Resilience Podcast 1: The Many Facets of Resilience

1 Aug 2017

Resilience Podcast 1: The Many Facets of Resilience

Here’s another interview with Aaron Mooar at Raglan Radio.

This interview is from Monday 31 July, 2017 in which we discuss the book I’m working on which is about resilience.

Resilience podcast

The interview is fairly wide ranging – as is the topic of resilience.

It covers:

  • A little bit about NLP and in particular the ‘programming’ part and how we ‘run on programmes’ for a large percentage of our time.
  • Resilience as a concept and what helps people be resilient.
  • How I discovered the need for resilience in the many aspects of life; while someone may be resilient at work, for instance, they may not have much resilience in their relationships or emotionally.
  • Meta Messages – the messages we send when we think we’re not sending any messages, plus some examples of negative meta messages.
  • How words can say one thing while while body language and tone say another – and how to be authentic.
  • Why lots of people see conflict as negative and hence they avoid it.
  • How avoiding conflict causes emotional and mental issues.
  • The impact of changing the word ‘conflict’ to ‘an opportunity to solve a problem’.
  • Aaron talks about how people use power to resolve problems  – and that because of this we don’t learn how to deal with effectively conflict.
  • How creative brainstorming can help you resolve problems – when it’s done correctly.
  • How your parenting style can affect the IQ of your children.
  • How listening properly can dissolve problems – especially if we can get past our own opinions.
  • How people ‘deal’ with conflict by avoiding, getting angry, thinking there’s a conspiracy etc., plus a story of misunderstanding from my personal experience – and how I got over being offended.
  • How conflicts are sometimes caused simply because of different ways of thinking.
  • How relationships can be enhanced through conflict resolution.
  • Future thinking to ensure that children become the adults their parents envisage, and modelling the behaviour they want to see in their children.
  • My public announcement about when my book will be finished/available.