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NLP Practitioner Training – 18-Day International Certification

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NLP Practitioner Training – 18-Day International Certification

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Next course starts 6 April 2020!

Early Bird rate available until 6 March 2020. Numbers strictly limited, $500 will secure your place. Book now.

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Gain real, practical skills that apply professionally and personally to transform the way you think, feel and behave. Enhance emotional intelligence, polish your soft skills and put your People Skills on speed!


NLP Practitioner Training – 18 day International Certification

Next course starts 6-11 April 2020 – Raglan, Waikato

Download a brochure for the 2020 NLP Practitioner Training
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2020 dates

Block 1 – Mon 6  – Sat 11 April 2020 (6-days)

Block 2 – Mon 17 – Sat 22 Aug 2020 (6-days)

Block 3 – Mon 16 – Sat 21 Nov 2020 (6-days)


2020 VenueKarioi Conference room

Karioi Conference Room, Raglan Sunset Motel, Bankart Street, Raglan. A beautiful, light and airy room and large outdoor courtyard area. Accommodation is available. Please contact the motel directly to organise this.

Real Skills — in real time

Throughout this 18-day internationally recognised and certified NLP Practitioner Training you’ll gain real and holistic skills; skills that apply to both your personal life and your professional life. You’ll enhance your Emotional Intelligence, polish your Soft Skills and put your People Skills on speed! And if you have any kind of coaching or development responsibilities, you’ll find essential skills to enhance what you already do, in your NLP Practitioner Training.2019 NLP Practitioners

Three x 6-day blocks make it easy to attend

MetaMorphosis NLP Practitioner Training is structured into three, 6-day modules. This means it’s easier to fit into your schedule, get lots of practice in between blocks and achieve all the outcomes you desire. The modules must be completed in order because each builds on the learnings of the previous module. You can complete them individually or save money by registering for all three in advance.

Click on the navigation links below to see the training curriculum for each course.
– MetaMorphosis 101 – The Power of Personal Change
– MetaMorphosis 202 – Change Technology
– MetaMorphosis 303 – Change Integration 

The modular and flexible style of the training means you can complete your certification at your own pace provided that each block is completed in order and that all three blocks are taken within 5 years. This is an important consideration for busy professionals. You also get extra value by having the opportunity to learn through practising the skills in between each module.

Unleash and Develop Your Super-Self!superheart-clearcut-sml

Who or What is Your Super-Self?

It’s that part of you that has deep intuitive wisdom, that knows your infinite potential and that makes great decisions. It is the learner and the knower.

Sometimes you might access it fleetingly when you’re ‘in the flow,’ only to find it seems to disappear again when you could most use it. It forms the connection between your head, heart and gut and lets you know whether your thoughts and actions are aligned – or not!

Alignment makes goals easier to achieve, relationships more satisfying and life generally more enjoyable.

Becoming the Change

With NLP Practitioner Training you become the change through your own learning and development, by becoming more of who you are. When you learn new and more flexible ways of thinking and being in the world, you naturally and positively influence those around you. You lead by example and you develop skills to effectively lead and coach others.

“After years of being in key management roles and an inherent drive for continuous improvement enriching our LEAN Deb Brett-Aktinsculture in our organisation I felt that I needed a fresh look at areas I needed to upskill.

NLP was always of interest however my thoughts were that this would be good for me personally but could not justify this training for professional development.How wrong could I have been! My major personal learning from Steph’s training was that unless I was totally in tune with myself and how I ticked how could I be expected to keep the entire orchestra in time, upbeat and in perfect harmony?
Raglan was the perfect venue for me as I feel it has a warmth that radiates from within and ideal for such a reflective learning process. The travel time to and from Raglan was an integral part of the whole journey for me as it gave time to reinforce and ponder over each layer of exciting learning I was engaging upon.
Anyone who feels they have not reached their potential should have a right of passage to embark on such an amazing life changing learning experience with Steph’s unique style of guiding you through how you can make the most of your one very precious life.”

Deb Brett-Atkins – Projects & Continuous Improvements Manager
Whanganui – NZ

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Effectiveness and Success go Hand-in-Hand

Whether it’s your staff, your colleagues, your partner, your kids, your trainees, your customers or even your boss, you know that without positive influence and persuasion skills your effectiveness is severely limited – and so is your success. You can enhance your success with skills from the field of NLP.

