NLP Practitioner Coaching Days – (NLP Practitioners Only)

NLP Practitioner Coaching Days – (NLP Practitioners Only)


Feel some of your NLP skills slipping away because you’re not using them all regularly? Then the NLP Coaching Practitioner Coaching Days could be just the remedy. Join us for a day of practice and skill-building coupled with a dose of humour.


NLP Practitioner Coaching Days – (NLP Practitioners Only)

Do you feel your NLP skills are slipping away because you’re not using them as much as you’d like to be?

NLP Practitioner Coaching Days could be the answer!

Unless you’re regularly using the skills you’ve learnt on NLP Practitioner training , it’s only too easy to let some things slide.

That’s frustrating because you know how useful your NLP skills are

You’ve seen and heard the difference they make to your own and others’ lives. And even if you are using NLP skills every day there might be a tendency to focus on the things you’ve personally found most useful or those that are most practical in your work.

And this can be a problem

It can be a problem because you might not be moving yourself out of your own comfort zone. Your coaching can then become repetitious. Repetition leads to boring. Boring is tedious – there’s no passion in tedium. And there’s no flexibility either. Remember, one of the critical aspects of NLP is flexibility. If you’re using a limited toolbox of skills you may not be as flexible and effective in your NLP practice as you’d like to be. And effectiveness – being able to effect change – is what builds your confidence and provides that passion and energy.

Developing flexibility and expertise in NLP is like dancing a Tango

NLP Practitioner Coaching DaysAfter you’ve learnt the basics, then you need to practice. You can do this on your own to begin, but eventually you’ll need a partner (client). This is when you start to put your dancing skills to the test. You soon discover how good you are and your partner will give you immediate feedback – especially if you step on toes!

Tango experts will tell you that you have to make an emotional connection with your partner and maintain that connection for the whole dance. Negative or intrusive thoughts block the emotional energy which affects the constant flow of the dance.

But we all know there’s a difference between just dancing a Tango and the expertise that comes with experience. Every hand and finger gesture, every expression and the whole attitude of the Tango is part of what gives this dance the emotional intensity (passion), creativity and innovation that it has. The dancers are lost in the dance, lost in the ebb and flow with the music, allowing the moment to sweep them away. How do they find and maintain that point of connection and achieve this fluidity and flexibility?

Through practice (But you already knew that didn’t you?)

Tango dancers are made not born, they are made. And Tango, it is said, is not just a dance. It is a way of life. I’ve often described working with a person as like a dance – but I like this Tango analogy even better!

You achieve fluidity, connection and flexibility in NLP in the same way

No, not by dancing the Tango – by practising!

While you learn the basic skills on Practitioner or Master Practitioner Training and do some practice, you might not have the number of opportunities you’d like to work with others. And yet you do want to maintain those skills you worked so hard to learn.

But let’s face it you can’t just magic ‘clients’ up out of thin air. And some things you can’t practice only on yourself. So how do you increase your level of flexibility and increase your confidence while re-creating that NLP passion and energy? It’s a question I’ve been asked – and I think I’ve found an answer.

Intensive and ongoing development through NLP Practitioner Coaching Days

I want to support you in maintaining and developing your NLP skills. I figured a great way to achieve this was to have a day where a group could have a refresher training and then practice and get feedback from me and other Practitioners. I put the idea to Practitioners and got a resounding, “Yes!”. The NLP Practitioner Coaching days were born. You can see from the feedback on this page that they are highly successful.

“The mistake is to do more training”


“These NLP Practitioner Coaching Days are a fantastic way to build your confidence and your skill. All too often people come out of practitioner training feeling like they’re ‘not ready’ for live client work.

The mistake they make is to try and solve this problem with more training rather than what they actually need – to embed the skills they’ve already learned. These Practitioner Coaching days will build your confidence in practically applying what you know.

A relaxed casual atmosphere where you’ll get to learn from the real life experiences of others, and watch examples unfold in the room. A great way to capitalise on the investment you’ve already made in yourself.”

Michael Fooks – NLP Coach
Kinetic Potential

So what’s the structure of these NLP Practitioner Coaching Days?

They have a loose structure, but generally they involve reviewing a couple of different aspects of NLP and sharing input. And lots of practice. The aims of these days is not to teach you anything new but to:
⁃ Reinforce what you’ve already learnt.
⁃ Add new dimensions to those learnings.
⁃ Refresh things you may have forgotten (consciously at least!).
⁃ Add to your skill level.
⁃ Increase your confidence.

