Change Integration – MetaMorphosis 303

Change Integration – MetaMorphosis 303


In the last block of NLP Practitioner Training, you’ll learn more advanced techniques for changing unwanted behaviours, limiting beliefs, and negative emotions. Detect your life mission and personal leadership path, design the future you want and start living the life you were meant to live!

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Change Integration – MetaMorphosis 303 – Block three of NLP Practitioner Training

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Continue Developing Your Skill Base – Course starts Monday 16 November 2020

In Change Integration, you’ll continue to build on the skills learnt in Blocks one and two, and in this block, you’ll start to learn and utilise more advanced NLP techniques:

  • Learn how to overcome overwhelm and help others do the same.
  • Recognise the importance of how we think about time – and learn techniques to change unhelpful memories and beliefs that don’t serve you.
  • Design your future the way YOU want it to be.
  • Enhance and strengthen the skills learnt in MetaMorphosis 101 and 202.
  • Learn how to identify and use others’ success strategies.
  • Integrate powerful, speedy and profound skills to affect change at every level of consciousness.
  • Discover how to identify and use your own strategies for success so that you can apply them to areas where you’d like to have more.
  • Detect your life mission and personal leadership path and start living the life you were meant to live!
  • Learn and use the Creativity Strategy that Walt Disney used!

By integrating skills, techniques and methodologies from all three blocks of training you’ll be able to qualify as an internationally recognised NLP Practitioner.

MichaelMichael is an NLP Master Practitioner, Communications Consultant as well as a father and martial arts coach. Click the play button below to listen to Michael tell you about his NLP Practitioner training

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Very exciting!

“The NLP Practitioner training really has changed my life and how I view things, experiences, people, virtually everything. I feel like I am starting over and so full of possibilities. Very exciting! My three biggest benefits are that I have more self-confidence, more self-awareness and more awareness of others’ perception.”

Julie Rowlands – Professional Coach


What HASN’T changed since doing NLP!

“As a performance consultant and executive coach I’ve vastly improved my effectiveness with clients since doing NLP Practitioner with Stephanie. I now have several strategies to help when clients want to change what they are doing, but don’t know how to. What I like best about NLP and coaching is that the client is in charge of their change, and it works quickly. This is a real business benefit for clients.

In facilitation settings, it’s so much easier to create the environment where people not only learn effectively on the day but have the tools to take that learning away and quickly apply it in the right situations. I now have more effective tools in my toolkit, and that makes my life at the front of the room much simpler, as well as making it more enjoyable for both me and the people I’m facilitating.

When relating to clients and potential clients, it’s so much easier to get on the same wavelength and have meaningful discussions that add value for everyone.

And, of course, almost every strategy that is effective with others, works just as well with my own stuff. NLP has enabled me to move myself and my business to another level of satisfaction and success.

Gail Reichert
Senior Consultant


Great Name!

“People in a helping role always talk about the need to build rapport with the people they are helping. Rapport building is generally considered to be the most important step in any intervention, however, it is also often approached with some complacency by the person in the helping role.

I too was one of those guilty of this — until I went to MetaMorphosis 101-The Power of Personal Change. I have, through the techniques taught and practised on 101, discovered the amazing benefits (for both the helper and the person being helped) of having a sense of trust and comfort throughout the helping session.

Completing 101 gave me the skills I needed to safely and resourcefully challenge clients with their presenting issues. This was an area I found most difficult in the past and now find I can quickly and effectively get to the source of the issue rather than work around the presenting symptoms.

Doing 101 was about becoming a more resourceful counsellor than I was before. And completing the practitioner training carried the learning further to help me grow into a more rounded and resourceful person. Under the skilful and caring guidance of Stephanie, myself and the others were taken on a journey with ’Rinpec’…to discover our own pearl and how to help others find their pearl.

“MetaMorphosis is truly a most appropriate name for Stephanie to use, as the 18-day journey through the practitioner training had me feeling like I evolved from a leaf-eating caterpillar into an airborne butterfly.”

Joanna Budai, Careers Consultant and NLP Practitioner



“I valued the ability to work with other people who also value NLP, exploration of the human mind and constantly increasing my sensory acuity. 18 day is far too short – have you considered doing this over a lifetime? (he, he, he!) NLP is the most stunning set of tools for personal change which have implications in business, personal life, growth – in fact, the skills learned in NLP training are able to be utilised in ALL walks of life. Steph is a unique, superb, excellent teacher. I loved it, loved it all. I’ll really miss having my batteries recharged by the energy in this room.”