You may have tried lots of other ways to effect change…

In all probability, you’ve attended numerous bum-numbing seminars and wasted time and money on hit and miss approaches. Approaches that haven’t really delivered the changes you’d hoped for. In the process you’ve acquired plenty of theoretical ‘head knowledge’.

But head knowledge doesn’t necessarily change anything

Head knowledge is when you know ‘about’ something. But knowing about something doesn’t automatically mean you can easily and comfortably put it into practice. Just as reading a book about driving a car and studying the road code wouldn’t be enough to enable you to confidently drive a car out on the road!

Without practical skills to move you forward, you continue to search for something else that’s going to give you what you want…

To be influential you need to know how people ‘tick’

Once you really know how people ‘tick’ you have the kernel of ways to effect change. And this knowledge is the key to success in all the areas of life you desire it.

What is NLP

NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming – to give it it’s full title – is the study of how people, ‘know what they know and do what they do.’ By learning and putting into practice the basic principles that drive people, you not only change mindsets but also the resultant behaviour.

NLP is practical, useful and well proven

It consists of a body of practical, useful, down-to-earth techniques that really work. It’s been proven world wide and with millions of people. However, you won’t just learn stuff – you’ll integrate the skills so you really ‘live’ them! That means developing your skills and learning how to get your message across authentically and in ways that cause change.

Read the feedback from people who have already done NLP Practitioner training with MetaMorphosis.

NLP isn’t a quick fix

Although some of the fixes are quick! NLP is like many other modalities in as much as the more skill you have the quicker you can make the fixes. At the end of NLP Practitioner training you will have the skills you need to effect the changes you want. After that, the more you practice, the deeper your expertise will become.

Your QualificationsInternational Association of NLP Institutes

It’s important that your qualifications be recognised by someone other than the person who trained you. Your NLP Practitioner Certification through MetaMorphosis Ltd will surpass the stringent criteria required by the International Association of NLP based in Switzerland as well as the NZ Association of NLP. You also have the opportunity to have your qualification recognised and sealed through NLP Institutes in Germany. Doing so will also enable you continue after your NLP Certification and achieve a Coaching qualification through International Coaching Institutes and is therefore recommended if you think you’d like to qualify as a coach after completing your NLP Practitioner Certification Training. Please note there is an extra charge for this seal of approximately $40NZ. It cannot be issued in retrospect.

Your Trainer

Hi, I’m Stephanie Philp.

I’m an internationally recognised NLP Master Trainer with the International Assn of NLP based in Switzerland and a Master Coach Trainer with International Coaching Institutes (ICI). My training courses are also recognised by the New Zealand Association of NLP (NZANLP) and International Association of NLP Institutes.(IN) I’m a qualified mBIT (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques) Coach and mBIT Coach trainer (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques), a new development in the field of NLP.

With a background in HR and senior management, I have first hand experience in resolving the human challenges associated with business. I have been training people to achieve deep and transformative change since 1994.

I have a humorous and inclusive facilitation style that has entertained people in England, Portugal and New Zealand. Read more…

To qualify as an NLP Practitioner you must:
  • Complete the 18 days (minimum 130 hours) training in three 6-day blocks (MetaMorphosis Training is 140 hours)
  • Complete some assignments and tests. (These are simple and straightforward and most can be completed at your own pace and in your own time.)
  • Be able to demonstrate the skills in the classroom environment.
  • Complete the training within a five year period.
The MetaMorphosis NLP Practitioner Certification Training Manual

The training manual is over 300 pages and there are another 200 pages or articles to substantiate and extend your learning. Your manual provides you with an ongoing resource and reference both NLP Practitioner Training Manualduring and after the training. It contains all the information you’ll need to use the skills after the course. You’ll use the manual as you’re learning and make your own relevant notes.

More Information?

The easiest and simplest way is to download the free NLP Practitioner eBook I’ve created. You’ll probably find all the answers you’re looking for, but please get in touch if your question isn’t answered. I will be more than happy to answer it for you. Also read 7 Seriously Smart Ways To Save Money On Training

Alternatively just click on the links below to see the content of each course. And make sure you check out the MetaMorphosis Makeover Promise so you can feel totally secure in your decision to come and train with me.

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Download the free NLP Practitioner eBook (3.4 MB)
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