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‘Inside Your Mind’ – Studio Recorded mp3

‘Inside Your Mind’ – Studio Recorded mp3


Do you sometimes feel your mind is running you – instead of you running your mind? If so, this mp3 will help you to regain control, put off procrastination and rediscover your inner strengths to live your life on purpose.

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Inside Your Mind – Studio Recorded mp3

Use Your Minds’ Hard-wired Controls to Attain Stunning Happiness and Success

In this studio recorded and professionally produced MP3 is a very practical resource. It will enable you to fully understand how your thinking impacts every area of your life and what you can do to make sure you’re living life on purpose.

In this 50-minute, studio-recorded MP3 you’ll learn specific techniques that will:
  • Give you more control over how your thinking is affecting how you’re feeling.
  • How you make sense of things using your senses and how what you leave out makes all the difference!
  • Help you change procrastination into powerful motivation.
  • Enable you to hear language that tells you what you (or others) are doing Inside Your Mind and change unwanted patterns of behaviour by changing your thought processes.
  • Get your goals quicker and more easily by consciously creating them using all your senses.

I was amazed just how much information Stephanie has packed into this great studio-quality MP3. Listeners are introduced to the key building blocks of NLP with elegant and clear explanations followed by practical examples. Stephanie’s in-depth knowledge and long experience as a successful NLP trainer shines through. Listen to this MP3 and you’ll be on your way to ‘running your own brain’.

Dave Wood

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