Brent Hopkins, Trainer, Dunedin NZ

Been thinking about it for over 10 Years!
Rose Beets

“I had been thinking of completing my NLP Practitioner course for over 10 years, having seen several colleagues and friends complete theirs. Finding the right person and programme was important – I wanted it to be business applicable AND provide personal growth, and I found that 100 fold with Stephanie and my 18 days of Metamorphosis.

Quite Daunting

To be honest, I was also quite daunted by it, as I knew it would be personally challenging (yes there were a few tears) however Steph looked after us all so well and helped us gently make our own discoveries about ourselves and those around us – at home and at work.

Each interaction is so much more successful

In my work where I am coaching Managers daily, each interaction is so much more successful as I can understand all of what they are communicating – both consciously, and unconsciously. That means our relationships are stronger and it is easier to get something done – because we are on the same page. There are lots of techniques and models that you get, and I have used a number of them to give me a new perspective. For example, I am sitting down with my leadership team to help them look at our Managers meta-programs so they can understand what each manager needs and how to work better with each of them.

Thinking differently

It’s the way of thinking that makes the biggest difference for me, and this guides me in my day to day interactions with others. Thanks, Steph – We had a fantastic 18 days, and it was amazing to see your skill and compassion at the front of the room, and as you sat beside us while we practised our new skills.
Recommend it 150%”
Rose Beets – HR Manager, National Mini Storage

A Sense of Excitement!

Joseph“I had no concerns prior to the course, just a sense of excitement that finally I was going to be able to do Bandler and Grinder’s densely written texts (or that’s how I experienced them anyway) in a workshop/training situation and experience it live with other interested parties and a good trainer.

I started out on my journey to Raglan with a big desire to learn more about NLP so that I could make it come alive for me and eventually other folks who came to consult with me. I had put off the practitioner training for long enough and I was ready to rock and roll.

I had made up my mind after a couple of phone calls to Steph that she was the one! I was very comfortable talking to her and she spoke my language.

And my hunch proved to be a goody. I got what I wanted and more. I now live a lot of NLP – change my moods by changing my physiology, I giggle at the end of each day as I reflect on the various strategies I use to get me through and I have taken Richard Bandler literally and live a life of ‘curiosity and wanton experimentation’ – well most of the time anyway.

A Movable Feast of Learning!

The classroom environment became many things for me. It was a movable feast of learning. Like a rich landscape, it changed all the time as new bits of knowledge were constantly added. And then the landscape subdivided and the classroom became a gallery of mindscapes. Improvising on the NLP spelling strategy I photographed a few of them. So all it takes is an upward tilt of the eyes to the left and there they are.

The classroom also became the place where I felt comfortable to share what it was about myself I wanted to change and to tell others of my desired outcome/s. and the changes that I witnessed in myself and my fellow participants was the metamorphosis in action.

So the classroom was a kind and caring place to leave a lot of my old self to be paid its last respects by the wild wintery weather of Raglan.

Most Valuable Part of the Training

The most valuable part of the training for me is being able to do the stuff that I have been reading about for so long. And those classroom demos and exercises were so invaluable. I love hands-on learning and there was lots of it. And the beauty of that learning is that I can now do it. It’s the trick that’s transformed me from an interested amateur into a practitioner. I got exactly what I was looking for and more!

Biggest Benefit

The biggest beneficiary of my training has to be me – first and foremost. I have always wanted to know how to walk this NLP talk and now I can –albeit occasionally with faltering step. And even when I stumble, it’s the beliefs of excellence that bails me out – you know – the one that says something about feedback, no failure.

And if it doesn’t kill me I rest assured in my mother’s words, that it will make me stronger.

My relationships and my workplace my consulting clients are all enjoying the new skills. I have to remind myself occasionally to go easy on the old meta-questions. I need people.

Just Do It!

One does not need a conscious reason to do this training, the unconscious already knows it does. ‘Just do it!’ as the old swish (Nike) ad suggests.”
Joseph Hartzenburg – Counselling and Supervision

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