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22 Sep 2016

Tips for staying on top of your game

Why you shouldn’t focus on results

As you become more and more embattled in your efforts to achieve personal and professional outcomes by staying on top of your game, the tendency to ignore your physical and mental/emotional state is likely to increase. Yet any achievements we seek are based solely upon the things we do. And the things we do are triggered by our thinking. The quality of our thinking is dependant on the state we’re in. (Think about how much you fail to achieve when you’re really worried about something!) Underlying your state is your physiology.

Physiology is about how your body functions

Physiology includes all the electrical, chemical and physical processes that occur in your body. Most of these are outside your conscious awareness. Yet you may notice your stomach gurgling through the digestive process after lunch, a shortness of breath after running or an increased heart rate if something startles you. It is possible – and desirable – to become aware of your physiology. After all it drives your state, which in turn affects your thinking. Your thinking affects what you do (your behaviour) which ultimately impacts your achievement.

This week I was interviewed by the very charming Tips for staying on top of your gameNakul Riswadkar for his Re-Juice podcast. Nakul is an NLP Master Practitioner and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, based in Auckland, NZ. Check out his website for more information about him and what he has to offer.

We give you tips for staying on top of your game:
  • Ways to stay mentally hydrated.
  • Getting into and staying in the right state to accomplish whatever it is you’re trying to do.
  • Tips to help you feel grounded and calm.
  • Why you should focus primarily on aligning your body and mind, rather than simply focusing on achieving results.
  • Why you should pay attention to what you’re doing in your head.
  • Why breathing is so important to your levels of achievement (as well as simply staying alive!).
  • Ways to challenge any negative thoughts, creating new and more positive neural pathways.
  • Why the concept of being nervous before giving a talk or presentation is complete bull crap. (Listen to the logic and it makes total sense!)
  • Ways of staying on top of your game.

How to connect with Nakul:
Instagram: @nakulcoaching
Twitter: @nakulriswadkar
Search for ‘re-juice’ and listen for free on podcast Apps and websites: iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker, TuneIn, SoundCloud, Podbean and major podcast directories.

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