for your new coaching career.

There is an option to pay by instalments. Please contact me for details.