I limit the number of participants

In order to maintain the intimate feeling of these NLP Practitioner coaching days and for me to have the input I want to make it worthwhile, numbers are limited to 12.

The agenda is set by the first people to register

I prepare some training and exercises but depending on what’s happening in the room, we may do something different on the day from what I’ve planned. My outcome is for you to meet your outcomes for the day, so being the flexible being that I am, I’ll adjust things as we go or give you choices as to how we can proceed.

The Beliefs of Excellence (Presuppositions of NLP) form a stable platform for us all to work together and even people you haven’t met before, soon feel like old friends. Typically there is much fun, hilarity and light hearted banter. And a great deal of learning.

Want an invite?

If you’ve completed your NLP Practitioner Training with me you should be on my mailing list and therefore will get notified of these days well in advance. If you didn’t train with me but would like to be added to this special list please email me – you’ll be most welcome.

These are the questions I asked NLP Practitioner coaching days participants for feedback on:

1. What would you say if a reporter asked you about the day?
2. What three adjectives or phrases describe the day?
3. Other comments or suggestions?
4. Your name if it’s OK to quote you.

Here are their responses


1. “I have spent a day with like-minded people in a safe and trusting environment refreshing important NLP skills and processes. An incredibly refreshing day.”
2. “Powerful, sensitive, creative, fun” (hey, that’s 4 words Mareta!)
3. “Thank you for your sensitivity and flexibility and guiding us to work with what is.”

Mareta Ferguson – District Nurse Tutor


1. “An excellent refresher day. Great to spend time in such a positive environment. I was surprised by how much I remembered easily and by how useful NLP can be in daily interactions in multiple situations; raising my awareness of how much information is unconsciously communicated by the language we use.”
2. “Rejuvenating and refreshing mentally. Thought provoking. A learning environment.”
3. “Great to be able to observe other Practitioners using the skills and to see Steph (The Master) in action!”

Dr Gill Campbell – Oncologist


1. “We had the opportunity to watch and experience mastery in action. What I requested be covered was specifically addressed by Steph, and therefore the refresher session was well worth the investment of time, money and energy. I am taking away with me polished skills, an intention to continue practising those skills and an additional confidence to apply those skills. I loved the balance of knowledge, skills, fun and camaraderie. Thanks Steph and fellow NLP’ers.”
2. “Consolidation. Value for money/time. Practical application in a wide variety of contexts – particularly in business and organisations.”

Gail Reichert
Owner – Leader’s Edge


1. “Great day. A chance to reconnect with NLP people and NLP Processes, to revisit, to relearn, to refresh and to learn something new.”
2. “Thought provoking, a great learning experience in a safe, respectful environment.”

Lorraine Newman
Owner – Springboards


1. “In the wild west coast beach town of Raglan, eight talented and resource-full practitioners of NLP came together with their master to share their skills – some of which they had forgotten they knew. Today, again NLP changed lives for the better!”
2. “Enlightening! Informative (learned some new things). Exciting (to be in Raglan, reconnecting with other NLP’ers and witnessing, again the power of NLP)”
3. “To be honest I can’t think of anything I would change, add or delete.”

Carleen Pearce – NLP Coach
Kinetic Potential


1. “Great way to have and enjoy a short, sharp skills rejuvenation and integration through applied exercises”
2. “Fulsome, rewarding, must-do-it-again feeling.”
3. “More, more, more!”

Joseph Hartzenburg – Counsellor


1. “It was great fun, good value for money, a day well spent. Highly recommend for any NLP Practitioner.”
2. “Connective, both with knowledge and hearts. Consolidating what we’ve learnt before to use more skilfully. Blooming fun – growing us practitioners whilst ensuring we have a good time.”
3. “I love spending time with you Steph! I love NLP too!”

Trish Knight
Community Mobile Nurse and Massage Therapist


1. “It was a great opportunity to recap and practice different techniques with other practitioners.”
2. “Steph has a great ability to set up a fun, safe learning environment that puts people at ease to enjoy and contribute to the day.”
3. “Thanks Steph, I learnt heaps when we all observed you during the real case study. It was a privilege to watch you in action. Highly recommend!”

Anne Webber -Tutor

Take advantage of these NLP Practitioner Coaching Days now! Contact me for future dates.